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Publication numberUS1681151 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 14, 1928
Filing dateSep 21, 1925
Priority dateSep 21, 1925
Publication numberUS 1681151 A, US 1681151A, US-A-1681151, US1681151 A, US1681151A
InventorsJr Edward J Dailey
Original AssigneeGraybar Electric Company Inc
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Lighting fixture
US 1681151 A
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Aug. 14, 1928. 1,681,151


LIGHTING FIXTURE Filed s 't. 21, 1925 parent.

. glare.

Patented Aug. 14, 1928.



. Application filed September 21, 1925. Serial No. 57,510.

Illuminating systems and devices are designed in a manner to prevent objectionable No matter what precautions have been taken, it has been diflicult to eliminate all of the glare and yet'provide sufiicient uniform illumination for the desired area.

i The object of the present invention is to control the intensity of illumination without producing a corresponding glare within the angle of vision.

Another object of the invention is to provide means for re-directing some of the light of an enclosed direct or semi-direct lighting unit from the lower to the upper hemisphere of the lighting unit- A still further object of this invention is'to provide a simple compact and eflicient adjusting means to control the illumination within the angle of vision which is universally adaptable to enclosed lighting units of existing types. 1

Reference is now had to the drawings forming a part of this specification, in which:

Figure 1 is an elevation of one form of the invention as applied to a fixture wherein the shield is either transluscent or trans- Figure2 is a similar view opaque shield. Figure 3 is a'similar view showing an opaque shield with lower apertures to permit partial direct illumination.

Figure 4 is a view partially in section, showing the adjusting means hereinafter described. j

In the drawings a represents a suitable globe adapted to be secured to the support 6 showing an by means of screwsc in a well known manner. Within the support is provided a bulb d whose filamentor center of light source is at e.

A shield 7', Figure 1, isprovidedand a may be of transluscent material. This shield is adjustably secured to the globe a by means of a threaded stem 9 on which are provided nuts h and washers i for clamping the shield therebetween, as clearly shown in Figure 4. The lower end of the stem may have an internally and externally threaded collar j,

the bod of which extends below the globe a AT-Embrace l to enab e the stem to be adjusted when the globe is mounted on the support.

A slot n is provided in the lower end of the stem g'and provides an easy means of adjusting the shield. By removlng the cap is and inserting a screw driver in the slot,

the shield may be raised or lowered at'will,

thus converting the unit from a direct to an indirect one, or varying the light given off at angles, known as the angles of vision.

A lock nut o of suitable design is provided to screw over the collar and secure globe at between the flange and 'nut. An ornamental nut is with ample room left within for adjusting the stem gto any desired position may be used to give a finished appearance. Washers may also be provided to protect the globe.

In Figure 2 the shieldf is ofv opaque material, thus providing for purely indirect lighting as distinguished from Figure 1,

wherein both direct and semi-direct lighting is had. o

In Figure 3 the shield f is of opaque ma terial and provided with lower apertures as at m whereby some of the light is allowedto pass through to afford direct illuminati'on and some of the light is reflected for indirectlighting, as in Figures 1 and 2. It will be appreciated that the shields may be adjusted by means of the stem 9 and collar j, while the fixture is in illuminating position, thus adding greatly to the convenience of the device and its use where it is desired to effect a change in the illumination of the surrounding area.

It is to be understood that applicant is not limited to the specific ,form of deflector or shield shown, since this does not form a material part of the invention, but merely serves to redirect the light striking it, to the upper hemisphere of the globe and ceiling from which it is reflected in the usual manner, thus enabling the unit to be converted from a direct, into a semidirect or totally indirect lighting unit.

With this adjust-able deflector attached to enclosed direct lighting units, there is obtained the effect of a semi-direct lighting unit when lighted, and the appearance of mounted on the stem and within the globe, a compact, presentable and neat, enclosed and means on the lower part of the stem lighting unit, whether lighted or unlighted. and outside of the globe for adjusting the 10 \Vhat I claim is: position of said deflector. 5 In a lighting fixture, a globe, a movable This specification signed this 17th day threaded stem extending through the botof September, A. D. 1925.- tom of the globe a light deflector rigidly EDXVARD J. BAILEY, JR.

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U.S. Classification362/363
International ClassificationF21S13/00
Cooperative ClassificationF21S13/00
European ClassificationF21S13/00