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Publication numberUS1685124 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 25, 1928
Filing dateJul 21, 1925
Priority dateJul 21, 1925
Publication numberUS 1685124 A, US 1685124A, US-A-1685124, US1685124 A, US1685124A
InventorsConstantine Alphonse A
Original AssigneeAmerican Car & Foundry Co
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Holding-means for car-vestibule trapdoors
US 1685124 A
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Description  (OCR text may contain errors)

vSept. 25, 1928.

. I A. A. coNsTANTlNE HOLDING MEANS FORl CAR vEsTIB-ULE TRAP DooRs Filed July 21,l 1925.

Patented Sept. 25, 1928.



App1imimniedfn1y;21, 1925,v @nahmen-.091i

Reference is had to 'the-accompanying drewy` ingsg `Which illustra-tei theipreferred that. .the invention isynot .1 limitedf to" the .exact detail sof; constisuctionzshowngand: desoribed asi. iti: is-y obvious that; variousgmodicetiens thereof Within the scope;y ofthegY claimsl will occur to pensons .skillediinfthe:fait.l

In vseid:drawings:

, Fig.u1 isza partial verticailsection of a., ce1` vestibule showing ztitrapidoorgand nmeans fore holding"-theA4 door. in; open;` position ,f conf structed in accordancefwithithisinvention, the door. being shoivnxin; full.'v lines in open posi-l tion;

Y Fig.;v.e1ftieal sectionfoflthe doonholdf ingfmeans on Fig; 1 taken on dine 2f-2 of Fig.

` 3;.'ancbs-l1owingithe holding;V means indoor `releasing position;

Fig: Sois a horizontal section taken. on the lineefio-Figgand Eig.. 4e is View; simile-n to Fig; 2 showing the; holding means inf` the dooryholding; posi.- tioni.

Thi'slinvention. relatestb agholding.; means 'onthetrapd'oorsmfgcafr vestihules endgit is am object of :this invention-,topiovide .an im.,-

' povedf'means Ifor: holding caga; vestibulegtrep doors.' inetlie l openposition.; It, .isalsofanbj ectv off this/ inventionf .tot provide; a-,holding means of? the` kind: described` having-r nieve,r`

y i actuated? byfthe. v. doorftzo set tlledoorfy .holding means in. door. holding-1ppsitionfendfoperated to force the doors f omithe 'held-.plsition when the dool` holdingfmeans isdisengegedfnom thedooiz' Y l In the drawings.thefimproveddoon holding means; 1f is shownx secured to kan end-wal1-2 of a can-to hold inY the open-g position e vestibule trap doei` f4; which is. pigvotellly. Inounted'on` e. dool` operating; mechanism fvsueh esisshown and describediin my co-pending application, Seriali No'. 45:,092iileddu1y. 21', 19255 the door )fleeing` held: in- 'closed position-- as. shown in dotted lines in Fig.. 1 by a door locking'mech'- anism 6i suchi as vis shown and described in my co'pendingapplicationgaSeniaLNo. 45;()90 il'edfJu'ly'21f, 11925'. l

