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Publication numberUS1677049 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 10, 1928
Filing dateMar 7, 1927
Priority dateMar 7, 1927
Publication numberUS 1677049 A, US 1677049A, US-A-1677049, US1677049 A, US1677049A
InventorsProctor William N
Original AssigneeProctor William N
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Towel holder
US 1677049 A
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July 10, 1928. 1,677,049



Application filed March 7,

This invention is a device for applying towels to the face of a user in massaging operations or for steaming or otherwise treating the skin. The object of the invention is to provide a light inexpensive and efficient device which may be easily supported steadily in a position to receive a towel or towels and be securely fitted about the head of the user without causing discomfort to him. Other objects of the invention will appear in the course of the following description, and the invention resides in certain novel features which will be particularly pointed out in the appended claims.

In the accompanying drawing:

Figure 1 is a. side elevation of a towel holder embodying my invention showing the samgl as arranged when the towels are apphe Fig. 2 is a front elevation;

Fig. 3 is a side view showing the device arranged to receive the towels;

Fig. 4 is adetail showing the structure whereby the retaining straps or members are fastened at the back of the head.

The device of the present invention consists of a receptacle formed of an open frame 1 of stout wire bent into such form as will enable it to fit readily about the head of a user, as will be understood most clearly upon reference to Fig. 2. Secured to this stout wire, preferably by welding or some similar method, are a plurality of intersecting wires 2 forming an open bowl shaped frame or receptacle in which towels may be placed and applied to the face in an obvious manner. At a proper point in the length of the receptacle, the longitudinally extending wires are divided, as indicated at 3, to produce an opening whereby to accommodate the nose of the user and permit the towels to be so arranged as to enable the user to breathe freely. At the center of each side of the base wire 1, I attach a strap or retaining member 4 which is adapted to pass back of the head of the user whereby to retain the device in applied position, the free ends of each strap or retaining member being constructed to interengage and thereby hold the members 7 in operative position. In the illustrated construction, one member 4 has its sides connected by an integral cross bend 5 which is straight while the other member 4 has the ends of its side piece doubled on themselves,

1927. Serial No. 173,565.

as shown at 6, and then connected by a straight'cross plece 7 whereby hooks are formed adapted to' engage around the straight crosspiece 5 and hold the straps in position at the back of the head. At intermediate points between the center of the base frame 1 and the ends thereof, I provide supporting legs 8 in the form of bails attached to the base frame 1 and passing under the receptacle so that they may rest upon a table or other flat surface, as shown in Fig. 3, and support the receptacle with its open side up to permit the placing of hot towels therein. It is obviously desirable to have these supporting legs, as well as the retaining members 4, removable, and to that end I provide eyes 9 at proper points upon the frame and bend'the terminals of the retaining members and the legs, as indicated at 10, to engage through the said eyes, thus forming a hinge connection for the retaining members. construction permits the members to be readily detached so as to facilitate nesting of the devices when they are to be shipped or stored in quantities.

The use of the device is thought to be obvious from what has been said. \Vhen the towels are to be used, the bowl is supported by the legs 8 in the position shown in Fig. 3, the retaining members or straps being swung outwardly at the sides of the receptacle thus leaving the entire open side or top of the receptacle available for the insertion of the towel. The towel or towels being arranged within the receptacle, it is then placed in position upon the head of the user, as indicated in Fig. 1, and the retaining members 4 are swung around to proper position at the back of the head and their ends engaged, as shown in Fig. 2, whereby to maintain the device in place. Of course, a reverse manipulation will readily remove the device so that the towels may be renewed as desired. The device is to be constructed throughout of light wire so that it will not be cumbersome to handle but will have sufficient strength to withstand the usage to which it will be subjected. The construction of the retaining members or straps is such that they may be quickly and easily engaged or released as may be necessary and the device may be used freely without causing any discomfort.

It will also be seen that this Having thus described the invention, I claim:

1. A device for therpurpose'set forth comprising a bowl-like open sided receptacle shaped to conform to the human head, supporting legs adjaeent the ends of the-receptacle whereby to support it with the open side up, and retaining members at theopen side of the receptacle bet veen the legs to retain it upon the head.

2. A device for the purpose set forthcompri'slng a base frame 'ofsubstantially oval f rm, a'bon l secured to said base frame and eonsistingbf intersecting Wires, supporting bails attached tothe'ba'se frame adjacent the ends tl iereoff ithei'ebyto support the bowl with itsope'n si'de'np, andretainingmembers attached to the base frame between the bails and adapted to pass behind the head of a u ser.

3. A device for the purpose set forth comprising a bowl-like open-sided receptacle consisting of interseeting wires, retaining members detachably pivoted to the edges of,

the receptacle and adapted to pass back of the head of the user, said members having their free ends constructed to detachahly inter-engage, and legs on the sides of the receptacle adjacent the ends thereof to support the receptacle with its open side up.

In testimony whereof I aflix my signa ture.

WILLIAM N. r ioo'ron. 1,. 5;

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