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Publication numberUS1678124 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 24, 1928
Filing dateDec 29, 1925
Priority dateDec 29, 1925
Publication numberUS 1678124 A, US 1678124A, US-A-1678124, US1678124 A, US1678124A
InventorsGedeon Perreault
Original AssigneeGedeon Perreault
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Screw driver
US 1678124 A
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1,678,124 G. PERREAU LT SCREW DRIVER Jul 24. 1928.

Original'Filed DeC. 29, 1925 Patented July 24, 1928.


GEDEON rnnnnaulmor eannnnn; MASSACHUSETTS.

sonnw DRIVER.

Application filed December 29,1925, Serial No. 78,228 Renewed November t', 1927. a

This invention relates to a, combination drill and screw driver and the principalobjects thereof are to. provide a simple and inexpensive construction in which the two instrun'ientscan be mounted in the same holder in such a way that the drill or bit, by itself, can be used conveniently in the usual way, and yet a screwdriver holder of very simple construction and having a yielding support up to a certain point can be attached to it and used without dismounting the drill.

Other objects and advantagesof the invention will appear hereinafter.

Reference is to be had to the accompany ing drawings, in which Fig. 1 is a longitudinal central sectional view of a holder on enlarged scale, constructed in accordance with this invention;

Fig. 2 is a side view of the drill portion; and

Figs. 3, 4 and 5 are sectional views on the lines 33, 1-1- and 55 respectively of Fig. 1.

The invention is shown as applied to an ordinary head having a square cross section to fit in a correspondingly shaped socket and provided with a neck 11 and a cylindri cal part 12. This has a cylindrical socket for holding a drill 13 or a bit and is provided with a set screw 14 in the neck 11 for engaging the shank of the drill and holding it firmly in position as shown in Fig. 2. This arrangement is all that is used of this tool for drilling purposes.

By reference to Fig. 1 it will be seen that the same elements are retained in every way without adjustments or. modification, but I have mounted on the cylindrical part .12 a tube 15. This is secured in position thereon by a screw 16 in a well known way. Mounted in this tube is a tubular member 17 which has an enlarged head 18 under which is a spring 19 surrounding the shank of the member. In the end the member is provided with a blade20 which constitutes a screw driver and is located diametrically.

This tubular member is also provided with a central passage 21 extending almost all the way through it for receiving the drill 13 when the parts are assembled. A screw 30 holds the head 18.

In themouth of the tube 15 is placed another tube 23. This is secured slidingly in position between the surfaces of the member 17 and the tube 15. It is provided with a slot 24: for receiving the inturned end of a wire spring 25 which is located in a vcircumfei 'ential slot 26 on'the circun'ifere'nce of the tube 15. This will hold the tube 23 from sliding beyond two limiting positions. Thisitube23 is provided with a head 26 which is knurled on the outside and screw threaded on the inside for an obvious purpose as shown. It is provided with a conical inner surface 27 for engaging the screw on which it is to be used. When the parts are fixed in the positions just described, the tube 28 will yield when the surface 27 is placed against a screw head and allow the screw driver blade 20 to come into position and operate upon the screw. The tube 15 is provided with a perforation for receiving a screw 30 for tightening it on the head 18 and securing the member 17 in fixed position. As has been described above, the tube 15 with its connected parts can be reipofied and then the device will operate as a cri It will be seen that this constitutes an attachment to be applied to a drill head and drill, without removing the drill therefrom, for holding the screw driver with a yieldable collar. It is a very simple construction and easily applied to the drill. hen in position the drill assists in strengthening the tubular member 17 which supports the screw driver and the tubular member also holds the drill in a straight unbent position.

lVhile'I have illustrated and described only a single form of the invention, I am aware of the fact that modifications can be made therein by any person skilled in the art without departing from the scope of the invention as expressed in the claims. Therefore I do not wish to be limited to all the.

details of construction herein shown and described, but what I do claim is 1. In a tool of the character described, the combination with a holder adapted to receive the shank of a tool therein, of a tube fixed thereto and surrounding said tool, a member secured within the tube and having a recess or bore for receiving said tool, a slide yieldingly mounted on said member and having a head with a conical inner surface for engaging the head of a screw, yielding means located in an annular space between said member and tube for forcing the slide outwardly and a screw-driver blade mounted on the end of said member within the head. v

-2. In a tool of thecharacter described, thecombination of a holder adapted to receive the shank of a tool therein, with a tube fixed space between said member and tube for forcing the slide outwardly.

3. In a tool of the character described, the

fixed my signature.

combination of a holder adapted to receive the shank of a tool therein, with a tube fixed thereto and surrounding said tool, a tubular a recess or bore for receiving said tool, a

slide yiel dingly mounted on said tubular member, yielding means in. the tube for forcingthe -slide outwardly, said slide having means for centering the head of a screw, means on the tube and slide for limiting its motion in both directions, and a screw-driver blade-mounted on the end of said tubular member beyond said bore.

In testimony whereof; I have hereunto afi EDEoN PERREAULT.

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