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Publication numberUS1685768 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 25, 1928
Filing dateDec 10, 1926
Priority dateDec 10, 1926
Publication numberUS 1685768 A, US 1685768A, US-A-1685768, US1685768 A, US1685768A
InventorsArthur H Noble
Original AssigneeTheodore W Foster & Brother Co
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Lip-stick holder
US 1685768 A
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A. H. NOBLE LIP STiCK HOLDER Filed Dec. 10, 1926 29 Fig. 3is a viewof the holder aarnna H. WUmlltflm @lll rhwmhnknfr, anonn inter m, aaamamn E99 or rnav'mmrcn, i 1 1:

rn arna a nnarnna cairn am-arrcn nonnnfa. v

- amaaaaaaar heeembcr ld, i999. aerial lilo. 1999M.

This invention relates to certain new and useful improvements in li stick holders, and the primary object thereo is to provide novel means, which can be easily and quickly oper- 9 ated, for effecting movement of the lip stick into and out of the holder, and for also reliably retaining the lip stick within theholder,

so as to prevent accidental movement thereof when the holder is belng earned or 1s not in l use.

The invention still further aims to rovide position of theparts;

' Fig. 2 is a section on line 2 2 of Fig, 1;

open position; and

Flg. t is a sectlon on line H of Fig. l. in proceeding in accordance with the present invention, atubular or cylindrical holder 1 is employed which latter is provided at its bottom end with a fired cap 2, the cap 2 having its rini slotted as indicated at 3. A thimble or socl'ret {l for the lip) stick L is slidably mounted in the holder ody l and has 99 an lnwardly extending teat 5 to firmly grip the lip stick, The bottom of the thimble is slotted to receive the arms of a loop 9, and the ends'of the loop are bent at an angle as indicated at 7 so as to clinch the loop to the at thirnble 4t. A cap 8 is provided for the upper open end of thebody l and is slidable thereon and is formed with an arm9 preferably inte gral with the cap. The lower end of the arm 9 is turned inwardly at right angles as indiin 'cated at 19 and is formedwith a perforated knuckle ll which latter receives the loop 6 in its erforati'on, thereby to hingedly or pivotal y connect the arm 9 to the thimble 4t.

As depicted in Figs. 1 and 2 of the drawat ings the parts are in housed or closed positionyand in order-to project the lip stick from the body for use, the/cap 9 'is'slid-outwardly carry n with it its arm 9, until the cap is free of t e body, whereupon the arm at is among downwardly and indicated in big a swinging movement.

in partly v are 3 and is forced inwardly through the slot 3 and the corresponding slot 12 of the body it thereby projectinglthe lip stick from I the holder. Obviously t e lip stick can be pro ected to any desired degree by merely lid moving the arm 9 inwardly of the body, and

employing one of the end walls of the slot 12 as a-fulcrum pointon which the arm swings, the arm thus aving-a combined sliding and In order to restrict movement of the thimble toward the outer end of the-body 1, the arm 9 is formed with stops it which engage the cap12 and restrict movement of the thimble 4 accordingly.

It will be seen that the arm 9, when the parts are in closed position, conforms to and lies flat against the body thus not detracti-n from the usual appearance of cylindrical lip stick holders, and at the same time providing a compact arrangement.

it will be further seen, that in operationi of the carrier, the arm 9, has a combined swinging and slidingmovement being guided by the end walls of the slots 12, and 3, which slots are relatively short so as to ad'ord such I movement. i 4

Having thus described my invention what l claim as new and desire to secure by Letters Patent is I I 1.. in a lip stick holder, a slotted bodyhaving a slotted closure on oneend thereof which slots register, a lip stick carrier slidable in the body, a closure slidable on the opposite end of the body and having an arm formed with stops, said armbeing slidable in said slots and having, a right angular end received in the slots, a knuckle on the said end of the arm, and a loop on the carrier pivdtally engaged with the knuckle.

2. in a li stick holder, a slotted body havm,

In testimony whereof I have signed my I name to this specification. a

H, nonnn

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U.S. Classification401/60, 206/804
International ClassificationA45D40/02
Cooperative ClassificationA45D40/023, Y10S206/804
European ClassificationA45D40/02C