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Publication numberUS1684685 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 18, 1928
Filing dateJan 6, 1925
Priority dateJan 6, 1925
Publication numberUS 1684685 A, US 1684685A, US-A-1684685, US1684685 A, US1684685A
InventorsRecords Elmer H
Original AssigneeRecords Elmer H
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Liquid fuel
US 1684685 A
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Patented. Sept. 1 8, 1928.


. mourn FUEL.

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My present invention relates to an improvedliquid fuel for use as a motive fluid or source of power in internal combustion engines for automotive vehicles. The pri mary object of the invention is the provlsion of a fuel containing-alcohol as a base or carrier and ingredients blended therew th for the purpose of increasing the explos1ve power of the fuel charge and at the same time reduce the cost of production of the liqIuid fuel.

n carrying out my invention I produce a highly combustible liquid mixture for a fuel which maintains itself in'a non-separable permanent, non-stratifying and stable liqui solution, ready at all times for use.

The fuel is highly Volatile and easily carbureted in standard carbureting' systems of internal combustion engines, and possesses an exceedingly high and quick explosive power at a comparatively low tem'peraturelower than that usually required for gasoline and other liquid fuels.

By exploding the fuel charge at a materially lower temperature than that of such a fuel as gasoline, the engine is subjected to a lower degree of heat generated by the explosions in the cylinders of the motor, thus operating the engine under more favorable conditions for the necessary efficiency.

In the accompanying specification and claim- I -have set forth an example of the chemical formula of the fuel composition of my invention wherein a-base of low proof alcohol is used and the'necessary ingredients chemically combined and blended therewith.

I have found by actual tests and practical and extended use that the following formula provides an excellent fuel. for the purpose:

, Per cent. A1C0hOl Benzol 18 Ether ;...v 5 Naphthol 2. Oxygen (ozone or h drogen peroxide) 1. 50 Sodium hydroxide -L 1.00

These componentparts in the proportions indicated by volume are thoroughly commingled,'blended and mixed in suitable vessels to form asoluble mixture which provides a liquid fuel of high carbon content Application filed January 6, 1925. Serial No. 878.

that possesses a quick explosive power and. ready flash point with a low burning point.

Oxygen used in the mixture, ozone or hydrogen peroxide, when released. under combustion, sup-plies an added factor or fresh substance for consumption under expanding conditionsof the fuel charge in the cylinder, to increase the power of the explosion. in the engine.

he useof the sodium hydroxide in the mixture renders it of an alkaline nature possessing the property of preventing rust and at the same time assisting in the lubricating factors of the fuel. The anti-rust feature of the mixture prolongs the durability of the tanks and pipes in the fuel feeding system by eliminating possibility of rust therein.

In the preferred form or method of manufacturing the liquid fuel I find it desirable that a fractionating still be used for the alcohol, in order that ethyl ether which may be drawn off with facility, may be collected and later used as a distillate by adding to the mixture. I find by actual practice that fermented mash accruing in the manufacture of alcohol contains approximately 16% alcohol, also contains consider.- able ethyl ether.

Of this recovery throughthe fractionating still, a sufiicient quantity-of ether will be on hand at all times in the manufacture of alcohol, for providing a source of supply of ether for the fuel. The production of this ethyl ether is thus'comparatively inexpensive, and its use fills the requirements of, and at the same time eliminates the necessity for a larger quantity of the more expensive benzol. In some instances ethyl ether recovered in the distillation of alcohol with sulphuric acid may be used.

In actual practice and by extended use I have demonstrated that a liquid fuel solution made according to this formula, when used in an internalcombustion engine, gives an increased power and mileage in volume of fluid, to a material degree, over that of gasoline as a fuel. Under these conditions I have found that the heat generated'by'combustion is greatly reduced, and consequently the engine structure is subjected to aless degree of heat than is usual in gasoline en-.

gines, and the motor is thus permitted to operate under more favorable conditions and with greater efliciency. While running under these more favorable conditions the necessity for cooling mediums for the engine is lessened to a considerable degree.

The liquid fuel thus produced, I find is superior in many respects to gasoline; the fuel may be economically produced, and is free from most objectionable features inherent in fuel mixtures heretofore used as substitutes for gasoline as a liquid fuel.

Having thus fully-described my, invention what I claim as new and desire to secure by Letters Patent is:

A fuel comprising by volume Percent. Alcohol 72 Benzol l8 Ether 5 Naphthol 2. 5O 20 Hydrogen peroxide 1. 50 Sodium hydroxide 1. 00

In testimony whereof I afiix my signature.


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U.S. Classification44/322, 44/446
International ClassificationC10L1/00, C10L1/02
Cooperative ClassificationC10L1/02
European ClassificationC10L1/02