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Publication numberUS1682385 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 28, 1928
Filing dateNov 5, 1927
Publication numberUS 1682385 A, US 1682385A, US-A-1682385, US1682385 A, US1682385A
InventorsE. Lexbinq
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US 1682385 A
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Aug. 28, 1928. V 7 1,682,385


Aug. 28, 1928.


Patented Aug.- 28, 1928.


wrnnrm n. Lnnmm, or OAKLAND, camronnm, nssrenon 'ro menus 2mm:



Application filed November 5, 1927. Serial No. 231,222.

v This invention relates to improvements in f mechanical, refrigerating apparatus, and vmore particularly to an apparatus arranged and designed for positioning within beverl' age dispensing containers of the type com-- monly termed root beer dispensing apparatus. In beverage dispensing apparatus of the above type, there is generally provided one or more syrup supplies, a supply of carbonated water, and a supply of sweet or fresh water, and it'is to maintain these supplies of syrup, carbonated water, and sweet or fresh water at the desired temperature by 16' a self contained mechanical refrigeration apparatus that the present invention is designed. One of the principal objects of thisinvention is in the arrangement of the respec- II tive parts within the dispensing apparatus or receptacle whereby the refrigerating unit, preferably through conduction, controlsthe temperatures of the fluids within the appa-, ratus; another object is to arrange the in- 2 terior chambers or compartments of the apparatus in such manner that accessibility is easily had to the units for repairing, cleaning, re-filling or. any other punpose.

A further object isto provi e a beverage dispensing apparatus of the above type adaptable for use in rural districts where electricity is available, and which will, without the necessity ofa delivery service of manufactured ice, enable the proprietor to dispense. a cool thirst quenching beverage either in the form of a mixed drink, .oar-.

bonated water, or plain water. Another object is to provide a structure of the above type which may be cheaply manufactured and operated at little cost; and wherein the temperatures of the respective dispensed fluids can be maintained at any desired de-' gree. Other objects and, advantages of the invention will appear as the specification proceeds.v V

- With the above and other objects-in view, the invention consists in the novel construe-r tion and combination of parts hereinafter described, illustrated in "the accompanying drawings, and set forth in the claim hereto appended, it being understood that various changes in the form, proportion, size and minor details of vconstruction within the scope of the claim may be resorted to withthe conventional root beerdispensing apparatus.

Fig. 2 is a transverse on line 22 of Fig. 1, viewed in the direction of the arrows.

Fig. 3 is a view in transverse detail section through the brine well and the interconnected cylinders illustrating in dotted lines or phantom the frostor ice layer of fresh water, built up on the surface of the brine well and extending to the fresh water coil and the vertical cylinders.

Referring more particularly to the drawings, wherein like characters of reference designate corresponding parts, 1' indicates a suitable dispensing apparatus illustrated in the form of a cylindrical container having a removable cover 2. Exteriorly of the container, preferably mounted thereon, is a 7 suitable mixing faucet or valve 3, conventionally illustrated and of a type well izno'wn in the art capable of handling a number of fluids either singly or in mixed relation.

Resting on and extending uprigh: Ii TQZEEB.

the base of the container is a 3:: for carbonated water consisting of the interconnectv sectional view taken ed cylinders 4: arranged in arcuate formavSupported in any suitable manner within employed in mechanical refrigerators, and

with the same connect the pipes 14 and 15 Resting on and supported by tank his a syrup container or receptacle 19 illustrated as having an open top, the tank connectin with the valve 3 through a pipe 20.

As illustrated, the container 1 is normall tankv 11 with the brine 22, and the syrup container with syrup 23.. With the parts arranged as described and illustrated and with the motor 24 operating to actuate the compressor 17, and with the temperature regulator (not shown) set to cause the mechanical refrigerating apparatus to operate and cease operatin between fixed temperatures, the action of the apparatus is as follows: The lowered temperature of the refrigerating unit 11 removes the heat from the brine 22, and causes the temperature thereof to drop below the freezing point of fresh water. The low temperature of the brine 22 in well 18 is conducted through the well walls and causes a zone of low temperature preferably below freezing to build up around the well 12, and at the same time reducing the entire temperature of the body of fresh water 21. The fresh water immediately adjacent to and surrounding the well 12 will be reduced to the lowest temperature of the body of fresh water 21, and this water surroundin the well 12 will build u in the form 0' an ice or brine layer 25 o? a thickness depending on the setting of the temperature regulator, it being preferable to have the temperature regulator set suificie'ntly low thatthis ice or brine layer will extend to the units 4: and coil 9, as indicated in Fig. 3.

It will thus be observed that the syrup 23 in tank 19 is maintained cool by conduction from brine solution 22, also that the carbonated water and freshwater in the solution are maintained at a relatively low temperature by the frost or ice layer25 which forms around the well 12.

The arrangement of the various parts as illustrated, within the container 1, enables the inspection, removal and repair of the unit 4 without disturbing the elements 19, 11, 11' or 12, and also enables the removal of the syrup tank inde endently of these units, and without inter ering with the unit y 4. While the unit 4 has been described as filled to the approximate level of the top of the unit 4 with fresh or sweet water 21, the

one form of a carbonator cooler, it is to be understood that other forms of coolers or carbonators may be employed and positioned within the unit 1, just so long as the same are adapted for use in an apparatus of the described type.

.I- claim p a A cooling apparatus for liquid dispensers comprising a container provided with an open toip, body 0 liquid therein, a tank supported within said container at one side and extending into said liquid body, said tank containing a body of brine, a refri erating unit within the tank immersed in the brine solution therein, 7 a unit positioned within said container in front of said tank, a second unit positioned within said container, said units being removable from the container independently of the tank and through each of which unitsa separate body of liquid passes, said units lying adjacent to said tank whereby the temperature of the fluid passing therethrough is controlled by conduction from said brine solution through said body of freshwater, a fluid receptacle lying above and supported by said tank, a mixing valve exteriorly of the container,

and independent ipes extending from the units and receptac e to said mixin valve.

said container provided with a In testimony whereof I have s1gned my name to this specification.


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