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Publication numberUS1681683 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 21, 1928
Filing dateMay 4, 1927
Priority dateMay 4, 1927
Publication numberUS 1681683 A, US 1681683A, US-A-1681683, US1681683 A, US1681683A
InventorsRamer Sarah K
Original AssigneeRamer Sarah K
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Card game
US 1681683 A
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Description  (OCR text may contain errors)

Patented Aug. 2l, 1928.A

paires s'rArES [PATENT critics.



Appncation med May 4, 1927. serial No.' 188,864.

deck of fifty-two cards, each player receiving thirteen dealt in the usual way and each player playing for himseli1 alone.

The position of each player is drawn for and carries with it the determination of his particular trump designation, each player having his own suite of trumps, i. e., a suite having a ruling value. For instance vthe dealer `always has heartsas his trumps, the next player sits to lett of dealer and has clubs as his trumps, the next player or the one opposite the dealer has diamonds and the fourth player spades.

rlhis peculiarity ofvfour sets of trumps in simultaneous operation but limited in its eli'ect to each individual player is a unique Y feature of the game.

The cards are selected and playedsuccessively into a single pile andthe object of the game'is that each player rids lhimseli` of all his cards as quickly as possible `and his endeavours are directed towards the bestway oi. compelling his fellow players to take them. 1'

The mode of the play is thus z--The player next and left of the dealer commences play- 40 ing any one card only, the next in turn must follow suite with a card of higher value or failing this must play a card of 4his Own trump suite. 'f Should any player be unable to follow suite or trump he must take into 45 his hand whatever pile of cards has accumu lated. However should he desire at any time to take the pile instead of play his turn he is at liberty to do so. Y

When a player has either played a card in suite or as a trump, he plays another card (an arbitrary selection) to be dealt with by the neat player exactly as described for the sefond-player, anu so on until the game Ais finished by the iirst, second and third player dropping out respectively each having successively disposed ot the whole of his cards.

Y Thusyeach player except the first at they Acommencement plays two cards (according to rule) or takes into his hand the accumulated pile of cards on the table.

Should any player find himself with but Vone card at his turn of play, and that card being ot the necessary value to enable him to Vplay his turn, he must take the accumulated pile o't cards, which iu this case are withdrawn and cancelled from the game, so leaving the remaining players with a depleteddeek to conclude, he himself retainingthe winning position at that point of the game.

From the above it willy be observed that therey is an arbitrary designation of trump suites determined by the position of the` `the gaine always has heartsas. trumps, and

the succeeding players clubs, `diamonds and spades respectively, therefore on the hearts lsuite the second corner-index yshould be clubs, 'the club suite-diamonds, the diar mondsfsuite-spades, and the spades suitehearts. i

In this way any player notes his next players trumps at the same time he notes his own,y his next player being his chief opponent. Y

From the yabove description it will be seen that the double turn to each player, the quadruplicated trump vsystem together with the cumulative risk, are factors which working in combination provide, a culmination of intense and increasing interest.

Having now fully described my invention what I claim as new and desire to be prod tected in by LettersPatent, is:


index, an .extra- .Qornenindexg-safidnemaf cor,- v

nerindex indicating the trump suit assigned to the playing position following the playing position to which the mainfindex is assigned as trump. A f

In tesbinionyrwhereof 'I' affixA my signature;


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U.S. Classification273/304, D21/379
International ClassificationA63F1/00, A63F1/02
Cooperative ClassificationA63F1/02
European ClassificationA63F1/02