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Publication numberUS1679923 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 7, 1928
Filing dateMar 12, 1927
Priority dateMar 12, 1927
Publication numberUS 1679923 A, US 1679923A, US-A-1679923, US1679923 A, US1679923A
InventorsTanner Arnold J
Original AssigneeTanner Arnold J
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Display and dispensing container and the like
US 1679923 A
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Aug. 7. 1928.

A. J. TANNER DISPLAY AND DISPENSING CONTAINER AND THE LIKE Filed March 12, 1927 awuento Patented Aug. 7, 1928.


DISPLAY nun nrsrnn'snre coivrarnnn Ann THE LIKE.

Application filed March 12, 1927. Serial No. 174,743.

The present invention relates to folding boxes or containers for merchandise and amongst several objects, one is to provide a container which may be assembled and set up for use with the least amount of labor and care. Another object is to provide a rigid shipping container which may be adapted for packing various kinds of merchandise. A further object is to design the container so that the goods contained therein can be dispensed therefrom one at a time, and in all instances the goods will be fully displayed with the utilization of the least amount of space on the store counter or else Where.

The improved container is comp'osed of a single blank having a main or body portion and an extension therefrom. Said body portion is foldable so as to alone constitute the receptacle part of the container and the ex tension of the blank is foldable into the receptacle so as to form a lining ondouble wall for the back of the receptacle, and if required a lining for the bottom of the 1e ceptable. Further if desired, the extension may be lengthened so as to form a partition within said receptacle. The extension in one form of the invention has, as an integral part a display card or portion cut therefrom which, when said extension is folded into the receptacle, stands above the back wall of the receptacle and further this display card or portion is foldablc so as to form a cover for the open top of the receptacle. In an other einl'iodinient of the invention, the display card is a separate member which is adapted for use both as an advertising; me dium and as means for closing the open front of the receptacle.

The improved box is very simple in construction and consumes comparatively little material, but its efficiency isin no Way decreased on account of its simplicity. Furthermore. the blank can be folded to form the container so that the printing); is on one side only, which in itself is a considerable saving in the cost of production. 7

The novel features of the improved container will be more fully describedhereinafter with reference to the accompanying drawings wherein: t p t Figure 1 is a perspective view showing the complete container set up with contents therein;

Figure 2 is a plan view on a reduced scale,

of the blank from which the container is constructed 5 Figure 3 is a sectional View, slightly enlarged, ofthe container shown in Figure 1; Figure 4 is a sectional viewshowing a modified form of the improved container, and y Figure 5 is a sectional view of another modification.

Referring to said drawings, the improved container mall the modified forms shown is composed of a blank having the body portion A and portion B extending upwardly therefrom. The body portion A is arranged to be foldedto form the receptacle part of the container, andthe portion B is arranged to form a lining or reenforced back and bottom for the receptacle in all modifications shown in the drawings. The back of the container has a cutout portion C, which is arranged to stand in an angular position relatively to the back member when the latter is folded over. Particularly describing the construction shown by Figuresl, 2 and 3, herein the body member A is provided with a folding flap 1 and tongues 2 which are arranged to be folded inwardlyto forinthe bottom of the receptacle. lit will be understood that the blank first folded on the scored lines 3 and-the and tab 4 isglued to the other end 5 of the blank. The body member is also folded on. the scored lines 6 and in this way the receptacle .part of the container is formed. The portion 7 of the body A forms the front of the container, and is cutaway so to provide apa-rtly open front. To reenforce the side e h of the opening, the foldinglflaps 7 are urned inwardly. The portion 8 forms the back of the receptacle and this portionjhas extending); therefrom, at right angles thereto. the member B, which mm men'iber is folded over and downwarcllyon the scored line -9. The exten- .ionme1nber B. is divided into a number of sections defined by creases or scored lines and which sections are designated by the reference letters a, b, 0, cl, e and f. When the blank is folded these sections form the various parts of the container and these parts are identified bythe same reference letters as will beseen by reference to Figare 3. In this figure (in forms the back of the display device or cover, I) the front wall offsaid device, 0 is the lining at the back of the receptacle, d is the lining for the bottom of the receptacle, 6 isthe back wall of the partition and drawing are constructed; but it will be unders tood that all the latter containers are wardly the'receptacle' so that the struction of the container "the same as above described advantage to cover the container.

