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Publication numberUS1685080 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 25, 1928
Filing dateSep 30, 1927
Priority dateSep 30, 1927
Publication numberUS 1685080 A, US 1685080A, US-A-1685080, US1685080 A, US1685080A
InventorsAuchincloss William K
Original AssigneeAmerican Car & Foundry Co
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Placard and holder therefor
US 1685080 A
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Sept. 25, 1928.


UNI ED stare-earner cri ics. 1



Application filed September30, 1927.. Serial No. 223,064.

Reference is had to the accompanying draw1ngs,wh1ch lllustrate the preferred form of the invention, though it is to be understood that the invention is not limited to the exact details of construction shown and described,

as it is obviousthat various modifications.

' thereof Within the scope of the claims will occur to persons skilled in the art;

In said drawings: 1 Figure l is a front elevationof the device; Fig. 2 is a side elevation of the device; Fig. 3 is a sectional View on the line 33 of ig. 1, the placard being indicated in raised position; v

Fig. 4 is a, frontelevation of the devlce, with the placard in position over the lower 7 half of the placard board; and

Fig. 5 is a sectional View on the line 5-5 of Fig. 4;

This invention relates to placards and holders therefor, particularly adapted for use with tank cars employed for transporting in flammable fluid. such as gasoline or the'like.

One object of the invention is toprovide a holder of strong and durable construct-ion which supports a placard, thelatter being'so arranged as to be capable of easy reversal so that either face thereof may be exposed whereby to provide a plurality of. warnings, either of which may be exposed to view as desired. V

A further object of the invention is to provide a placard having means thereon for retaining the'same in warning exposing position on the placard holder.

Another object of the invention is to pro vide a placard holder having means for re taining a placard in warning exposing position. 1

Other objects and 'a'dvantagesof this invention will be apparentrfrom the follow ng description taken with the accompanying drawings, in which the placard holder is I shown as comprising a bracket having a main upstanding portion 2, an attaching base 4 formed integral with the main portion '2 for securing the bracket to a'support indicated at 5, and an upper flanged end 6 bifurcated to provide upwardly flared spaced supporting ears 8. j

The ears 8 are adapted to receive between them a screw bolt 10 the lower end of which is preferably enlarged or spread as shown at l] and is secured to one corner of a placard board 12 as by being weldedthereto. I The belt 10 carries a retaining nut'ld for securing swivel connector 16, the latter including a loop 18 which is connected to an eye bolt 20 secured to the-base 4L. 7

From the above description, it is apparentthat the board 12 is rigidly and securely sup ported between the base 4 and the flangefi and adjustment of nut 14 will tensionthe board, but it Wlll be evident that the nut 14 be backed up on thebolt to permit release of the I board 12 or a reversal thereof in the bracket.

In carrying out this invention, a placard 21 is provided which is substantially of t1'i angular form, the same, being provided, with elongated slots 22 adj acent the corners of the base thereof. These corners are preferably. reinfor'cedby plates 24 as shown. The placard is h-in-gedly connected to the board 12 by meansof the U-shaped members 26 secured to the board in any suitable manneras by being welded thereto as shown at 28, t'o permit the placard to be'positioned so as to cover the desired.

The lower portionof the board 12 is provided with opposed retainers in the form of substantially U-shaped clips securedto the rear face of theboard and extending around the edgethereof andfover the front face-in spacedrelation to the in Figs. and 5'.

The placard 21, adjacent the apex thereof,

is provided with ,opposedretainers- 32 inthe .upper or lower portion of the board 12 ,as

latter, as clearly shown form of clips similar to the clips. 30, the ie I tainers beingsecured to one face of said plac ard and extending around the edge thereof and over-the opposite face. 1

The board :12. has suitable warnings or notices thereon .andsuch warnings or notices are preferably} painted on said board on: both L the upper and lower sections thereof. The

placard 21 likewise has warnings on each face thereof."

