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Publication numberUS1683678 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 11, 1928
Filing dateFeb 1, 1927
Priority dateFeb 1, 1927
Publication numberUS 1683678 A, US 1683678A, US-A-1683678, US1683678 A, US1683678A
InventorsHowland Mills Florence, Kitterman Willie B
Original AssigneeHowland Mills Florence, Kitterman Willie B
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Utility bag
US 1683678 A
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Sept. 11, 1928. 1,683,678

W. B. KITTERMAN ETI' AL UTILITY BAG Filed Feb. l, 1927 2 Sheets-Sheet l Sept. 11, 192s.

1,683578 W. B. KITTERMAN ET AL l UTILITY BAG Filed Feb. 1, 1927 2 Sheets-Sheet 2 Y nventom E MME@ K/TrERMA/v.

Patented Sept. `ll, 19248.`




` Application led February This invention relates to utility bags or carrying cases particularly adapted for use by women to carry sewing, toilet articles or to be used in a variety of ways, depending upon the construction thereof. Y

A particular object of our invention is to provide a utility aorded and one which may be compactly folded or drawn together and stored in a minimum of space.

Ak still further object of the invention is to provide a novel construction of bag which can be used as a hanging case or allowed to lie flat. so that its contents will be in full view and readily accessible for use.

A further particular object of the invention is to provide av utility bag of novel construction, which may be modified to serve as a wash clothand soap holding novelty bag or may begadapted for use asa sewing implement container and also as a` receptacle for holding sewing material when the same is not inuse. Y

A still further objectof the invention is to provide a utility bag which can be made of water-proof material, having a fanciful exterior and in which a rigid tray may be placed to shape the bottonrof the same when it is hungup or being carried.

A Suu `further Object 0f the invention is a.

provide a hanging bag for use in travelling which may be suspended by its draw cord but, which, `in its `suspended position may be opened so that access thereto is had for the use of thevarious toilet articles, asrequired.

To enable others skilled in the artz to fully comprehend the underlying features of our` invention that they may embody the same in the various modifications in structure and relation contemplated, a drawing depicting ar preferred form has been annexed as a part of this disclosure and in such drawing, similar reference characters denote corresponding parts throughout all the views, of which,

FigureV lis a view infperspective of a form of bag used to holdsoap and a wash cloth, the

samebeing shown in its ,closed position.

Figure 2 is a view in perspective of the bagv shown in its partly openedkposition.

Figure is a view similar'to Figure 2 but showing the sidelaps of the bag opened and also the wash cloth holdingstrap, whichforms a part of the receptacle, opened so that the wash cloth may be removed from its position.

-Figure 4 isa view in perspective showing thesoap holding receptacle open disclosing bag `to which easy access is 1, 1927. Serial No. 165,197.

the .interior soap holding-tray in posit-ion. Figure 5 isv a top, plan view of the bag, the

-washcloth holding strap being shown closed.

Figure 6 is a sectional view taken on the Y line 6-6 of Figure 5 showing the construction ofthebag.

Figure 7 is a view in perspective of a bag arranged lto hold Vsewing or toilet articles. the same being shown in its position when not in use, and suspended by its draw string.

Figure 8 is a viewfin perspective of the bag as shown in Figure 7, after the end flaps thereof have `been opened.

Figure 9 is a view in perspective showing how the end flaps maybe joined with one of the side flaps to provide a suspended recep -tacle for toilet goods when `the same is des sired to be used when suspended.

Figure l0 is a top, plan view ofthe bag shown in Figure 9, illustrating the shape and arrangementof the end and side flaps and also. of the tray holding casing embodied therein, and i Figure ll .is a sectional view taken on the line 1l-11 of Figure l() showing the construction of the bag.

