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Publication numberUS1685494 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 25, 1928
Filing dateNov 26, 1923
Priority dateNov 26, 1923
Publication numberUS 1685494 A, US 1685494A, US-A-1685494, US1685494 A, US1685494A
InventorsKoch Lydia B
Original AssigneeReinforced Paper Bottle Corp
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Method of constructing bottle-receptacle elements
US 1685494 A
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Sept. 25, 1928.


ATTORNEY Patented Se t. 25, 1928.

UNITED STATES 1.1mm 13. noon, or new YORK, N. 1.,"Ass1enon r0 nnmroacnn PA or NEW YORK, N. Y.,


v 1,685,494 PATENT OFFICE.


lp plicaticn flled November 26, 1923, Serial no. 677,015. I Renewed naren'a, 192a.

' Among the principal objects which the present lnvention has in view are: To form a bottle receptacle having a substantiall cylindrical body and a frusto-conical nec in a single operation; to construct a receptacle of the character set forth from two strips of material, themeeting edges whereof are interleaved in the operation of shaping the receptacle; to reduce the time factor re uired for the manufacture of said receptac e; and to produce in the completed article, a view opening having a transparent closure member interleaved between the plies of the structure.


Fi e 1 is a schematic view showin the initi relation of flat sheet blanks from w ich the receptacle is constructed.

as. artially completed. I

igure 3 is a top view of the same.

, Figure 4 is a vertical section of the same, the section being taken on the. line in Fig. 3. V

I Description I As seen in Figure 1 of the-drawings there are two blanks of sheet paper. The blank indicated by the numeral'9 is circular in form constituting a segment of an annular strip. The edges 10 and '11 of the blank 9 are concentric. Adjacent the ed e 11 is an area 12 rovided with a suitable a hesive.' The blank has at suitable intervals, openings 13 so related that when the blank is wound upon itself to form the frusto-conical neck or upper portion of the receptacle, the two openings register. Adhered to the blank 9 over one of the openings 13 is a small patch of transplarent material as indicated by the numera 142 I The blank 15 is an elongated strip, the ed 16 and17 whereof are parallel. The length of the strip 15 at the edge 16 thereof is e ual to the length of the ed e 11 of the bl 9,

and an area 18 of theb ank 15 adjacent the edge 16 thereof corresponds in width with the area .12 of the'blank 9, and is rovided form a two-ply structure, the free e spend with t Figure 2 is a view showing the receptacle a prepared moisture- I are then rolled-preferably over a suitable shape or man'dreh-the gummed areas of the two blanks being forced into juxtaposition and pressed one upon the other.

In the course of the manufacture it will be found that both blanks are wrap ed to I ges of the saldblanks reg stering in the completed structure. The upper edge 10 of the blank 9 will form a contracted openin while the lowered e 11.0f the blank 9 wi corree dimension of the edge 16 of the blank 15.

It will also be found that the area '18 which is supplied with adhesive, overlaps and is permanently attached to the juxtaposed surface of the blank 9.

I In other words, the first half of the blank 9 corresponding with the area 12 will be adhesivel attached to the {juxtaposed surfaces ofboth halves of the lank 15.

The ends of the blanks vided with areas 19 and 20 which are provided with adhesive and are ressed down upon the first layer or ply w ich has been turned or rolled upon the shape or mandrel;

When'the mandrel or other shape is withdrawn it will be found that a bottle-like receptacle having-upper and lower parts permanently united has been constructed. a With receptacle elements thus constructed and .arranged they are then provided with suitable bottom which is inserted between the 9 and 15 are proside walls of the cylindrical portion formed by the blank 15 and is suitably secured thereg on. A top of any suitable character is pro,-

vided for the rece tacle As these structures form no part of t e present invention, illustrationand description thereof have been omitted.


1. A method of formin body portions-mi receptacles as characterized comprising sha i ng sheet blanks, the one rectangular and tlie other arcuate and then rollin said blanks upon themselves and upon eac taneously.

2. A method of forming body portions of I other simulreceptacles as characterized comprising ing sheet blanks, the one rectangul sha ar and tl ie other arcuate and then rolling said blanks upon themselves and upon each other simul- 5 taneously, the juxtaposed edges of said blanks being overlapped and adhesively engaged.

3. A method of forming body portions of receptacles as characterized comprising shapsheet blanks, the one rectan ular and 10 the other arcuate; and then rolling said blanks upon themselves and upon-each other simultaneously, one edge of each blank equalling in length an edge of the other blank and adapted to be overlaid one. upon the other, the entire inner surface of the arcuate blank and half of the inner surface of the rectangular blank being adhered fixedlv one to the other and simultaneously.


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U.S. Classification229/4.5, 493/114
International ClassificationB65D25/54, B65D3/00, B65D3/02, B65D25/00
Cooperative ClassificationB65D3/02, B65D25/54
European ClassificationB65D3/02, B65D25/54