the tank is empty the placard: sh

to be in the position shown in Fig. 1, when ald be so arranged as to expose 'a notice to hit efiect. In the instance shown, the placard exposes,

the warning Full tank car when the placard is o'ver the upper port-ion'of'the board 12, and the loiver'port'ion' of the board eiipo's'es'tlie he tice Keep lights and firesaway ;.there fo re the placard should be swung on its hinges to cover the lower portion of the board when the tank isempty whereby to expose the warn- 'ings Empty tank car which appea'rs on the upper portion of the board'and inflammable vapor whichappears on'the other face of the board. The arrangement of thewa'rnings or notices is, of course, arbitrary and any suitable or desirable arrangement may be adopted. '7 H v To effect-the changejust specified-fireplacard21 is raised a sufficient distanc'e'to permit the-clips 32 to be disengaged. on the lipper edges of theboard, the slots'22'allowing for such movement whereupon the plae'ard' may beswung on its hinges over the-lower tion of the boardwith theedges retained the clips as clearly shown inFig. '5. Tn replacin the placard to cover the-upper-portionof-t e boardlQ, the placard islifted to cured to the braekeamea'ns on the boar enj ging theears for detachablycennectirrg the ard to engagethe board to secure the placard an npiight-portion, an attaching portion to prmit'the same to clearthe clips 30land then swung-to the position sh0wn-in'Fig.f3 when it can lie-dropped, the clips engagingthe board 12 as 'willbe'obvious. s

What is claimed'is:; I

I. device of'the kind described compris ing a bracket having ah attaching portion an-djspaced ears, a placard board swivell seard to said ears, placardhingedly secured to "the board and of StlCh size asto cover only a portionoftheboard, and clips on the'pla'cagainst' theboardQ v 2. In a device of 'the kind described'colnprising a placard board and'a: placard secured theretma holder comprising abracket having whichtheplacard board'is secured, and a bi-' bo'ard'is detachably engaged.

furcated upperen'd with whi'ch the placard 3. 'A deviceof the kind describedcom-l prising a bracket having an attaching portion an'dspaced 'su porting ears, a placard board pivotallyconnected to the attaching portion, meanson the pl'acar'd board for releasably en gaging the'supporting ears to mount the placard board, a placard hingedly seciired'tofthe placard board, and mean'sf on the placard-for engagingthe placard board to retain'theplaemiin position on said board, said placard j "being -ca'p'able of vertical movement with respect to the board whereby to permit the retaining means to engage the board 4. A device of the kind described com prising a supporting element, a placard board secured to the supporting element and releasable'to perniit ieveis'al'thereoi with respect to said el'enient, a j placard 'liin'gedly secured to the placard board and capable of vertical movement with respect thereto, retaining ps on h p acardior engaging the placard. to :secure the placardboard to the board in a position to cover a portion of the board and expose a warning on the exposed portion of theboard and placard, and retaining c lips' on the'board to secure the placar'd to said board tb cover the. other portion ofthe board and expose awarning on the opposite side of'the placard. I V I 5. A device of the ,l'rindvdescribed comprising a bracket, a placard board, swivel means permanently connecting said placard boardto thebr'acket at the lower end oft-lie latter, illldtIClJllSttLblG means secur'edto. the placa-rdlboardand releasably engaging the bracket for securing the placard board; tot-he uponvrelease, or looseningof bracket whereby said means," said placard board maybe turned on the swivel to reverse .thesame with respect to the bracket.

6. In a device of the kind described 'a" ing theplacard board at the upper portion thereof to secure the placard to the board in another position. 7 1

7. In a device of the kind described a bracket, a placard'board permanently and pivotally attached to the base thereof, ad-

justable means for releasably securing the board to the I upper portion-of the bracket whereby to'tensionsaid board, andra placard hingedlysecured: to the board, 8. A device of the kind described comprismg a support, aplacard board'permanently ancl'pivotally securedat itslower end to the lower end of the support, and means atthe upper end of theplacardboard for engaging the upper end "of'the support to secure the board to the stip )ort,'saidmeans being ad jus't'able whereby to permit reversal .ofth'e 1y said' placardboard and to tension the'latter.

v In witness whereof- I havehereuntoset my hand. 7 V 1 4 WILLIAM K. AUOHINGLOSS.

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U.S. Classification40/588
International ClassificationB60R13/00, G09F7/00, B60R13/10
Cooperative ClassificationB60R13/105, G09F7/00
European ClassificationB60R13/10B, G09F7/00