passed completely around the each composed of a blank of a substantially similar form." The back of the container, shown in Figures 1 and 3, is extended above the top edge of the receptacle to such a heightfthat when folded over, a suitable cover isprovided' for the open top of the container; andto make the container complete and securefor shipping, a'telescopic cover or sliding sleeve isplaced over or around the container.

i The double back forms means for rendering the container very rigid, and the part folded down into the receptacle provides a reen'forced bottom, which carries the weight of the contents away from the bottom of tuck-in flap 1 will not open accidentally due to the weight of the" contents pressing thereon. Further- Jmore, the folded portion of the member B within the receptacle, forms 'a positive means for spacing the merchandise contained thereinQ Referring to Figured herein, the conis substantially with the exception that'in' Figure 1, the double back or extension member C, is folded over to form a cover 12; and in that case a telescopic outer cover (not shown) would be employed with In Figure 4, however, the back portion does not 'extendabove the] topline of the container, and in this instance it is possible to use with advantage the outer wrapper 13, whichis container so meet at a centucked clownbetwecn the contents of the con- 'tainer as shown in full lines and thereby a very efiicient wrapper for the container is Provided. Y

that the turned down ends; 14 tral point, where they may be Figure 5 shows a modified construction whereinlthe main part of the container is substantially the the back of the container is not cutout to same, but in this'examp'le provide a display member C, instead the display member is provided as a separate part, 'in thefform of a panel 16. The front offthe container is cut away at 1'7, and to prepare the container for shipping the panel 16 isused to close'the open front 17. lVhen said panel is used as adisplay device it is positioned by engaging its reduced end in the'slit' 18 provided at the top of the double back" 'wallof the container, and by ..this means the display device is held in" an erect 'the top and front; an

- flat condition with the two ends f and 5 of theblank glued together. The first operation in setting up the container, is to fold the tongues 2 and then tuck in the flap 1 to form the bottom of the container. The extension member A is then folded on the several scored lines so as to form the double back and bottom of the container, and the partition in the receptacle is formed at the same time. Folding the blank in this manner is very simple and can be effected with a very few folding operations.

Obviously, modifications may be made in the details of construction of the invention heretofore described to adapt the container for various uses in packing different articles of different kinds; and it is to be understood that any modification coming fairly within the terms of the appended claims shall. be covered thereby.

I claim 1. A folding container as described having a body open at the top and front constituting a receptacle; an extension from the back wall of said body adapted to be folded into said receptacle to form a lining for said back wall; a separate removable panel formmg a closure means for the open front of the container and means for supporting said panel at the back of the container to permit utilization thereof as a display card.

2. A folding container as described having a body open at the top and front const-ituting a receptacle; an extension from the back wall of said body adapted to be folded into said receptacle to form a lining for said back wall; a separate removable panel providing a closure means for the open front of the container, means in said back wall for supporting said panel to permit utilization thereof as a separate member for closing the open top of the container.

3. A folding container as described composed of a blank having a body portion arranged to be folded toaloneform a complete receptacle; said receptacle being open at both extension from the back wall of said body adapted to be folded into said receptacle to form a lining for the back wall of. the receptacle; a separable display member carried by said extension so as to be supported in an erect position above said receptacle, and said display member being adaptable for use as a closure means for the open front of the receptacle.

4. A folding container as described having a receptacle provided with an open top and front; an extension extending from the back wall of the receptacle adapted to be folded into-the receptacle to form a reenforcing lining for the back Wall and bottom oi the receptacle; a cover for the open top of the receptacle and a removable panel adapted to be employed as a closuremeans for the open front of the receptacle and as a display card for the container.

5. A folding box or container with an open top constructed of a single blank having a body foldable to form the backand front Walls of the box; folding extensions depending from said body providing means for closing the bottom of the box; said front Wall being out out to form an inspection opening therein; a separate cover for closing said top; a separate panel having a sliding engagement at the back of the front Wall for closing the opening in said front Wall, and

means whereby said panel is supported in an upright position on said back Wall so as to operate as a display card.

Signed at New Haven, county of New Haven, State of Connecticut this 11th day of March, 1927.


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