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Publication numberUS1682534 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 28, 1928
Filing dateDec 9, 1927
Priority dateDec 9, 1927
Publication numberUS 1682534 A, US 1682534A, US-A-1682534, US1682534 A, US1682534A
InventorsMartinat Jean
Original AssigneeMartinat Jean
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Vanity case
US 1682534 A
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Aug. 28, 1928.

J. MARTINAT VANITY CASE Filed Dec. 9, 1927 Patented Aug. 28, 1928.




Application filed December 9, 1927. Serial No. 238,739.

My invention relates to improvements in vanity cases and the object of my invention is to produce a simple, convenient, and beautiful *anity case.

My invention is further intended to produce a vanity case which can be made to look like a small book and constructed of thin sheet metal stamping shaped and disposed so as to give the case, asa whole, a light, tasty appearance, and, also, to make it sufficiently rigid.

. The invention is further intended to produce a structure of this kind in which a handsome, convenient, complete case can be economically made. These features will be better understood from the following description. q

Reference is to be had to the accompanying drawings, in which similar reference characters represent corresponding parts in all views.

Figure 1 is a perspective view of the closed vanity case embodying my invention.

Figure 2 is a perspective view of the opened case and Figure 3 is a broken perspective View showing the opened covers of the case and with the inner parts separated to illustrate their individual characteristics.

The case is provided with two similar coacting covers and 11 which have inturned flanges 12 extending around the end and front edge portions so that the covers may meet edge to edge and be complementary one to the other.

The back ends of the flanges 12 are convex and extended somewhat so as to fit nicely within the back 14 which is in the form of a link and gives to the case, as a whole, a book-like appearance as the back is preferably convex and in order that the covers may open freely and lie flat upon their backs when open, the link-like back 14 is pivoted to each cover section. To this end the link or back 14 has its edges turned over as at 15 (see Figure 3) to form eyes through which the pintle pins 16 may extend, and these extend, also, through the adjacent flanges 12 of the covers, thus making a secure but loose connection so that the cover members may be opened wide and lie flat as the drawing shows.

It will be seen that the arrangement described, by which the flange extensions 13 fit within and against the link back 14, makes an ornamental connection and, also, each serves to stiffen the case as a whole.

The front edge portions of the case have the flanges 12 inturned slightly as at 15 andthese parts, at their meeting points, are connected by a suitable catch 16' which can be an approved fastening.

This dishing or indenting of the front edge portions of the case serves to stiffen the cover u'ien'ibers, gives to the case, as a whole, a more ornamental appearance and enables the catch members to lie within the plane of the outer front edges of the covers, thus plx'itectiiigthe catch and preventing it from catching so freely on extraneous objects.

One cover section, the part 11 as illustrated, has a contained plate 1'7 which completely fills this section and the outer contour of which is of theinner contour of the rase cover. This plate 17 has its middle portion pressed outward to form a frame 18 in which a glass or mirror 19 is placed and this can be inserted from the back, fastened in any suitable way and when the plate 17 is placed in its cover section, the mirror is securely held. The plate 17 can be soldered or otherwise fastened in place and it will be seen that the plate can be easily stamped and when secured in its cover, it serves to stiffen the latter.

The opposite cover section 10 is likewise provided with a raised flat plate 20 having a down-turned flange 21 extending around the edge of the plate and shaped to fit snugly within the flange 12 of the cover member 10. The plate 20 carries a receptacle for a lip stick,'and for powder puffs, and, of course, these may be of different numbers or shapes without affecting the invention. The arrangement shown, however, is preferred.

Along the back part of the plate 20 that is, near the back edge, is a. long recess 22 for holding a lip stick or a pencil holder 23 and this recess, for convenience in stamping has no bottom but the flat surface of the cover member 10 serves as a bottom for the recess 22.

In the form illustrated, the plate 20 has, also, holes 24 and 25 therethrough, which have, around the edges, seat portions 26 and 27 formed where the plate is stamped and serving for seats for the pad or pufl? holders 28 and 29 which, as illustrated, are in the form of shallow dishes and have flanges 30 and 31 adapted to seat snugly upon their complementary portions 26 and 27. Thus, it will be seen that the plate 20 is stiffened by its edge flange and by the flanges of the recess 22 and that the pad holders 28 and 29, when pressed snugly into their corre-e sponding holes, stiffen the plate and compensate for the weakening made by cutting through the plate for the purpose of receiving said holders. V

Thus, it will be seen that by reason of the structure of the parts of the case, it can be conveniently made of stampings and that these partsare disposed in such a vvay that they can be made of a very light metal so as to produce a light, attractive case and still they are arranged to-brace the case in such a way as to make it unusually rigid.

As it will be further noticed, this type of structure lends itself to producing a handsome article which is essential in a thing of this kind.

What I claim is: p

1. A vanity case comprising two similar case-like cover members meeting edge to edge at the end and front portions, a stiffening plate within one cover member carrying a mirror, a stiffening plate within the other cover member having receptacles for articles therein, and a link back connecting the two cover members.

2. A vanity case comprising similar cover 'DIGIDlJGI'S having inturned flanges at the end and front portions meeting edge to edge, the front parts of the flanges being depressed and a. link back pivotally connecting the cover members.

3. A vanity case comprising similar cover members having flanged end and front parts meeting edge to edge, a link back pivoted to the flanges oi the two cover portions, and stiffening plates fitting within the cover portions and arranged to carry toilet accessories.

4;. A vanity case comprising similar cover members having flanges extending around their end and front parts and meeting edge to edge, a link back connecting the cover portions, a plate fitting within one of the cover portions and having a mirror holding 'lrame formed therein, and a stilfening plate fitting in the second cover portion, carrying receptacles for toilet accessories.

In testimony whereof, I have signed my name to this specification this 16th day of August, 1927.


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