The. door holding meehafni-sm, 1 comprises 3? casing] or llonsinge,ray having:- spacedmzmallel sides Tend 8 lan'gedt'o receivesecnring 'means 9 y' which hold the housing to: the-V endr Wall* 2. The: side-r Wallsf' 'andi 8 are joinedz athefOp formi: of Y theV invention, though it: is"l tobe; .understood by v:1i-top -wallilc .end by., a curved-damwand?. projecting frontwvall 1}1 Mountedii Y. Y side W-alls'fllld sl'i@pin-12` onfwhiehlis; f plvotally mounted a lever Y13 comprising spaced l side members `14haal-,itxwilggointvedfslots liendoomed together- 5911i@arp f 1stnn--Orffhrr lengthrbvxthe-wellleihevneiaapnoiectien-{On "0 withthezbnterm2911i @.Cletent lever oiflat'eh- 2112 Whichils fpivptelly mounted 3 on; the M1122; carried by the sidewalls? 2.11d,8. .'Ihe,tieten-1 leven21 Ais. providedAvvith,ie hookfsheped erm G5 2.31W'hieh .engages ftheoiiter. endj-24,of.the;doo11 4; with enain; `25 .Whichfis engegedgbv, e shoulder; S26-,Qn auf Operating level" niv@` otaqlly'. mountedbnpimZ; carriedfbythe side vvdl'ls#v and 8," The ope'latinggleveriW-pro; 70 l jects throng/1thV an opening 29 in 'the.,top fwayll; 10. '1 and; has :lts pmi eetngf-endl formed'sffan OReretmgihandle 30; Securedwwne ncLQf thejbentrm 2,0v of, thedetent, lever is .one end 0f.thefspnng';lwllihwhesiits Otheriend "5 oennec-,tedi to e lue: 32. formed 'liliaeggn'l,y with 1 the leven 27- ainditsf-inte1imedetr prtico. is caught by the/@M133 formednteenal with thedoor opemtedleveliL3. Whilethe-Speing 31 A1s shown as a single springconnectedfto 30 the three levers it Willef.Golllsevbetundersteod that 'Separate :Springszcenneetngfthe. @111.20 endlevn ZT/.Wtlhtheermmfybe seeds Witlifthe'fdoor holdingfmeehanlsmin,door released position,y as.' shovvni in Figz 2, the 85 doonwhen raised Willrengegethedever 13 forcing. beck the level; 13.1- a;ffiinst` the, ten: sion1 ofv thespE ingyl,y which ,isincreasexdgaslthe lever 13 is. forcedQ becls.l Asfthe lever 1 3. is' forcedback; nth -i slo tsl liengege A,th'pllf22 and 90 pro] ecuion. 1-7 contactswithihe .bentrmZOfof theideent leven Zlorinsthe door engegilg hook o.`v detentleve1; 21tdovvnwardly fnnthen inc retsingi the tension oflthe; portion Bsoithe Spring-Blfbtwveenfthe armiend thenrmf as the swung upvveidly.

the hook; 23., is. swung; downyvmdly, in en'- gagement, with. theedge 24 ofthe door. .the

yarm 25 Will move past the Ashoulder 2,6 and. l y Shvl'ldelfy 2,6 willv be. 'dsawn into engagement 10 and secure the detent lever 21 in the door holding position, the parts then being as shoWnin-Figll., 'n j`V Tov release the door the handle 30 is oper- 5 ated to Withdraw the shoulder 26 from be- .Y-neatllaiahep arm :25,111.11-` operation which increasesthe' tensionef the portion 36 lof the spring. lVith the shoulder 26 Withdrawn from beneath the arm 25V ofthe detent lever l 21, the portion 35 of the spring 3l will operate the det-ent lever 21 to Withdraw the door engaging hook- 23 from the end 24 of thev dor whereupon the arm 13 will be actuated ing means, alocking means for'said door holdby theltension of both portionsV 35 and 36 of Y L thespringl force the top of the door outward f What is claimed is: y e "-1. In a; door-.holding device, a door hold- 2 0 ing means, a dooroperated means for actuat- ,E ing and dooroperated means.

ing'said door holding means to'holding position and yieldingmeans connecting said lockf 2.' In a doorjholding device, a door holdin e 26' ii'ieans,f a locking" means for said door holdingm'ela'nsgfa doorjoperatedmeans for operatingsail doorl holding means to .holding posi- 'e tion and yielding means connecting said door 'operated' means tosaid door vholding andlock- 30 ing means.

.35 and.' yielding means connecting said door op-l 3. In' a Vdoor fholdingdevice, a door holding means, a locking means for said door holding means, a door operated means for operating vsaid door holding means to holding position erated'and locking means and placed under means.l l 40 "4. In'a'door holding increasedjtension bythe operation ofy said locking'mean's to release said door holding device, a door holding means", alocking means forsaid door holding e means adoor operated means for operatingv said diiorl holding means to holding osition and yielding means connecting said oor oprr eratedgand'door holding` means and placed under'inc'reased tension by the` operatlon'of said ldoorfholding cans tol door holding position by said door operated' means.

