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Publication numberUS1677889 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 24, 1928
Filing dateDec 13, 1924
Priority dateDec 13, 1924
Publication numberUS 1677889 A, US 1677889A, US-A-1677889, US1677889 A, US1677889A
InventorsEmil Gairing
Original AssigneeEmil Gairing
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Universal machine-shop fixture
US 1677889 A
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uy 24, i928.

E. GARIN@ UNIVERSAL MACHINE SHOP ratxfrumA Filed Dec, 15, 1924 E Sheets-Shea?. 1

A TT RNEY E GRENC-E UNIVERSAL MACHINE SHOP FIXTURE Filed Deo. 1.5. 1924 2 Sheets-Sheet 2 my 24, ma www@ fin M INVENTOR A fr0/@NE Y Patented 'July 24, `19.28. i.




'application mea December 13,4924. serial Np. 755,6.

This invention relates to machine shop fixtures andV relates particularly to adjustable toolonwork holder fixture for machine shopuses.

It is the object of the inventionto provide a fixture adapted for use in performing a great variety of machining operationsandadjustable. universally soas to permit the work or` tool held by said fixture either lto be axiallyl aligned withsaid piece of work be given a desired inclination.v to such Another object is to' providefor accurately indicatingthe degree ofwork or tool holder to the axis of the fixture.

Still another object is to provide for adjusting the tool holder rotatively about the axis of said xture as well as establish it at selective angles to said axis.

' These and various other objects are lat- `tained by the construction hereinafter dei designates an annular base, having a pair of oppositely projecting' radially slotted lugs 2 for engagement by bolts 3, whereby the fixture may be mounted securely upon the member 4 which may be either the work table or driven element of a machine.

Base 1 is formed' in its upper portion with g an interior annular seat 5 forY a ball 6. Said tev seat having its ball engaging face -curved spherically to snugl it the ball. The ballis further engaged agout the base 1 by the socket forming rin 7, having a spherical face conformingtot eball. Said ringserves vto hold the ball 6 to its seat and to clamp said ball upon said socket when desired.

Thus a clamping ring 8 is screw threaded upon the base 1 and is adapted to berotated and to be raised and lowered upon said base by handles 9 integral with said ring. An interior annular shoulder upon said ring engages an external annular shoulder upon the socket ring? as indicated at 10 so that lowering of the clamping ring w1ll act to draw the socket ring down upon the ball i 6.-

plurality lof dowel pins 11 are fixed in the ring 7 and slide into bores 12 of the base,

restraining ..said ring from rotation. Preterably sprmgsgare coiled ,upon said pins `urging said'pins upwardly so as to free said ball frictional contact of said ring so far i as the clamping ring 8 may permit.

Into the top face of the ball 6. there opens` a socket'j'13 -Which receives a'removable spring collet '-14 slotted longitudinally as indicated' at 15 and having an exteriorly coned end 16 engaged by an interiorly Vconed portion Vof a -clamping collar 17 having a screw threaded engagement with a flange 18 integral with' the ball 6y surrounding opening 13 thereof; Thus by screwing said collar downwardly towards the ball the collet 14 will be contracted' to tightly engage a part to be machinedor a cutting tool (not'shown)'. Rotation of the collet in the socket opening 13 is prevented by av dowel pin 19 eccentrically carried Iby the ball 6 and projecting into said opening to engage aperture suitably provided in the closed inner end of the collet.

Into the'base 1 below the ball 6 there is fitted a `rotatable plate 21 which is sphericall faced' so that when marginally engaged wit the angular internal shoulder 22 of the base, said plate 'is concentric with said ball. A plurallty of clamping screws 23 radiallyengaging the'base act upon the plate 21 through blocks 24 slidably lmounted in the base and engaging annular shoulder 25 of the plate. Thus said screws and blocks hold the plate 21 against its seat 22 and is adapted to clamp the plate in any of its rotative positions securely to said seat. l

From the central portions of the plate 21 a slot 26 extends laterally and in said slot there fits the squaredportion 27 of a shank projecting integrally downward from a cylindrical .head 28 litting freely into a; radial bore 29 in the ball 6, ,said bore and socket 13 havin aligned axes. Below its portion 27, said s ank is screwthreaded and is engaged by a clamping nut 30 bearing -upon washer 30A seating upon the under face 21.

