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Publication numberUS1685729 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 25, 1928
Filing dateJul 27, 1927
Priority dateJul 27, 1927
Publication numberUS 1685729 A, US 1685729A, US-A-1685729, US1685729 A, US1685729A
InventorsPeter Stone
Original AssigneePeter Stone
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Bridging construction for joists
US 1685729 A
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"um-mm This invention relates to bridging con" From the above description it will be manstructions for joists and has for its priniiest that the prongs 22 function to resist cipal object the provision of an improved the lateral sway of the joist and at the construction of this character which will be same time re-entorce the connection between highly efl'icient in use and economical in the bridging and the joist.

manufacture, V in practical use the end portions 14: extend Among the salient objects of the invention downwardly from the top edge of the joist is to provide a joist bridging which when in to their points of connection with adjacent applied position functions to transmit lat joists.

eral strain to the top edge oi the joist to While I have illustrated and described the which the floor boards are nailed and which preferred form. of construction for carrying also will relieve the lateral strain of the my invention into effect, this is capable of joist on the elements connecting the bridgvariation and modification, without departing to the joi t, ing- :trom the spirit of the invention. 1, Uthcr objects will appear hereinafter. therefore, do not wish to be limited to the The invention consists in the novel comprecise details of construction set forth, but

bination and arrangement of parts to be desire to avail myselil of such variations hereinafter described and claimed. and modifications as come within the scope The invention will be best uneerstood by or the appended claim.

2 reference to the accompanying drawings, Having thus described my invention what showing the preferred form oi construction claim as new and desire to protect by and in which: Letters Patent is:

Fig. 1 is a perspective view showing the A bridging for floor joists including an ta invention in applied position; and elongated member having a substantially Fig. 2 is a fragmentary perspective view fiat portion at substantially the mid point of a bridging embodied in the invention. in the extent thereof said member including lte'lerring more particularly to the drawsubstantially oval shaped portions extending ing, 10 indicates a joist to which floor boards outwardly from said flat portion at an angle se 11 are secured. My improved joist bridging thereto, said flat portion having ears struck includes a bar 12 of an elongated construo from the edges thereof adapted to join said tion. This bar 12 has outer portions 1i member at the juncture between said flat which are substantially oval-shaped in cross portion and. said oval shaped portions, said section and the end portions 15 are flattened ears being adapted to extend substantially s5 and angled. with respect to the portions 1 1. at right-angles with respect to said flat porihese angled portions 15 are adapted to ention, said flat portion being adapted to be gage the sides 17 of the joist and the angled disposed on the upper side of the joists end portions have perforations formed whereby the sides oi said joists may be entherein :tor the projection of nails 18 wheregaged by said ears, said flat portion having by to effect connection between these end. an opening therein through which a secur- 10 portions and the joist. The intermediate ing element may be extended, and substanportion 19 of the bar is substantially flat and tially flat portions at the free ends of said this .tlat portion is adapted to rest upon the oval shaped portions adapted to extend at top edge 20 of the joist and be secured therean angle with respect to said oval. shaped to through the medium of a nail. 21 or the portions, said last named fiat portions hav- 4-5 like. At this intermediate portion 19 there ing openings provided therein through is struck from the bar 12 prongs 22. These which securing elements may be extended prongs 22 are spaced from each other and whereby said member may be secured to the arranged in pairs on opposite sides of the sides of joists juxtaposed said first named joist and are adapted to engage the opposite joist.

to sides of the joist to re-enforce the point of in testimony whereof ll attix my signature,

connection between the intermediate portion oi the bar 12 and the joist, PETER STQNE.

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U.S. Classification52/695
International ClassificationE04C3/02
Cooperative ClassificationE04C3/02, E04C2003/026
European ClassificationE04C3/02