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Publication numberUS1681061 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 14, 1928
Filing dateOct 4, 1926
Priority dateOct 4, 1926
Publication numberUS 1681061 A, US 1681061A, US-A-1681061, US1681061 A, US1681061A
InventorsSeaboalt Joe S
Original AssigneeSeaboalt Joe S
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Steam-generating apparatus
US 1681061 A
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Aug. 14, 1928. 1,681,061

. J. 5. SEABQALT STEAM GENERATING APPARATUS Filed 001:. 4. 1926 2 Sheets-Sheet l W I m INVENTOR.

Jo SfiS'e'aboalt ATTORNEY Aug. 14, 192&


Patented Aug. 14, 1928. UNITED STATES 1,681,061 PATENT, OFFICE...


This invention relatesto a steam gener ating apparatus: and has for its object to provide, ina mariner as hereinafter set forth, an apparatus of suchclass for expeditiously producing Wetstcani. 1

-l urth'er objects of the invention are to provide, in amanner as hereinafterset' forth, an apparatus for producing-wet steam, which is comparatively simple in its construction and arrangement, strong, durable, compact, thoroughly e'fi icie'nt in its use, and comparatively inexpensive to set u With the foregoing and other objects in View, the invention consists'of the novel'construction, combination and arrangement of parts hereinafter more specifically described, and illustrated in the accompanying drawings,Whereinis shown an embodiment of the invention, but itisto be understoodthat changes, variations and modifications can be resorted to which fall Within the scope of the claim hereunto appended;

1n the drawings Whereiii. like reference character denote corresponding-parts throughout the several views Figure is a, vertical sectional view of anapparatus for producing Wetsteam' 1nac-' cordance with t is invention? Figure 2. is thereof.

Fgure'3 is the boiler forming? an element "OfitTI G apps: ratus. i

notes a cy mountedupon itsupper end acq'noiual: shaped dome 2 which opens mo.- f an" out-let flue 3. The jacket 1 provides a heating f chamber 4 and arranged at the bottom ofthe chamber ris a gas oroilbu'rner 5 hayinga fuel supply pipe'6connected-therewith: The

pipe 6 extends throu' handproject's froin the lower portion of the jacket'lmnd isprovided with a regulating cock or cut-0E7: The

pipe 6 communicates with a suitable source of supply, not shown; Saspended Within the chamber 4 and spaced a substantial distance from the jacket 1 is a vertically disposed steam boiler 8 of circular cross section. The boiler 8 extends from the upper end of the chamber 4 and has its lower end positioned a substantial distance above the burner 5.

The boiler 8 comprises a cylindrical body portion 9 of the desired diameter, a head 10 and a bottom 11. The head 10 and bottom 11 is formed from a flanged disk and the a horizontal sectional view a. vertical sectional View of Beferriiiq w the drawings name i de-z lindrical' jacket' ar shell having with ail-annular bossoh its upper face which extfe'iids upwardly from the hea'df The boss is indicated at 14 and'i'ts inner faceforms a continuationof the wall ofthe opening l3.'

The immiface of unboss 14st Well as the wara of the opening 1 3 is threaded: The batten or the boiler isfor'medv'vi'th a centr'ally arranged opening 15 and with" an integral annular boss 16' which depends therefrom "and the inner face of the boss 1 16 7 forms a continuationo fthe-wall of the open mg] 151' The. inner face of. the boss 16, as

wen tints wall of the opening 15 is threaded. v H U Fixecllysecured t ltheivall of the openin" 13" andlth" boss 14," thatis a) say thread ab en gagingfivith the bossM and with of the opening 13fis af vertically disposed steam' conducting pipe' 17,;wliich, extends through the dome 2 andlinto" the, flue and has attaehe dto litsi-"upper end a T cofu ling" 18.

