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Publication numberUS1685222 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 25, 1928
Filing dateAug 16, 1924
Priority dateAug 16, 1924
Publication numberUS 1685222 A, US 1685222A, US-A-1685222, US1685222 A, US1685222A
InventorsEdgar Blackman Albert
Original AssigneeEdgar Blackman Albert
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Mail box
US 1685222 A
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Sept. 25A, 1928.

A. E. BLACKMAN MAIL BOX Filed' Aug. 16, 1924 Snom/woz @Mfg/7W Maw.

Patented Sept. 25, 1928.;

.narran sra'ras en ALBERT EDGAR'BLACKMAN, ori/room vennen, NEW YORK.v

MAI; Box;

Application filed August 16, 19,724. VSerial 110,732,515. vv

The invention is a mail-box made up of a series of individual compartments yor units, each compartment havingrtxvo doors, one for the use of the 'the mail and the other for the us'evof the individual to Whom the lcompartment is assigned. The postmans doors, for the series of compartments, are' united to each other ina suitable manner so that one lock Will lock all of'his doors and be moved'together.

A particular object of the present invention is to simplify the construction of the various parts'Of the box and to facilitate their assembly. Instead ofusing the ordi-j nary two leaf hinge for the doo'rsthey are` provided with a pintle rigidly fastenedffto CAD them. The pintle is provided With ends projecting beyond the door. ,When the'boX is folded andassembled these ends are engaged in suitablev notches which act as bear` ings in which the doorfcani rotate. 'Ihe sheet metal of the box isso'cut and provided With projections that the bending and Welding together of its parts is simplified.

Theabove and other object-sand advan 'tages will become apparent upon a :studyof the description and drawing inwhich Figure 1 is a front elevation of the box; Figure 2 is a broken section taken'along the line 2*2 of Figure 1; Figure 3 is a broken section taken above the rline 3`3 ofFigure 1; Figure 4 isa lhorizontal section taken through the left hand compartment of Figv ure 1 below'the pintle ofthe lowerfdoor and shows an alternative method of' fastening the backing-'plate to the Wall-plateyFigure Sis a development of a corner-of the .sheet vmetal backing-plate forming the rear ofa compartment; Figure 6 shows any alternative Way of fastening the pintle to the doorby Y .instead of weld-ing pintles .19l to doors 20 means of a bracket, and Figure 7 is a section along the line 7-7 of Figure 6.

j The box comprises va Wall-member'composed of Wall-plates 8 of ksheet metal, each wall-plate having fastened to it a bent up backing-plate 9, one Wall-plate 8 and plate 9y for each compartment 10,` the drawing showing three of them. A developed corner ofone vof these backing plates 9v is shown in Figure 5,- the other three corners being similar. `Flap 11 is bent-along line 16 at right angles to the main portion of plate 9. Flap 12vis bent along line 17, also at right angles to the mainportion of plate 9, Lap 14 is bent atk right angles to flap postman for depositing 'they can ally longer than the Width of the 'side of iiap'11. rIhere being four jjections'and tWo flaps each, 11 and 12,-` a

' sided 'box with Wall-plateS,

11 alongthe dotted line. In a similar manner lap 13 is bent at right angles to fla-p A12. Projection 15 Vis bent at right angles also to flap k12. 'When thevvarious flapsand 60- other partshave beenbent into position, project-ion 15 comes down over the outside 'of flapll and parallel thereto. Notch 18 is provided to act as a bearing for one end of 'pintle 19 when the compartments and doors 20 and 21 are assembled as will be eX- plained. VEach door 20`and 21 has a pintle y 19 spot-Welded to it and as said -pintles arey Vddoors, their j vends project beyond the'side of the doors.

Projection 15 is spot-welded to the'outsuch pro- L rectangular box isfthus formed open on one side. `This open-sided box is now in my preferred form, spot-welded along lapsv 13 and 14 to` Wall-plate 8`,opposite the openings for jdoors 20 and4 21. Before the spot- Welding and bringing together of the open-` the projecting S0 ends of pintles 19 of doors 20fanol 21LvvereV slipped into place in notches 18.