f 5.111 a'door holding device, a door holding y 50 means, a looking means for said door holding means, 'af door operated means for operating said door holding meansmto engagement with saidlockingmeans and yielding means 'connecting said door operated yandl Y locking 55. means'placedunder'increased tension upon the 'opa'rationfl of, said door *holding means to door position Ysaid `door operated means;

f nf a door' holding device," a door mining means,"allocking means for said door holding means, a 'door operated means for operating saidfdoor holding means for engagement lby i l`aaidlockiri'gmeans: and yielding means conlnectlngfsaid door operated means and said 35' door'holding-and locking means placed under increased tension upon the operation of said door holding means by said .door operated means. j L

7. In a door holding device, a door holding means, means for locking said door holding means in door holding position, door actuated Ymeans for shifting said door holding means to door holdingA position, and meansco'nnectving said locking-means and said door actuated means and operating said locking means to locking position.-

8. In a door holding device, a door holding means, means ,for locking vsaid door holding means in door holding position, door actuated vmeans for shifting said door-'holding-means to door holding position and means connecting K means, means for locking said door holding means vin doorjholding position and means resiliently connected With'the locking meansy for operating said door upon release ofsaid holding means. --11. vIn a door ing means, means for locking said door holding means indoor holding position and means voperating said door upon release of said hold'- said-locking and door operating means.

12..InY a pivoted closure'holdingidevice, a pivoted closure engaging element arranged to engage the free end of the closure when in open position, a latch c'o-acting With-the piv- I 'said door actuated means and door holding means and operating'said door holding means holdingfdevice, a door hold.V l y ing means. and a yielding connection betweenV oted,- element in holding'they closure in open positionl and 'manually operablef to permit the Vclosure to swingto closed position,and

means arranged in the path of movement of the closure'for re-setting the andfactuated bv the closure. r'

pivoted element 13. A door 'holding device comprising a casing, cooperating oppositely movable door engaging elements pivotally supported in the casing, a positive manually operable latch for retaining such 'pivoted elements in operative Y engagement'with 'a door,y such-'pivoted elements being arranged so that one of them will be contacted bythe door and move thev other into engagement With-the oppositeA face'of the 14. In a-pivoted doory holder, a support, a i

A"pair of oppositely movable door engaging elements carried bythe support and arranged `to-engagefthe opposite-faces of they door incident to the opening movement of the-latter,

and latch meansfor retaining 'themovable elements in active engagement With the door.

n 15. In ak pivotedldoor holder-', fa support, a

l pair of oppositely movable door engaging ele of the latch means from the movable elements.

16. In a door holder, a support tobe a-rranged at a point adjacent Vthe upper end o a door hinged to swing about a horizontal axis, a resiliently urged pivoted element attached to the support and adapted to be engaged by the door when swung to a vertical position and to exert an outward thrust thereon, a movable door retaining element carried by the support and adaptedto normally engage the door, and a latch normally engaging the movable door retaining element to retain the door in a vertical position which upon being rendered inoperative permits actuation of the i'esiliently urged element to start the door in its closing operation.

17. In combination, a casing, a pivoted lever mounted thereon to swing about an axis parallel to the axis of a hinged member to be held, an abutment pivoted in the casing and normally occupying a position to engage one face of the hinged member, a latch element pivoted to the casing and' normally holding the pivoted lever in a position to engage the hinged member, and a contractile spring ,operatively engaging the abutment,

pivoted lever and latch element to urge the same to active position.

18.- In a device of the kind described, a door holding means,` means for locking Vsaid door holding means and means vresili'ently connected to said door holding means and the locking means for operating the door upon release of the locking means.

19. In a device of the kind describedra door holding means, door actuated means for shifting said door holding means to door holding position, means for locking said door holding means in door holding position, and yielding means connecting'said'door holding means, locking means and door actuated means whereby upon release of the locking means said door actuated means releases said door holding means and operates the door. 20. In a device of the kindv described, a

door holding means, door actuated means fork shifting said door holding means to door holding position, .means'for locking said door Aholding means in door holding position,

yielding means connecting said door holding means and said locking means to said doory actuated means whereby upon release of the;

locking means said dooractuated means releases said door holding means and operates the door. Y

In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand. f *Y ALPHONSE A. coNsTANTiNE.' f

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