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Publication numberUS1681537 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 21, 1928
Filing dateAug 28, 1925
Priority dateAug 28, 1925
Publication numberUS 1681537 A, US 1681537A, US-A-1681537, US1681537 A, US1681537A
InventorsSargent Hitchcock Helen
Original AssigneeSargent Hitchcock Helen
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Toy animal
US 1681537 A
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Aug. 21, 1928. 1,681,537 H. S. HITCHCQCK TOY I ANIMAL Filed Aug. 28, 1925 INVENTOR ATTORNEY Patented Aug. 21', 1928..



Application filed August 28, 1925. Serial No. 53,066.

My invention relates to toys, and more particularly to representations of animals as playthings for small children.

An object of my invention is to produce a form, in wood, metal orother suitable mate rials, applicable to the simulation of a Wide variety of animal types.

Another object of my invention is to form, from a combination of fiat pieces of wood or similar materials representations of familiar animals and the like familiar postures and actions of said animals.

A further object of my invention. is to form from fiat pieces of suitable materials toy animals articulated to simulate any one of a plurality of classes or varieties thereof, and also familiar postures and actions of the animal suggested thereby.

In the drawings illustrative of an embodiment of my invention, v

Figure 1 is a front elevation of a to representation of a familiar quadrupe simulating a type of elephant;

Figs. 2 and 3 are respective side elevation and top plan view of the device shown in Fig. 1; and

Fig. t is a perspective view of the animal representation shown in Figs. 1, 2-and 8.

Having reference tothe drawings, the numeral 1 represents a toy elephant comprising the vertically disposed fiat representation of the torso or body portion which in turn is attached to the similarly formed front portion 5 which will hereinafter be refered to as the fore-quarters, and the rear part or hind-quarters 10, by means of tongue and groove joints comprising the tongues 2 projecting from the respective front and rearward edges of the torso and the grooves 3, transversely formed in the several members articulated therewith.

The torso 1 has its top and bottom edges shaped suggestively to represent respectively the back and belly lines of the animal, the corresponding front and rear edges being substantially straight and, in the embodiment now being described, parallel.

The joinder of articulated members is completed by meansof a. straight pin 4 pass ing through aligned holes 4* in the tongue and grooved members respectively, (shown in Fig. 1. in dotted lines), the pin held singly as in a driving bit in either or both the tongue or groove members.

When desired the tongue 2 may be formed of sufiicient length to vpass entirely through one of the fiat members, as shown in Figs. 2 and 3, and projecting sufficiently'to have its jointed connection with a third member. Thus in forming the toy elephant the annnals trunk 7 is articulated to the trunk 2, extendingthrough the thickness of the portion 5 representing the animals forequarter 5. Similarly the elephants tail 16 is attached to a tongue 2, extending through the piece 15 supplyingthe hind-quarters of the toy animal.

The elephants ears 6 being conspicuous features of the forward members of the animal, are in the toy composed of the same flat materials of which the other parts of the animal representation are made, and to make them relatively movable as in life, they are attached to the head of the member 5 by means of the tongu e 2, groove 3 and pin 4 is the same manner as the trunk and tail are attached to permit of limited oscillatory movements of those parts.

In following the same type 'of construction practically every species of quadruped may be simulated with a degree of likeness of suggestiveness that meets every requirement of a childs imaginative mind.

I claim:

A toy elephant having a vertically disposed fiat torso member and vertically disposed .hind and fore-quarters substantially at right angles thereto, tongues projecting from said member into and through open ings in said respective fore-quarters and hind-quarters, a trunk member pivotally articulated to a tongue piercing said forequarter and a tail piece articulated to a tongue penetrating said hind-quarters.

In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand.


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U.S. Classification446/376, 446/387
International ClassificationA63H3/00
Cooperative ClassificationA63H3/00
European ClassificationA63H3/00