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Publication numberUS1679106 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 31, 1928
Filing dateApr 21, 1927
Priority dateApr 21, 1927
Publication numberUS 1679106 A, US 1679106A, US-A-1679106, US1679106 A, US1679106A
InventorsAlfred Weinstein
Original AssigneeAlfred Weinstein
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Sound-producing device
US 1679106 A
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July 31, 1928.


Patented July 31, 1928.



sounn-rnonucme nnvrcn.

. Application filed April-21,

This invention relates to a card having a sound producing device carried thereby; and the object of this invention is to mount a sound producing device between the different plies or thicknesses ofsheet stock forming the card in such position that it may be i operated by blowing air at the edge of the card.

A still further object of'the invention is to provide a picture mailing card with a 'twotone sound producing device between the plies or thicknesses of stock at its edge to be operated by the mouth of the user with openings in one of the plies of stock dlsposed inwardly from its edge for permitting the escape of air after-passing through the sound producing device.

With these and other objects in view, the invention consistsof certain. novel features of construction, as will be more fully described, and. particularly pointed out in the appended claims.

In the accompanying drawings:

Figure 1 is a perspective view of a postcard showing the sound producing device in the form of a harmonica mounted along one of its edges.

Figure 2 is an elevation showing the back of the card. 7

Figure '8 is a perspective harmonica.

Figure 4 is a perspective view of the frame used in mounting the harmonica between plies of sheet stock forming the card.

view of the Figures 5 and 6 are perspective views of the guard formed of moisture-resisting material to be mounted on the back and front of the card adjacent the edge which is received in the mouth for protecting the card against moisture.

Figure 7 is a 77 of Figure 1.

Figure 8 is a perspective View of a modified construction of card and sound producing device mounted therein.

Figure 9 is a central section of the card fragmental section on line shown in Figure 8.

It is found desirable in the making of picture cards for mailing or other purposes, to provide a sound producing device partially concealed between the plies or thicknesses of sheet stock forming the card and located in such position that the same may be operated by the mouth of the user, preferably a two or more tone sound producing device such as a harmonica or the like is 1927. Serial No. 185,439.

employed with a channel for conducting air to and from the sound producing device and with a guard along the mouth engaging edge of the card formed of tinfoil or other moisture-resisting material to protect the card from softening by moisture from the mouth; and the following is a detailed description of the present embodiment of this inventionand showing one means by which these advantageous'results maybe accomplished:

With reference to the drawings, 10- desig nates the front and 11 the rear ply of sheet material usually formed of paper or some similar material, the plies being glued together along the edges. Suitably mounted between these different plies of sheet stock is a sound producing device 12 shown in Figure 1 in the form of a harmonica 13 with a frame 14 positioned between the reedcarryingplate 15 of the harmonicaand the rear ply of sheet stock 11 to allow the reed to vibrate in the space 16 within the frame.

1st and not be obstructed by the ply of sheet stock 11. In order that the air, which operates the reeds of the device by passing directly into the harmonica when located along the edge, as shown in Figure 1 may escape I have provided a series of openings 17 in the rear ply ofsheet stock 11 for this purpose.

In order that the moisture from the mouth in operating the sound producing device or harmonica will not soften and injure soft paper card, I have mounted a moistureresisting guard 18 along the front and a guard.- 19 along the back of the card the latter being provided with suitable openings 20 corresponding to the openings 17 in the back plate to permit the escape of air therethrough.

In some instances a different type of sound producing device such as that shown at 21 in Figure 8, may be mounted within the different plies of stock of the card which is the two tone whistle type, the air being admitted through the opening 22 at the edges of the plies of stock of the card to be conducted along a conduit 28 to the sound pro ducing device 21 and through the same to be discharged through openings 24 in the rear ply of sheet stock. A guard 25 formed of single piece of moisture-resisting tinfoil or the like with an opening to correspond with is provided to extend along the outer surfaces of the card toprotect the same against moisture from the mouth of the'user, also a guard strip 26 to strengthen the stock about the openings 24 is provided with suitable openings 27 to register with openings 24 to permit escape therethrough.

The front of the card may be suitably ornamented by a picture as illustrated at 28 and the rear card may be provided with a space 29 for addressing for mailing purposes, if desired.

From the foregoing it will be seen that I have provided a simple construction of device by which a sound producing device may be mounted in an ordinary nailing card to cause the same to be more attractive and create a different, additional and greater interest in the card to be sent through the mail, it being understood that the sound producing device may be made of wood or other comparatively indestructible material which will not be easily injured and yet will be sulficiently light. to adapt it for the purpose desired.

The foregoing description is directed solely towards the construction illustrated, but I desire it to be understood that I reserve the privilege of resorting to all the mechanicalvchanges to which the device is susceptible, the invention being defined and limited only by the terms of the appended claims.

I claim: a

1. In combination with a picture card formed of a plurality of plies of sheet stock, a sound producing device between the plies of stock located in a position to be operated by the mouth of the user.

2. A picture card formed of a pair of sheets of material secured together along their edges, a sound producing device mounted between said sheets, said sheets being spaced apart to permit the entrance of air to the sound producing device and one of said sheets having an opening to permit the escapeof air after passing through said sound producing device.

3. A picture card formed of a plurality ot' plies of sheet stock with a sound producing device between the plies located at the edges thereof for access to the mouth of the user, and a guard along the edge of the card adjacent the sound producing device to protect the same from the moisture of the mouth. 7

4. A card formedof a pair of sheets cured together along their edges a sound producing device for. producing plurality of tones mounted between said sheets along the edges thereof to receive air from the mouth of the user, one of said sheet-s having a plurality of spaced openings to permit the esc pe of air after passing through the device, said openings having passageways communicating with differenttone portions the device whereby the tones may be controlled by obstructlon of the openings.

5. A cardformed of a plurality of plies of stock, a harmonica mounted between said plies at the edge of the card one of the plies of stock at one side of the cardhaving a plurality of openings to permit theescape of air after passing through the harmonica,

and moisture-resisting material along the

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