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Publication numberUS1686003 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 2, 1928
Filing dateApr 3, 1925
Priority dateApr 3, 1925
Publication numberUS 1686003 A, US 1686003A, US-A-1686003, US1686003 A, US1686003A
InventorsHottinger Arnold H
Original AssigneeHottinger Arnold H
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Spraying device
US 1686003 A
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Description  (OCR text may contain errors)

0et.f2,1192s. 1,686,003 A. H. HOTTINGER SPRAYING DEVICE Filed April 5,' 1925 I 'Patented 72,' 119258. 'A

1,686,003 'rgorric.

wenn E. HOTTINGEE @Meda-@Elma `minne nutren'.

The invention relates to improvements 4in 'pneumatic spraying devices, and particularaly in devices ada ted 4to spray paint. vThe primary o ject of the invention is to 5 providefa novel sprayingdevce which adapted to apply paints of-dilferent colors s imulta'neously'to a surface, to obtain a mot-4 tled color effecteuch asis frequently-desired on ceramic tile and other articles.

e 10 A more specific obiect'is to provide a novel paint s praylng device having means' for prol 'jecting a. plurality offindependent jets of paint -upon the surface to be painted. v

Another object is to provide a novel spraying device of the' above claracteru-'hich issimple and inexpensive in construction,- and which isadapted tobe applied to a wide va riety of uses.

Ancillaryobjec come apparent as the description proceeds.

Referring. to the" accolnpanyii g drawings,.

. Figure 1 is a plan view of aspra ing de- -vice'en'ibodying the features of my inilention. Fig.' 2 vis a 'sectional' along-line' 2 2 of Fig. 1. Fig. 3 is a .frontview thereof.

Fig. 4 is'a rear end view thereof.

Fg. fis 'a Afragmentary sectional View the paint cut-'olf device. v While the invention susceptible of various modifications and alternative construev tions, I have'shown in he drawings and Twill 4herein describe in detail the preferred embo'dment, but-it is to'be understood that I do vnot 861 'thereby intend t'o', limit vthe invention particular form disclosed 'but aim in t pended claims tocover all modifications and alternativeconstructions fallingHwithiIr-ftheto the s pirit and'scopeof the invention. v'

0' Referring to the'exemplarv embodi" which is substantially rectangula/'rfin shape. and on the f ro'nt end of which a spray head 11 is mounted. The spray head'consists `of-a casing12 which preferabl is rectangular and box shaped in y constructlon, and' which ex.

^ tends acrosszan'd is rigidly securedjto'the base u fromthe airchamber are a plurality of re- Y' 'strictedair ports or oriccs 15. These ports and advantages will `hel View thereof takent belap- 1 two'ver'tical standards 31 secured to opp nhent of; site sides of the base plate 10 by screws 32'... the invention illustrated the drawin s,.the spraying .device comprises allatbase p ate 1() and adapted to discharge air in small streams' the present instance and in each set'are arrangedat'equal ,distances about a central openmgl.-

4.rality'of pa1ntnoz`zles'17, one for eachl set of ports 1 5 AIlac'hfnozzle is formed with alongitudlnal passage', and is provided on `its rear `fend;witha h'x`; 'se attac'hin nipple 18 and'with an enlargement 19`threa ed into the rear wall of the casing 12.*', The front end of each nozzle 17 is reduced in size, extends tightly through 1 on'e ofthe openin s llocated centrally of the ports 15,0 f eai vset,"and is formed with a restricted'jetpassa e 20. A verticalbracket 1n the form is rigidly secure to the rear end of the base plate 10, and is' ormed. with a centrally depending lug 22 'havi1g an aperture 23. Extending through the aperture 23 in which it 1s clamped,l and' beneath the base. plate 10 to theetting "14 into which it is threaded isa pipe 2hwhicl1 is ada sure :fluid such as com suitable source (not sho Three of a plate 21 'ed in ho es 26fingthe bracket 21 above the o -baseeplate 10 'and are 4provided at their front an'drear ends with. hose attaching .nipples 27 and'28 respectively. The front'nippl'es -27 arelcomiect'edbyl flexible` hose 29 to the 4nipples 18 on the 'nozzle ,-17 Q and the rear nip-w. v supply hose30-adapt .ed to receive. paints of the same or different on ples 28 are connected' to colors from any suitable sources (not shown) Mounted on vthe base plate 10 between the headfll and the bracket vice for the hose 29. This device comprises .Av pair of rotatable heads- 33 are journaled in thestanda nected 'by 'hose 29'.'A One of the heads 33 is provided with 'ahandlefor revolving the bar. 3410 clamp mi Fi -operatiomcompressed airis admitted bly ejected. from the rts 15in small s` trea .1ns,` thereby creating a su stantial vacuum ateach',