to an inverted T coupling 201 The body portion "9 "is formed. with a pair" oif stiper'posed openiiigs2'1,22; The opening is'the lower of solid pair of openings antlis arranged above the transverse median of the-body portion 92 Integral with the bodyportion 9 and surroundingeach oft-he o eningsoif' said pair isa'boss I 7 Thread-- 11 "1y: engaging with the boss 21 as wellras 'with the body portion 9 and seated in each of the openings of said pair is a gauge glass connecting pipe 24. The pipe connections 24 project through the jacket 1 and have connected with the outer ends thereof a gauge glass 25. The gauge is of known construction. The body portion 9 is furthermore provided, on that side opposite the side on which is formed the openings 21, 22, with an opening 26 positioned'above the opening i en gi g with. the wa l of opening 151 and/boss 1'6' i s a depending'in'f letjnipplei 19. having lower end connected 22 and integral with the body portion 9 and surrounding the opening 26 is a boss 27. Threadably engaging with the boss 27 and body portion 9, as well as communicating with the exterior of saidbody portion 9, is a wet steam connecting line or rather delivery line 28 which has a cut-off or regulating cock 29. The line 28 extends through the acket 1 and the cutroli' or regulating cock is arranged exteriorly of the jacket.

Arranged within the heating chamber 4 and surrounding the boiler 8, is a pair of i :onccntrically arranged sets of heating coils.

The coils of the inner set are indicated at 30 and those of the outer set at 3 1. The coils of the outer set surround the coils of the inner set and the said sets of coils are positioned around the boiler 8 below the lower end of the gauge 25. The lower coil of the inner set opens into an inlet pipe 32 which is arranged between the lower end of the boiler 8 and the burner The inlet pipe 32 opens intothe T-coupling 20. Arranged exteriorly of the jacket 1, at the lower portion thereof is a blow-off valve 33 having a pipe connection 34 with the T-coupling 20. Connected with and opening into the lower coil of the outer set of coils is a. combined steam and water supply pipe 33, provided with a controlling valve 34 at its upper end and further communicating with an injector 35 which depends from a union 36. Communicating with the union 36 is a valved water supply line 37 and further opening into the union 36 is a steam supply line 38. The union 36 has connected therewith a discharge nipple 39. The union 36 carries a controlling valve 40 which functions to control communication between the pipe 33 and the lines 37, 38 and which further functions to control the discharge nipple 39.

The pipe 33 is arranged exteriorly of the jacket 1 and has its lower end formed with a right angular extension 41 which extends through the jacket 1 and is coupled with the lower coil of the outer set 31. The steam supply line 38 is arranged exteriorly of the jacket 1 and dome 2 and has its upper end provided with a right angular extension 42 which projects through and into the flue 3 and is connected to the T-coupling 18. Arranged adjacent to the flue 3 is a pressure gauge 43, which has a pipe connection 44 with a safety valve 45, and the latter has a pipe connection 46 leading therefrom and extending into the flue 3 and connected to the T-coupling 18. v

The boiler 8 and sets of coils 30, 31 are heated from the burner 5 and the heated contents of the sets of coils are delivered into the boiler 8 from the bottom thereof. The water is supplied through the line 37 to the pipe 33 and from there enters the lower coil of the outer set of coils, travels through said outer set and is discharged into the inner set and travels thercthrough and is discharged from the lower coil of the inner set into the pipe 32 and supplied to the boiler 8 at the bottom thereof. The combined steam and water takes the same course, when the steam is supplied by the pipe connections 17, 42 and 38. By this operation the production of wetsteam is bad and is furthermore had in an expeditious manner.

It is thought that the many advantages of an apparatus for producing wet steam in accordance with this invention can be readily understood, and although the preferred embodiment of the invention is as illustrated and described, yet it is to be understood that changes in the details of construction can be had which will fall within the scope of the invention as claimed.

What I claim is:

An apparatus for producing wet steam comprising a vertically disposed jacket, a burner arranged within and at the lower portion thereof, a steam boiler positioned within the jacket and arranged over and above the burner, a pair of concentrically arranged, vertically disposed sets of coils opening into each other at the top thereof, positioned within the jacket and surrounding the lower portion of the boiler, means positioned over the burner for establishing communication between the lower coil of the inner set of coils and the bottom of the boiler, a supply line extending into the easing and opening into the lower coil of the outer set of coils, a water line leading to the supply line, a steam supply line leading from the top of the boiler, extending from the jacket and communicating with the water supply line, a wet steam delivery line extending from one side of the boiler above said sets of coils and projecting from the jacket.

In testimony whereof, I affix my signature hereto.


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