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Publication numberUS1680652 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 14, 1928
Filing dateDec 7, 1925
Priority dateDec 7, 1925
Publication numberUS 1680652 A, US 1680652A, US-A-1680652, US1680652 A, US1680652A
InventorsJoseph Walinsky Ossip
Original AssigneeWhite Luggage Co Inc
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Luggage-locking device
US 1680652 A
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S 6 0 /m 8 m 6 M 1 M E m YVS. 2 m N u Aww WmD Ju Own w Aug. 14, 1928.

Patented Aug. 14, 1928.

,[ UNITED mm f I We i omcE;

20m w'a'mm, or m You, x. Y., Amexoa-'ro wmnrmeeaen 00.

nm, or am You, x. 1., A ooarou'rron or m 103 I r weeaen-nocxme amen I Application m December '1, am. we 1.. mm.

This invention relates to In locking devices and is particularly app 168 late luggage having an extended openmg with a row of closure members on each side of the opening adapted to be forced into and out of meshed rela'tionto each other by the action of a member slidable in the direction of the length of the o ning and in either direction.

An object this invention is to provide a simple and efficient arran ement for lock.-

the closure apparatus 0 a receptacle in n a i lesired position.

A more comprehensive understandin of the features of this invention can be obtained by reference to the accompanying drawings illustrating a preferred embodiment of t e same.

Fi 1 is a plan view ofa receptacle showing t e application ofthe invention thereto.

Fig. 2 1s an enlarged end view of the same dles 11. Extending laterally across the top of the receptacle is an opening 12 in each edge of which is secured a row of gripping members 13. The inner extremities of all of the members of one of the rows 13 are inclined at a slight angle so that when forced between'oppositely arranged members they will be held firmly thereby. The usual slide actuator 14 is su plied for alternately forcing the members into and out of engagement with each other for closing and opening the receptacle respectively. Inasmuch as this,

t pe of closure apparatus is well known in the art no specific claim is made thereto;

Riveted or otherwise secured to the receptacle 10 adjacent to one end of the opening '12 is a snap or s ring lock 15 having an o ning16 in the ace thereof, in the rear of w usual boltv actuator 18'is adapted to withpc and ich, is a spring elevated bolt 17. The

draw the bolt from the position shown in the drawings and is provided with-a slot for the insertion of a suitable key for locking the bolt in its extended'position.

For causing a lateral movement of the slide actuator 14 from end to end of opening 12 and for locking the actuator in the position in which the gripping members are en- 1 meshed, a hasp 19 havin one end bent and pierced by an elongate slot is secured to the member 14 by a ring 20. The other. end

of the hasp is bent in such a manner as to permit its introduction into the slot 16 of ock 15 and 1s provided with a slot21for the rece tion of bolt 17.

T us it will be seen that the hasp 19 serves a double purpose, namely, as the means-for causing the lateral movement of the sliding member 14 for both opening and closing the receptacle, and as a contributory means forlocking the receptacle in closed position.

In the modification shown in Fig. 4 the members 13, 14' and are similar to the members 13, Hand 20 of the vother figures.

A spring lock 25 is secured to the receptacle 10 in a osition corresponding to that of lock 15. Sue end of a hasp 19' is fastened to the element 14 in a manner similar to hasp 1-9 but the other end of hasp 19' is provided with a recess 26 and a guard 27. The portion of the hasp containing the recess is adapted to be inserted in an opening 28 ofthe lock 25 and the recess in that position is engaged by a bolt not shown. Knob 29 movable laterally across the face of the lock is connected with the bolt to release the hasp at 'a desired time. The usual key slot is provided for the insertion of a suitable key to lock the bolt in the osition in which it engages the slot 26 of t e hasp. The operation of the other parts of this modification is similarto thatof similar partsof the other figures. I g

It is to .be understood that the present invention is not to be limited by the scope of .the illustrated embodiment, but is to be limited'only' by such structures as may come within the scope of the appendedclaim.

What I claim and desire to secure by Lettors Patent oi the Umted St tes 19 across said opening and being engageable with said lock to prevent movement of said member.

In testimony whereof, I have signed my name to this specification.


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