As is best seen in. Figure 3 a scale 31 of degrees is marked upon the under v`face of the plate 21 marginally tothe slot 26 and a pointer 32 projecting from the washerV 30A coacts with said scale to indicate any angle to which the ball may be tilted from its position coaxially with the baseshown in-full lines in the drawing and in dash lines in Figure 2, which such tilted position of the ball is indicated. Another scale 33 reading in degrees is also marked' on the plate 2.1 upon its peripheral cylindrical Wall, as 1s suitable machine tool may be attached to the ball 6, as illustrated, collets affording one means of effecting such attachment, such a collet is attached for use for machining drills, reamers, counterbores and like cutting tools. When such a tool, for example, is clamped in the collets and itis desired to machine a bevel to the tool axis face thereupon or to perhaps simultaneously machine two faces differentially beveled the plate 21 is rotated vto position, the slot 26 in the desired vertical plane and the holder is then tilted to the desired extent in said plane. Loosening of the clamps 23 permits rotative adjusting of the said plate and the scale 33 permits accurate determination of the angle of such adjustment. Uponl again tightening said .'clamp the plate will be securely held in its position. To tilt the holder the nut 30, is loosened as is likewise the clamping ring 8 and the ball 6 is rocked until thedesired inclination is indicated by the scale 31. The nut 30 is then screwed tight and the ball is clamped against rotation by screwing tight` the ring 8. After having machined the desired face it may be necessary to machine at the same inclination circumferentially removed above the axis of the holder from the face already machined. Adjustment for this next operation isI effected by loosening the ring 8 so'as to leave the ball substantially free and thenturn said ball about the head 28 through the desired angle. The ring 8 being again tightened the second acemay be machined. 'v

From the above it will be noted that any number of faces of a toolyblank or tools which is being reshaped or of any other piece of work may be very readily machined, the same" angle to the axis of said tool or Work-A and in any desired annular relation measured circumferentially of said axis.

It will also be evident that the same fixture permits a quick adjustment to properly space machined faces of the Work circumferentially of the axis` of the latter whether orv not said faces lare beveled with respect to..

said axis.

It will also readily appear to those lfamiliar' to the art that for certain machine operations, the fixture may be used. to advantage to hold driven tools rather than work to be engaged by such a tool.

From the foregoing description it becomes evident that the device is eiiicient in operation, will not easily get out of order and provides a device which accomplishes the objects described.

While it will be apparent that. the illustrated embodiment of my invention herein disclosed is well' calculated to adequately ful-1 ll the objects and advantages primarily stated, it is to be understood that the invention is susceptible to variation, modification and change within the spirit and scope of the subjoined claims. f

Having thus described my invention, I claim: j

A 1.v In a universal machine' shop fixture comprising a chuck or work holder having' a. ball portion, a mounting for said holder having a spherical seat for said ball portion, means engaging the mounting for clamping the ball portion upon said seat, a plate carried by the mounting and rotative-about a ixed axis, means carried by the mounting for holding the plate stationary in any position of its rotation and means engaging said plate for holding the ball portion of the holderl in any position of tilting of the holder about said axis.

2. In a universal machine Shop fixture, a chuck' or work holder having a ball portion, a mounting for said holder having a spheri- "cal seat for said ball portion, means engaging the mounting for clamping the ball portion upon said seat, a member carried by the mounting rotative about a fixed axis diametrical to Said ball portion, a head rotatively engaging said ball portion and adjustable upon said rotating member to andzfrom said fixed axis, means for accurately indicating theangle of adjustment of said rotative member about said iixed axis and separate means for accurately indicating the angle of adjustment of said head uponthe rotative member.

3. In a universal machine shop iixture, a ball member, a pair of socket members engaging said ball member at opposite sides of `its center, means carried by one of said socket members and engaging theother for clamping the ball member between said socket members, a radial projection from said ball member, .'a plate rotatively carried by one of the socket members, and radially slotted to receive said projection, means carried by said projection for clamping engagement with said plate in selective positions .of adjustment in said slot and means for clamping said plate in selective positions of rotative adjustment. A

4. In a universal` machine shopixture, a member formed with a socket and further formed with a chamber adjacent to said socket, a ball member mounted for universal movement insaid socket, an index member the ball member about said axis, and means arranged within said chamber and rotatable upon the socket member co-acting with said l0 about an axis diametrical to said ball memindex member to indicate the degree of ro` ber, means carried by the ball member cotation of the ball member about said axis. acting with said index member to indicate In witness whereof I hereunto set my the angularity of said ball member to the hand.

axis of said index member, said means also adapting said index member to turn with EMU.. (arAIRINGr.V

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