Extending through the casing 12 are a plu- 21-is a cut-oft'- .de-

rds 31, vand are eccentricallycon-- 1-clamping bar 34overlying 'the mq.

thehosef29- aga1nst' the top plate. 10 'a'sshown 'i g. -5 or to` release `them asjshown in 10? to the casing12 from thepipe24,and'isforci-'- Ajet passage-20, andcaus'ing paint ,tol-be cha plied te the nozzles to,

rged therefrom whentho hose 2'9 a1- Q dm; 1 a Preferably Peints of dilierenteolrs amm-p.

color effect on the surface being painted.. The

of paint tothe nozzle 17 can b'e out su pl ogwlien desired by revolving the clamping the latter agalnstthe base plate 10.vv It 1s frequently desira'ble to spray different y `amounts of materials through the different tion,

' clog nozzles 17. Thus where dark and light paints are used, less dark aint may be4 required than light paint. `T e relative amount of the-diierently colored paints can be varied by substitutin nozzles 17 having diierent sized bores an passages 20.

It will be evident that I have provided an advantageous pneumatic spraying, device which is provided with means for projecting lural independent jets of aint, and

a t of wlich is therefore adapted to simultaneouslyv s ray'paints of different colors upon a sing e'surface. The device is simple and'inex pensive in construction, and will not easily or et out of-order. Int is well adapted for ap ying paint to ceramic tile where a mottled color ap arance is often desired, but it contemp ated that other uses may occur to those skllled in the art. I claim as my invention:

1. A s Vraying device having, in combinaa t base plate, l,a closed hollow casing mounted onl one end of said late, a plura ity of paint nozzles extending t rough said casing, each nozzle being threaded into the rear wall of said casing and having a restricted passage extending through the front wa-ll of said casing, said casin being formed in its front wall with means or dischargingI pressure iluid about said nozzles, a bracket secured to the other end of said plateand extending on opposite sides thereof, ai lurality of paint conduits rigidly mounte on said bracket at one side of said plate, a plurality of flexible conduits connecting said iirst mentioned conduits to said nozzles -and lying closely along said one side of said pl ate, means for pressing said flexlble conduits against 1,cse,oos

cut off the supply of paintto said plate to and a pressure fluid supply line said nozzles,

opening through said plate into said casingA and extending through said end bracket at the other side of said plate.

12. A spraying device havin tion, a base-plate, a closed mounted on one end of said late,

ollow 'casing a plurality of paint nozzles extending t rough said cas.

said casinghaving a plurality of presfluid discharge openings arranged about a bracket secured to 'the other ing, sure said nozzles, end of said sidesV thereo rigidly mounted on said bracket at. one side of said plate, a plurality of flexible conduits connecting saidfirst conduits tosaid late and extending on opposite a plurality of paint conduits nozzles-,fand lyingclosely along said one side means for pressing said flexilate to cut oi nozzles, and a surefluid discharge openings about the dis- -charge ends 'of said' nozzles, a bracket secured to andextending across the other end of said plate, a plurality of paint conduits supported by one end of said bracket andy connected to said nozzles, anda ressure iiuid line opening through said plate into said casing and supported by the other end of said bracket, said conduits andsaid line extending respectively along opposite `sides of said base.

In testimony whereof, I have hereunto aiixed my signature.


iiuid supply line openingthroughf

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