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Publication numberUS1684347 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 11, 1928
Filing dateApr 9, 1927
Priority dateApr 9, 1927
Publication numberUS 1684347 A, US 1684347A, US-A-1684347, US1684347 A, US1684347A
InventorsAdna S Dobbs
Original AssigneeAdna S Dobbs
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US 1684347 A
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Sept. 11, 1928. 1,684,347

A. 5. DOBBS HOLDER Filed April 1927 INVENTOR BY M ATTORNEY a UNITED STATES Patented Sept. 11, 1928.


HOLDER Application filedApril 9,

This invention relates to holders, and has especial reference to quick attachable and detachable holders for 'ad-iustab'ly "holding flashlights, and other closely analogous articles.

The principal object of the present invention isthe provision of a holder of the indicated character which will embody improved features of construction rendering the holder more serviceable and of greater.

adjustability. V

The nature of the invention and its distinguishing features and advantages will appear when the following specification is read in connection with the accompanying drawing, in which Figure 1 is an elevation of a holder embodying the present invention, the holder being shown attached to a suitable support and illustrating a flashlight in place in the clamp of the holder, the flashlight being shown in dot and dash lines.

Fig. 2 is a side elevation of the holder.

Fig. 3 is an end elevation of the holder.

The holder of the present invention is designed for supporting a flashlight or closely analogous device from a suitable support, in a manner to allow the flashlight to be moved to different positions so that the light rays may be directed to different points as may be desired. It is to be understood, however, that other uses may be found to which the holder may be put, even though the holder is described hereinafter in conmotion with a flashlight.

The holder of the present invention includes a pair of clamping members and 11. The clamping member 10 has spaced apertured lugs12, a manipulating portion 13, at one end and the opposite end thereof has pivotally connected therewith, as at 14 a circular plate 15 to which is secured a suitable pad 16 of felt or leather. The clamping member 1]. has apertured lugs 17, a manipulating portion 18 at one end, a plate 19 at the opposite end to which is secured a suitable pad 20 similar in size and shape to the pad 16 of the clamping member 10. The clamping members 10 and 11 are connected together for pivotal movement to cooperate with each other to set up clamping action. This is accomplished by bringing the lugs 12 and 17 of the members 10 and 11 together so that the apertures therein are in axial alignment A pivot bolt 21 is extended through'the lugs 12 and 17 by vir- 1927. seriai'ne is'aesv. I

tire of the apertures therein. Suitable :nuts 1 '22 hold-the bolt 21 in place. A-spring123' is employed; The sprin 23 is formed from a single piece of material which is bent-upon itself to form loops 2 1 which surround the bolt 21 and portions 25 and 26, which respectively bear on the manipulating portions 13 and 18. The spring 23 has a normal tendency to move the ends of the members 10 and 11 having the pads toward each other other, and allow the ends to be separated so that the holder may be readily at tached. The holder. also includes a clamp 27. The said clamp 27 is stamped, bent and formed from a single piece of spring metal to provide a flexible body 28, lips 29 and apertured lugs 30 on the body 28. Use is made of a connector 31 for eflecting the connection ofthe clamp 27 with the clamprng members 10 and 11. The connector 31 1S Ll-shaped to provide spaced apertured portions 32 and an apertured connecting portion 33. The connector 31 has pivotal connectionwith the pivot bolt 21 which extends through the apertured portion 33 of the connector, and the portions 32 are connected with the'lugs 30 of the clamp 27 by virtue of a pivot bolt 34 which extends through the apertures respectively in the portions 32 and lugs 30. It should now be obvious that the clamp 27 is permitted to have universal movement with respect" to the clamping members 10 and 11.

To use the holder, it is simply necessary to snap the clamo 27 in place over the barrel of the flashlight indicated at 35 in dot and PTJENT- orr1 1C151,

dash lines. The holder may then be readily attached to a suitable'support, such as the one indicated at 36. This is accomplished by manipulating the portions 13 and 18 of the clam ing members 10 and 11 against the action of the spring 23 which will cause 1. A holder comprising a pair of spring I actuated clamping members, a pivot connecting said clamping members together for coaction, a'clamp, and means between the pivotand the clamp allowing the clamp to 3. A holder comprising a clamping element having lugs, companion spring actuated clamping members, a pivot connecting said clamping members together for coaction, a U-shaped element rotatable on said pivot, and a second pivot connecting the U-shaped element with the lugs on said clamping element, the pivotal connections permitting the clamping element tohave universal movement with respect to the clamping members.


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