Referring to the drawings in detail, the bag in general, as used to hold soap and a Awash cloth is indicated `by the `numeral 5 and is cut to provide the side flaps 6 and end flaps 7, iny the latter of which is provided, the draw string holding flutes S .through which pass the draw strings 9. .Themate rial from` which .the bag is made may be of cretonne or some other fancy fabric which forms the outer part thereof, which is suitably lined with rubber or other water-proof material, the two materials being joined by sewing or gluing or in any other satisfactory manner. The outer ends of the side flaps 6 are providedwith the mating members of snap fastenerslO as are also the edgesof the end flapsin their mid port-ion. The4 snapk fasteners` are indicated in this latter instance by the numeral 1l.. At the centerof the bag, we provide a flexible casing l2 which is made from waterproof material rand is secured. at its bottom edge asfatl in` any suitable manner to the bag material 14. Thiscasing is provided at one side with a cover 15 which may be cut integral with the casing 12 or may be secured thereto as cementing and 4may be made of the same water-proof material from which the casing is made. v.This cover l5V is with the strapsl which-carry the mating in any manner, such,

provided onits ends wet, of course. and when vOnce placed into the receptacle 1S ris prevented ,from soiling any other part of the bag'by reason oi the fact Vthat the casing,r 12 and the cover 1,5 are made of wateijfproot material and inorder to liold the cover 15 closed, tlieside llapsti are drawn over,` the receptacle and are held closed lJy thesnapfasl'euers 10 as shown Ain Figure 2, after' which thesnai fasteners 11 may he united, to hold theliag at Yits mid portion closed,y so that the contents thereof cannot fall out and also so that .the Adainpness or drippings' from the wash cloth, cannot leak out nor escape from the closed bhgit of course being understoodthat the draw str in 9 can be tied or otherwise drawn'npon `to close the upper ends of the end flaps 7 to present the appearance, illustrated in Figure 1. c ,4 l Y As will be noted fi'oiuthe foregoing description, the rigid tray member forms the bottom'v of the bag and gives the saune shape when it is held up in suspended position and,`

ein further utilizing. this particular feature.

we have femhodiedin a' bag of slightlydilfel'-, ent construction, but enibodyingj the same principle, a toilet article holdingiyr tray 20, ,as illustrated in Figure 9 which is held in p0- sition `in ythe center ofthe toilet bag 21 or i 23 might be provided with tie pockets'24 or` utility haar; 4als it niightbetter be termed, throughthc,mediumlof a easing 22 similar to that hereinbefore described for holding the soap'tray `butin view of the fact that, withr shghtfmodilications, the tray might be usedl foi-another purpose, we have shown in Figure 7, a. bagfwhijchis arranged to he used as a sewingrfbagr and which consists of the4 tray 20 positioned in a suitable casing 22 which isr secured to the'haginaterial 21 at thecenter the'reofand in position to be overlapped oi" closed-by the side-flaps 23 which mayor may not he providedwith vpockets '24, depending `u on tlieuse to which'vthe bag is ,tobe put.Av

or instance; `inf'the sewin bag, the flaps niight'be used without, so that they could be folded over as shown in Figure 8 to provide a ycoverfor the tray, which would hold the sewing material, such as needles, threads and the. Lilie, 'The flaps 23' provid-ea bottom 'for the bag when' closed `up` in the positlonillustrated inFlgure 7 to li'old the material to be sew'ed u on. In either'event,` thefhag consists ofthe aps 23, havingattheir outer edges vided at each cornelfoll the outer edge ot the the positiionas shown in Figure 8 the snap members 25 will retain them in their closed position. The bagis also provided with end ill-aps 2li wliieh may, ,he eutin any kiamiflll manner and which` in their ends, are provided, as before described, with the draw string flute Il' through which pass the draw stringis 28, rthe flai'is' being provided on their edges, .llt the mid portions` thereof with the snap fasteners 29 and ,ad'acent one side of their outer edge or end willi the snap fastoners 30, ,the purpose of which will behereinafter described. 'In the use of the bag t'ory the holding ofrsewing, the flaps are thrown in and fastened, as shown in Figure 8i and then the snap fasteners 29 are ,secured tobag,r is suspended by the draw strings QS, as

