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Publication numberUS1685380 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 25, 1928
Filing dateSep 9, 1926
Priority dateSep 9, 1926
Publication numberUS 1685380 A, US 1685380A, US-A-1685380, US1685380 A, US1685380A
InventorsLlewellyn B Shultz
Original AssigneePilley Packing & Flue Brush Mf
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Scraping tool
US 1685380 A
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lSept 25, 192s.

1,685,380 L. B. SHULTZ SCRAPING TOOL Filed Sept. 9, 1926 Parental sept. 25, 192s.




v'immanente Toon-,1v1

uhmm ma september s, 192s. semi niegan My invention relates to a scraping tool and particularly to one adapted to remove deposits fzom the inner surfaces of holes vof small bore, such for exam le, as the guide openings for valve stems o internal combustion engines. l y

'lhe object of my invention is to provide a tool for the purpose described, which may be readily adjusted to operateon bores of .different diameters and which will be self sharpening.

In the accompanying drawings, which illustrate one form of tool made in accordance with my invention, Figure 1 is a side elevation; Figure 2 is a section taken on the line 2-2 of Figure 1; and Figure 3 is an enlargedA section taken on the line 3 3 of Figure 1.

VThe stem 5 of the tool is adapted to be held in the chuck of the drill by means of which the rod is a blade holding sleeve 8. Sliding i the tool is rotated. Threaded into the stem 5 is a rod 6 firmly held in position in the stem by a lock nut 7. Secured to the upper end of on 'the rod is a second blade holding sleeve 9.

These sleeves 8 and 9 are each provided with i' a bore 10 terminating in a conical end 11 and are arranged on the rod with the open ends ofthe bores toward each other so as to receive the endsethe scraping blades 12.

-The scraping blades areformed of flat strips of tempered steel, -preferably four in number. and may be sprung outwardly at the central parts to a greateror lesser degree to it different sized'holes by movement of the.

sleeve 9 along the rod 6. In order to secure the longitudinal movement of the sleeve 9 I thread on the lower end of the rod a collar 13 provided with flattened faces 14 for engagement with a wrencht A' lock nut 15 serves to secure the collar in position after the proper adjustment has been made.

, The conical ends 11 of the bores 10 force the' ends of the blades firmly against the rod 6 and will' be evident that the edges Aof the blades will form scraping faces substantially perf pcndicular `to thenwall of the bore'ope'rated on, and that thev tool will be in effect self sharpening as the wear, which will-be wholly on the corners of the blades, will affect the relation of the scraping faces to the walls operated u on. i

Ha ving fully' escribed `mv invention, what I claim as new and desire to secure by Letters Patent ofthe United States is:

In a device of the class described, the combination with a rod, of a pair of sleeves on said rod, each provided with a bore of greater diameter than the rod and terminatin in a restricted portion, bendable scraping Elades having their ends between said rod and stricted portion, and means for moving said in no way :soA

sleeves toward and away from each other to spring'the scraper blades and thus var the eii'ective diameter of the tool,

In testimony whereof, I hereunto aiiix my signature, this l7th day of September, 1926. LLEWELLYN B. SHULTZ.

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U.S. Classification15/104.19, 15/93.1, 15/104.9
International ClassificationB25B27/00
Cooperative ClassificationB25B27/00
European ClassificationB25B27/00