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Publication numberUS1682814 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 4, 1928
Filing dateJan 13, 1925
Priority dateJan 13, 1925
Publication numberUS 1682814 A, US 1682814A, US-A-1682814, US1682814 A, US1682814A
InventorsGeorge Trifelos
Original AssigneeGeorge Trifelos
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Candy cooling and packing machine
US 1682814 A
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Sept 4, 1928.


Patented Sept.. 4, 1928.



Application led January The invention relates to apparatus for cooling freshly made candy and packing the same in cartons.

In commercial candy factories, freshly made candies are usually arranged by hand on trays: then the trays are placed in a cooler for a sufficient period of time to satisfactorily harden the candies; and finally the cooled candy is packed in layers insuitable cartons.

lo These Operations for large scale production require the services of a number of workers, and are consequently comparatively high in labor costs, and require a comparatively long time for their performance.

The objects of the present improvement are to decrease the time and labor cost required for these operations, by providing mechanislnsimultaneously carrying out the cooling` and packing operations, and having centralized means for control by a single operator.

A preferred form of the invention is illustrated in the accompanying drawings, forming part hereof, in whiche Figure 1 is a side elevation of the improved machine, a portion of the cooler being shown in longitudinal cross-section; and

Fig. 2, a plan section of the same as on line 2--2, Fig. 1, portions being broken away to show the packing mechanism.

Similar numerals refer to similar parts through the drawings. The improved machine includes the cooler mechanism indicated at 1 and the packing mechanism indicated at 2 andthe centralized control means indicated at 3 in operative combination with each other and mounted on a suitable base frame indicated at 4.

rThe cooler 1 includes members forming external heat insulated side Walls 5, and end walls 6, and is provided With a removable top 7.

Befrigerating means, as an ice box 8, filledl with an ice and brine solution indicated at 8, and spaced from the walls and top of the cooler, is supported therein, as by means of a web 9 having a plurality of apertures 10 for permitting free circulation of air through the apertures and about the ice box.

Openings 11 and 11 below the web 9, are provided in each end wall 6 for permitting entrance into and exit from the interior of the cooler.

An endless belt tray conveyor 12 passes,

13, 1925. Serial No. 2,147.

vals between the rolls 18 and 20, about which the carton conveyor 17 passes.

Centrally located, wlthin arms length of each other, cranks 22 and 23 are suitably mounted upon axial extensions 22a and 23a of the rolls 13 and 18 respectively for opcratLng the tray and carton conveyors 12 and 17. The top 24 of the conveyor 12 passes into and out of the cooler through the openings 11 below the apertured web 9 of the cooler.

The packing table 16 is provided with a rectangular .aperture 25, immediately beyond the pulley roll 15. Suitably mounted in guides, retractable tray supports 2G and 26 are provided at each side of the aperture H0' Angular arms 27 and 27 extend from the tray supports and terminate at substantially equal distances from the longitudinal axis of the machine. A lever 28 isn pivotally fulcrumed at 29 on the packing table, and is connected at its inner side by links 30 and 30 to the terminals of the arms 27 and 27.

At the outer side of the fulcrum the lever 28 is connected by` means .pf the slidably mounted rod 3l to the tension spring 32 secured to the frame as shown. Rod 81 carries at its control end terminus, a cam follower roll 33 which is maintained by the spring 32 in contact with a cam 34 mounted on the axial extension 22a of the roll 12.

The machine is operated as follows:

The ice box 8 having been filled with an ice and brine solution, cold air constantly circulates down through the apertures 10 upon the top 24 of the conveyer 12. The operator, standing within reach of bothcranks 22 and 23, successively places trays 35 carrying freshly made candy upon the tray convcyor 12, turning crank 22 after placing each tray. At the same time the operator successively places cartons 36 upon the lower carton conveyor 17, turnin crank 23 so that a carton 36 shall be direct beneath the aperture 25 in the packing t le 16.

One revolution of the crank 22, advances the conveyor 12 a distance equal to the distance between like edges of successive trays. The trays are thus passed through the cooler, where the candy is suiliciently hardcned, and issues from the cooler opening 1'14 instantaneous retraction of tray supports 26 and 26', which are link connected to the lever 28, as described.

This instantaneous retraction permits the tray being sustained by the supports to drop down into the waiting carton beneath the packing table aperture.

When enough trays have been dropped into one carton, the operator advances another carton to a position beneath the packing table aperture by turning crank 23.

It is obvious that any desired degree of coldness may be maintained over the conveyor top 24 as it passes through the cooler, and the capacity of the machine is only limited by the speed at which freshly4 made candy arranged on trays may be delivered noemen to the operator, or arranged on-the trays by the operatoim,

I claim 1.`Apparatus for han freshly made candy and the like, inclu a packing mechanism having an up r lt conveyor for transporting trays an a lower belt conveyor for transporting cartons, retractable tra supports between the upper conveyor an the rear conveyor and adapted for successively receiving the trays from the upper conveyor and for 'successively dropping the trays on the lower conveyor, and means operated by single control means for simultaneously advancing the upper belt conveyor and retracting the tray supports.

2. Apparatus for handling candy and the like including a tray conveyor operable by a rotatable roll, and delivering to a table, a tray delivery aperture in the table, and retractable tray supports slidably ounted in the aperture, and operative means for advancing the conveyor and instantaneously retracting the supports including a cam mounted on the conveyor operatin roll, a push rod spring pressed againstt e cam and connected .to one end of a pivotally mounted lever, the other end of the lever being linked to the su ports.

In testimony that Y laiin the above, I have hereunto subscribed my name.


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