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Publication numberUS1677583 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 17, 1928
Filing dateNov 13, 1926
Priority dateNov 13, 1926
Publication numberUS 1677583 A, US 1677583A, US-A-1677583, US1677583 A, US1677583A
InventorsCromwell Jr William Kennedy
Original AssigneeGandy Belting Company
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Coal bag
US 1677583 A
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July 17, 1928. 1,677,583


COAL BAG I Filed Nov. 15, 1926 \/J l MM" @INVENTOR IT" y I ATTORNEY Patented July 17, 1928.



Applicationffiled November 13, 1926. seria No. 148,191.

. In the use of coal bags the. canvas or duck of which the bags are constructedls subjected to the most destructive stresses which this fabric must sustain in the various indus- 6 tries to which it is applied. a, Such bags are ordinarily reinforced at the top bythe hem or otherwise, and at the. bottom by a reinforcing ,me'mber covering the closed .end of e a. e The lateral pressure of the coal is transmitted to the side walls of the bag in accordance with laws practically the same as those covering fluid pressure 'e., the pressure at any particular point or unit of area is the product of the weight of a unit volume of coal multiplied by the depth of that particular point below the surface of the'load. The lateral stresses are, therefore, greatest at the bottom but thesides are so well sup- 2 ported atv'the bottom'that the bag tends to spread laterally at the middle and ordinarily fails by yielding of a seam or of the body of the fabric at this point.

The present invention relates to the provision of reinforcing means whereby the central section of the bag is greatly strengthened and the tendency of this section to yield being overcome, the life of the bag is considerably extended.

The improvement resides in the provision of reinforcing means attached to the fabric forming the walls of the bag and extending in the direction of the most harmful stresses to which the bag most frequently yields and by which it is destroyed.

In the form of the invention shown the bag is provided with a circumferential strip of canvas sewed to the fabric of the bag and extending around it approximately half way 1 between the top and bottom edges of the side walls. This strip preferably crosses andis secured to vertical straps sewed to and extending up and down the side walls. These straps may be integral with and serve as attaching means for the handles. 8

In the accompanying drawings I: have illustrated a coal bag embodying the features of my invention in the preferred form.

In the drawings: a

Figure 1 is a side elevation of the bag.

Figure 2 is what may be termed an end elevation looking at the bag from the right in Figure 1.

Figure 3 is a sectional elevation corre-- sponding to Figure 2 and taken on the line 33 in. F igure'l. I

Figure 4 is ato plan. a Figure 5 is a orizontal section on the line 5'5,in Figure 1. I I V Referring to the drawings by, numerals, each of which-is usedtoindicatethe same or similar parts inthe different figures, the bag as shown comprises itubular side walls 1, a

bottom reinforce 2, handles 3, including upright reinforcing portions 4, the various features recited beingsho'wn in combination withthe central lateral reinforcing strap 5.

The tubular section 1 is preferably closed at the bottom independently of the. bottom 7 reinforcing section 2 and to this end it .is

formed of a single strip or web of canvas 7 folded upon itself intermediately of its length and sewed together as to the meeting lateral edges by vertical seams 6, 6.

The reinforcing bottom section 2*is then applied horizontally to the closed bottom of the tube, the ends 9 of the bottom or bottom reinforce being given a miter fold, as shown, enclosing the corners of the tubular section, which are folded in in a well known manner to give a fiat bottom bag. The bottom reinforce is sewed to the tubular section 1 by an edge seam or seams 10 extending circumferentially of the bag, and miterflfold seams 11 The following the edges'of the miter folds. top edge of the bag is reinforced in any suitable manner as by means of hem 8.

The handles 3 are formed of folded straps straps 16 extend down the sides of the bag onthe outside and are inserted between the tubular sectlon 1 and the bottom reinforcing section 2, the bottom ends being shown at 17 in Figure 3. The inside and outside straps 14 and 16 are sewed to the tubular section 1 by vertical seams 18. The vertical straps 14 and 16 indicated collectively by reference them, reinforce the bag in a vertical direction, The hem or reinforce 8 at the top reinforces the top laterally and the reinforcing bottom section 2 most efliciently reinforces the bottom of the bag, but the bag as thus constructedyields and fails intermediately 7 character 4, with the seams 18 attaching plemented and connected and the tubular section 1 is further reinforced by the lateral reinforcing belt or strap 5, which in the preferred form of the invention, as shown, 'consists of a strip of flexible material, as duck, folded inwardly at the edges and sewed through and through in the direction of its length, the stitching also extending through the tubular member 1 and'the vertical strap 4, the seams being indicated by reference character 19.

The stitching and strap, as aforesaid, constitute in connection with the other reinforcing members, a most efficient means for supporting the lateral stresses intermediately of the top and bottom reinforce, giving abag of greatly increased life and load carrying capacity as compared to the previously known articles of this type.

I have thus described specifically and in detail a single embodiment of my invention in order that the nature and operation of the same maybe clearly understood, however, the specific terms herein are used descriptively rather than in a limiting sense, the

scope of the invention being defined in the claim,

What I claim as new and desire to secure by Letters Patent is:

A coal bag having side walls and a bottom consisting of a single strip of canvas folded about the center of its length, the two the bottom, the ends of the reinforcing strip being each folded to-a point which is'sewed to the corresponding end wall of the bag at the bottom, covering the bottom ends of the side seams and making the ends of the bag square, handles formed of double strips of 1naterial, the strips extending vertically along the sides of the bag, one part'of each double stripbeing on the inside and the other on the outside, a reinforcing strip encircling the top of the bag and sewed to the.

handle strips, a reinforcing strip sewed to the bag and encircling the bag intermediately and crossing and secured to the outside handle strips nearthe center.

Signed by me at Baltimore, Maryland, this 10thday of November, 1926. r



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U.S. Classification383/20, 383/119
International ClassificationB65D30/00
Cooperative ClassificationB65D29/00
European ClassificationB65D29/00