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Publication numberUS1677654 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 17, 1928
Filing dateJan 19, 1927
Priority dateJan 19, 1927
Publication numberUS 1677654 A, US 1677654A, US-A-1677654, US1677654 A, US1677654A
InventorsEdmund M Pitts
Original AssigneeSunland Sales Coopera Tive Ass
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Display container
US 1677654 A
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DISPLAYCONTAINERu n Application led January 19, 1927. Serial No. 162,038.

This invention relatesk to folded vcard- 6 inthe corners of the flaps. The four. boardor fiber boxesas used for the shipment hooked wires are packed inside of each vcase v of package goods generally, and the objects withthe goods vso that upon opening the of the invention are to provide such a concase the merchant will lind them ready for b.

5 tainer which may be used .in the regular use. j j manner Vfor the shipping of goods from After opening the case by prying apart manufacturer to merchant, and when opened the pasted flaps l and 3, these arebent inby the merchant will provide-,for attracwardly so vas to make their perforations tive display of the goods, or for the display -coincide with those in the adjacent sldes and 6U l" of other goodsv after the goods originally ends of the box in order that the hooked contained have been sold from the container. ends of the .wire will extend through Vboth In brief the invention in its preferred ila-p and side wall as shown in Fig. 1 and -form comprises a. common type of folded thereby hold all, firmly in place.

cardboard box scored horizontally along the The corners ofthe box for Vthe distance "i5 sides at an intermediate point in its height X may as stated either be Scored or cut e11- and provided for, or cut at the corners, so tirely through` before shipping the goods, that the sides vmay all be opened outwardly and if properly scored are easily broken at an incline, and also provided with means through to ythe line 5, thereby avoiding for' supporting theV sides in outwardly 1nactual cutting through of these corners,

2U clined or flaring arrangement. though if desired lthe corners may be left In the drawing hereto Fig. l is a perspecintact and of full strength, for ultimate 'tive view of the box with sides arranged cutting byy the merchant when assembling laringly open for display of any desired the box for display purposes. commodity, and Fig. 2 shows in perspective I claim: p

the appearanceof the box kwhen closed.v 1. A rectangular box havingr side walls With reference to the drawings the closedv provided with flaps which'extend over the box looks about like any other cardboard top of the box for closing the same, said box of commodities yas received byrgrocers liaps being kadapted to fold intol the box in having the top closed by outer flaps l against its side walls and perforated in reg- So 3o which extend from the vertical walls 2 ofister with perforations in said walls near the box sealed down over the opposite innerv the corners of the box, whereby retaining flaps 3, usually by means of an adhesive. devices may engage the same when the side The inner flaps 3 are extensions of the side walls are forced laringly outward.

walls 4 of the box, and in the'manufacture 2. A box with vertical side walls, the 85 y the cardboard is scored at the juncture ofV upper portion' of said vertical walls prothe closing flaps and side walls so that the v1ded with a hinged connection to the lower flaps have a hinged effect at the upper edges portion whereby they may be. inclined yout- Of the box, all the above as is common in the wardly on top, and means engaging adjacent art. l edges of the outwardly inclined sides for so 9o The improvements consist in additionally supporting them with the" top of the box scoring the side walls of the box along a open. y horizontal plane indicated by the line V5, g3. A cardboard box having Vertical side also perforating the corners as shown at`6,' walls, said walls provided with a scored Y and also scoring or cutting through the cor-` line extending horizontally'around the box 95 45 ners of the box from the top to the line 5 at an intermediate position, whereby the so that the upper portions of the side walls upper portions of said walls are adapted to may be `opened out ilaringly as shown in hinge at said linefor Outward inclination,` Fig. 1 and in which condition the flaring said upper portions being perforated near sides are supported by means of` tension the corners' and provided with supportingloo 5o links, preferably wires 7l which have their wires engaging the perforations in adjacent ends 8 formed into hooks engaging the holes side walls. f

4. A rectangular cardboard box provided entirely around the box and weakened at With flaps extending from its four sides the corners down to the score line whereby adapted for covering the top of the box, alle four sides of the box may .be bent outsaid flaps being bendable at the upper edges Wardlyfrom said score line to form an out- 5 of the box to lie Within the vbox to form a Wardly flaring open box Wtllrdoubled-over coverless open box, and the four Vertical exposed edges. y Walls of said box being horizontally scored EDMUND M.'V PITTS.

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U.S. Classification206/736, 206/805, 229/125
International ClassificationB65D5/66, B65D5/42
Cooperative ClassificationY10S206/805, B65D5/42, B65D5/6614
European ClassificationB65D5/42, B65D5/66B4