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Publication numberUS1683246 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 4, 1928
Filing dateMar 30, 1926
Priority dateMar 30, 1926
Publication numberUS 1683246 A, US 1683246A, US-A-1683246, US1683246 A, US1683246A
InventorsRichard T Griffiths
Original AssigneeMiller Rubber Co
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Bottle nipple
US 1683246 A
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sept. 4, 192s. 11,683,246

R. T. GRIFFITHS BOTTLE lNIPPLE Filed March 30, 1926 l' mwlmmmwmktw Paieiaed' Sept. 4,A 192s.


Riemann r1 GRIFFITHS, or mom-01110, A ssIGNoR To THE MILLER RUBBER conrm, or AxRoN, omo, A coRroRATIoN or oHIo.- i


Applicationled March 30, 1926. Serial Nef $8,581.

collapse in use, of such construction that the exit holes in the nursing tip will keep open,

which will tightly grip-the bottle below thev u .open mouth so as -to insure a fluid-tightpjoint,

and which will provide a channel or recesswithin which the beadof the bottle will seat.

To this end the invention consists in a rubbei' nipple having a nursing tip,`a breast portion, a retaining band below the breast portion, an intermediate 4weakened portion between breast and band, -such intermediate portionforming an interior bead receiving groove. Tlfe'grc'atest diameter of the'thiek D ened retaining band is preferably no greater than the diameter of the bottle minus its bead, sojtliat the band will tightly hug the bottle and insure a fluid-tight joint. Both breast and tip are reinforced with radial 5` ribs and an annular ring intersects these ribs at substantially the base of the nursu'ig tip. The extreme end ot'tlle tip is made thlnner than the remainder of the tip,that is, it is providedwith a weakened portion, and this por- 0 tion is perforated to. allow the fluid Within the bottle to be removed through the nipple.

j I have illustrated in the accompanying drawing, one embodiment ofmy invention, in which i Figure lis a View of a bottle with the nipple of this invention.

` Fig. 2Lis a sectional elevation of the device of Fig. 1; i

Fig. 3 isa bottom'plan view.

i In these drawings I have shown a nipple to consist of aZ-breast portion 1 having joined thereto by a weakened intermediate portion 2, a thickened retaining band 3. It is to be l noted thatthe band 3 is provided with substantially parallel walls and is of considerable thickness.

A. wide mouth nursing bottle of the ordi-A nary type is shown Iat 4 having a bead 5 surrounding the openy mouth, which bead is i adapted to' seat within the groove 6 formed in the weakened intermediate portion of the nipple.

The greatest width of the retaining .band

3 is preferably no greater. than the diameter ofthe bottle 4 minus its bead, so that when the nipple is in place on the bottle, the band 3 is stretched to considerable extent, thus insui-ing a snug and fluid-tight joint.

The weakened intermediate portion 2, by reason of its thiniess,I takes up any distortion which might result in` stretching the band over the 'bottle mouth and prevents this dis-. tortion from affecting the breast portion l.

A nursing tip 7 rises from the breast p01- tion in the usual manner, and is provided at .f "its extremity' with a weakened section 8, which is perforated at a plurality of places such as 9. These holes allow the niilk or other fluid to be readily withdrawn from the bottle. It has been found that these perforati ons are diiicult to keep open when that' pai't of the nursing tip is of material thickness, but that a weakened portion as shown -can be readily pierced and when so periorated, the holes remain open.v

Interior bracing radial ribs 10 are pro- .vided being' common to both breast portion 1 and nursing tip 7. These ribs comprise thickened portions of rubber and are prefer- I ably diametrically opposed, particularly in the nursing tip. Such an arrangement of ribs.therein'prevents the tip from collapsing and thereby cutting off the flow of milk. The ribs in the breast portion make this part of s the nipple more rigid, and lielp to hold its shape. An interior bracing rib 11 is provided at substantially the juncture of the breast and nursing tip portions, and intersects the bracing ribs 10, that is, the ribs pass through the ring 11.

It is to beV noted that in the form shown theh` ribs 10 terminate in the nursing tip at the weakened portion S, and at their opposite end, short of the weakened intermediate p0rtion 2.'

Having thus described my invention, what AI claim is 1. A nursing nipple for wide mouthed boti bottle vwithout distorting the nipple.

band for application to and removal from the 10 flange, forming' a base ring,

2. The article of claim 1 inwvhich the breast portion is provided with a nursing nipple ot' reduced dimensions and the breast portion-is provided With interior cantilever ribs which extend up into and to the apex of the nursingr nipple.

3. A nursing nipple for Wide mouthed bottles comprising abreast portionI havingat the hase an external relatively wide annular saidl ring being Wide and strong retainingiband connected.

tothe breast portion by a thin elastic web at the bottom of the annular Channel.

'In testimony whereof, I aflix my signature.


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U.S. Classification215/11.1
International ClassificationA61J11/00
Cooperative ClassificationA61J11/0065
European ClassificationA61J11/00S8