illustrated in Figure 9,"and in order to innintain the bag in Vopen position, as shown iny such illustrat1on,tlie snap fasteners 25 on one, of the flaps 23 are secured to the snap'y fasteners 30 which are incorporated in theend flaps 26. Thisiwill give thcbag the appearance shown in Figure Saud the front portion thereof beingwide open, will allow easy ac cessy to the niaterial heldin' the ytray 2t), as is evident. In the pocketsjQ-l there may be car-w ried an additional envelope 32, if desiued` the pocket flaps 33 beingseeured inclosed position,l through Athe niediumof the snap fasteners 34 provided therein. It4 is evident inY this construction also, that the tray 20 shapes the bottomv of the bag and in fact, forms the bottom thereofnnd', if desired, the bag illustrated in'Fjgure 9 can he suspended in the position sh'own in Figure 7 so thatthe bag may be used tohold toilet articles and sewingat the'saine time, orit may be used for either purpose separately. It is importa1it,'however. thatit be understood that` the bag illustrated in VFigure 8 'may be drawn up tothe position shown in Figure 7 and in Figure 9 with but different fastenings of the snap fasteners 29 andBQand no modification in structureY need be made to adapt the bag'for the or carrying toilet' articles.

It is evident therefore, 4that we have pro` vided animproyedj, utility bag-which may be used as a Vsoap' and' waslreloth-container oi*- onefwhifch may be adaptedilonuse as atraveli case to contain toilet articles or other accese series, also' we have provided ai utilityhagi which, may be used as a beach bag", a sewing bag, a bonden-ease, a laundry-bag, a manicure purpose of carrying sewing bag, a vanity'bag and which can be used in its suspended position or placed upon a support and opened out so that the contents are readily accessible. The `Inaterial from which the bag is made may be rubberized silk, eretonne or any other suitable Water-proof or lasting material, particularly adapted for the purpose for which the bag is to be used, for insta-nce, leather, satin, or silk.

lVhile We have illustrated and described our invention with some degree of particularity, We realize that in practicevarious alterations therein may be Iliade. We therefore reserve the right and privilege of changing the form of the details ofA construction or otherwise altering the arrangement of the correlated parts Without departing from the spirit of the invention or the scope of the appended claims.

Having thus described our invention What we claim as new and desire to secure by United States Letters Patent is 1. A container comprising a piece of material, pairs of oppositely disposed aps formed thereon, a receptacle so positioned on the piece of material that the flaps may be drawn thereover to cover the same, draw strings in one pair of the oppositely disposed flaps for holding the same together, fasteners in the other pair of flaps for holding the same closed, and the dravv strings providing an arrangement whereby the container may be Suspended.

2. A container comprising a pieceof fabric, a casing made of fabric attached to the material at the center thereof, a Iigid tray in said easing, the tray and the casing constituting a bottom for the container, pairs of oppositely disposed flaps formed in the material and arranged to be folded in over the tray to provide a cover therefor, snap fasteners on one pair of saidflaps for fastening the same togetl'ier, and draw strings in the other pair of flaps for drawing the same together.

. 3. container comprising a piece of fabric, a tray holding casing, of fabric disposed at the center thereof, a rigid tray in said easing, end and side flaps formed on said piece, snap fasteners in the side flaps for maintaining the same in'closed position over thetray, snap fasteners in said end flaps and so arranged that when fastened together the end flaps Will be drawn up to form an additional receptacle above said tray and means for drawing the ends of said end flaps together.

4. A container comprising a piece of fabric, a lining of Water-proof material, a tray-holding casing of fabric disposed at the center thereof, a rigid tray in the casing, end and side flaps formed in said piece, snap fasteners in the side flaps for retaining the same in closed position over the tray, snap fasteners in said end flaps so arranged that when fas-V tened together, the end flaps will be drawn up to form an additional receptacle above said tray and draw strings for drawing the ends of said end flaps together, the draw strings serving as a means through which the container may be hung up.

In testimony whereof We aliX our signatures. v


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