Each door 21 is provided With a lock 22 at its Vlovver end, the left hand lock 22 only being shown somewhat inv detail. To the Vupper end of each door'21 a pintle 191 is fastened, preferably Welded, the one for the.' left hand door only, being shown. The doors l2O are rigidly fastened toa cross bar 24. Each door 20 isV provided 'with a pintle 19, preferably Welded to its loWer edge, the pintle 19 for the left hand door 2O only loeingshown. The rcenter door 2O isvprovided With'a lock 25. Y. l 1

Instead of spot-welding backing platesv tojWallv-plate 8, they can be riveted` to `it' as shown by rivets`26 in Figure 4. Also and 21 directly,they can be held tothem by means o f a ynumber of brackets l 27 Which are Welded tothe doors, one of these brackets 27 being shown in Figures 6 and of Vthe compartments each Witha different' .i Y key opens his lock 22 and removes his mail. 110

I Vclaimsj 1. In a mail box, a compartment cons1st-l Y ing of a wall-plate,

Y so' rigidly secured ing of a wall-plate having a pair'of openings one above the other, an open-ended box against said Wall-plate in register with said pair of openingsand doors for said openings carrying lateral projections near their ends adapted to act as said open-ended box being provided pivots,

into which,

with notches along its free edges,

said lateral projections are inserted before saidv box is fastenedto the Wall plate. 2. In a mail box, a compartment consisty an open-ended box adapted to be rigidly fastened to the wallplate,v a door for said wall plate, consisting of a sheet of metal plate with a rod fastened to it, said rod projecting beyond the sides of the door, said open-ended box being provided'with notchesV in its free edges into which the projecting ends, of said rod arelinserted before said box is fastened to the 'said means'movingbodily away fromf the rcompartment with the master door sections,

when the master door is opened, one of said master door sections beingprovided ywith means for attachinga master door lock.

V4. A mail box` provided with a plurality of mail receiving compartments, each having two separate, openings in its front wall, an

4individual door Vfor the removal of mail, for

vclosing one of said door openings of each compartment, ka lock for each o f said individual doors, each of said compartments being provided with a'master door section for closing the other of said door openings,

j andl a part extending across yportions ,of each of said masterV door f sections and being rigid ly and permanently I connected thereto provided of mail receiving to form a master door `moving as a unit, said partmoving bodily away'from the compartment with the master door sections, when the master door is opened,A one of said master door sections being-provided with means for attaching a master lock thereto, said master door sections tending to remain 4in open position when opened.

5. A mail box provided with a plurality 'of mail receiving compartments,v each having an opening in thelowerl portion of its face vfor the removal of mail and a separate opening of substantially the same area located the insertionA of mail, an individual .door with an individual lock for closing each of said lower openings, a master door sectionfor closing each'of' said upper openings, said sections hinged adjacent their lower edges and opening outwardly and a bar rigidly secured to andvconnecting all of saidv master door sections.

above the` first mentionedV opening for Y 6. A mail box provided'Wit-h a plurality" compartments, each provided with an aperture in its front wall for the insertion of mail, a master door section for closing leach of said` apertures and hinged, ,and` a connect-ing bar extending across all ofthe master door sections and,

rigidly united to each to form a master door, said. connecting bar movc ble bodily away,y from the compartment with the-master door sections, when the master Adoor'is opened, one of said masterv door sections beingA provided with means for attaching a master lock thereto, and each of said compartments beingprovided with independent means in its front wall for withdrawing the mailE deposited therein.

'I'.v Ina Vmail box the combination, with a plurality of units each comprising a recept-acle,havingl a face plate, provided With an individual door and armaster door section located above the individual door, of means for permanently uniting a plurality ofl said units', and a connecting bar permanently and rigidly uniting the master door sections of the connected units for oint operation.


U.S. Classification232/25
International ClassificationA47G29/00, A47G29/12
Cooperative ClassificationA47G29/1201
European ClassificationA47G29/12M