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Publication numberUS1681922 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 28, 1928
Filing dateMay 8, 1925
Priority dateMay 8, 1925
Publication numberUS 1681922 A, US 1681922A, US-A-1681922, US1681922 A, US1681922A
InventorsBoch Louise H
Original AssigneeBoch Louise H
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Kit bag
US 1681922 A
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L. H. BOCH .11mgs 28, 192s.

KIT BAG Filed May e, 1925 www Patented Aug.- 28, 1928.




Application led May 8,

p rlhis invention relates to improvements in bags adapted for use as sewing kits, vanity bags and the like.

The invention will be apparent from the following specification when read in connection with the accompanying drawings in" which- Fig. l is a perspective view of a bag embodying the invention and showing it in open 1o position;

Fig. 2 is a similar view showing the bag partly closed;

Fig. 3 is a cross-sectional view ot the open bag.

Fig. l is a ing the bag.

Referring in detail to the drawings, the kit comprises an outer fabric bag l() to which is sewed a fabric bottom 12. Aline of stitching 14 along the upper edge of the bag 10 denes a hem 16 within which is located a pair of draw strings 1S the ends 20 of which emerge from openings 22 at diametrically opposite points.

An interlining 2i is stitched to the bottom of the bag and at various points. lines of stitching such as indicated at 26 are made so as to form pockets between the interlining and the side portion of the bag, these being adapted to accommodate sewing articles such as spools of thread, thimbles and the like. In some instances, I may sew a piu cushion indicated diagl'amnlatically at 2S to the bottom 30 of the interlining.

The pocket indicated at 32 in the drawings is formed with an overhanging flap 34 the upper edge of the pocket being at the point indicated at 36. As thus arranged, the pocket is more or less of a concealedone and access can only be had thereto by puckering the materialv as illustrated in Fig. l so as to lift diagram of the means for closbag having an inner 1925. Serial No. 28.764.

the iap 34 above the edge 36. Extending around the upper marginal edge ot the interllning 24 is formed a hem 38 within which 1s located a pair of draw strings 40. These draw strings leave the interlining hem at points which are diametrically opposite each other and adjacent theq openings 22 in the outer portion of the bag. By pulling the ends 44 and 20 of the respective draw strings 40 and 18 the upper portions of both the bag and the interlining will be puckered or colL lapsed and thus close both the bag and the space for pockets between the bag and the interlining and thereby preclude the'possibility of articles falling eitherfrom the interior of the bag or from the pockets which it will be remembered are formed between the outer wall of the bag and the interlining. The draw string arrangement in effect may be said to form a duplex closing means or a double lock.

The bag may be made up in silk or various textile fabrics or of ine grades of hides such as suede, sheep skin, pin seal, and so forth.

Though I have described in detail the specific construction of the embodiment of the invention illustrated, it is not to be construed that I am limited thereto as various changes andsubstit-ution of equivalents may be made without departing from the invention as dened in the appended claim.

That I claim is An article of manufacture comprising a lining secured to the bag at spaced intervals to form pockets and draw strings at the top of the bag and at the top v of the lining respectively adapted to simultaneously collapse the bag and said lining.

In witness whereof, I havehereunto signed 80 my name.


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