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Publication numberUS1686004 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 2, 1928
Filing dateApr 3, 1925
Priority dateApr 3, 1925
Publication numberUS 1686004 A, US 1686004A, US-A-1686004, US1686004 A, US1686004A
InventorsHottinger Arnold H
Original AssigneeHottinger Arnold H
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Spraying device
US 1686004 A
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NMQNJ ww f Patented Oct. 2, 1928.



Application med April s, 1925. Serin No. 20,323.

The invention relates to improvements in pneumatic sprayers, particularly paint sprayers such as the one disclosed in my copending application Serial No. 20,322, filing date April 3,1925.

The primary object of the invention is to provide a novel spraying 'device adapted to apply paints of a multiplicity of colors to surfaces such as those of ceramic tile to obtain a mottled color effect.

A more specific object resides in the provision of a spraying device of the above charucter of novel means for mixing the differently colored paints in the spray head.

A further object is to provide a spraying device which can be adapted to either project the features of my invention. Fig. 2 is a sectional view thereof taken substantially along line 2-2 o Fig. 1.

Fig. 3 is a view taken along line 3-3 of Fig. 1 of the front plate forming part of the spray head.

Fig. 4 1s a front end view of the spraying device.

Fig. 5 is a front view taken along line 5 5 of Fig. 1 of the casing forming part of the spray head. a

Fig. 6 is a rear view takenalong line 6 6 of ig11 of the casing forming part of the spray Fig. 7 is a perspective view of the mixing cone. v

Fig. 8 is a fragmentary sectional view of the means for controlling the supply of paint to the spray head.

While the invention is susceptible of various modifications and alternative constructions, I have shown in the drawings and will herein describe in detail the preferred em- .bodiment, but it is to be understood that I do not thereby intend to limit the invention to the specific form disclosed, but aim in the accompanying drawings to cove-r all modilications and alternative constructions falling withm the spirit and scope of the invention.

Referring to the exemplary embodiment of the drawings, the spraying device consists of a flat base pla-te 10 substantially rectangular 55 1n shape and on the front end of which the spray head 11 is mounted. The spray head consists of a casing 12 which is preferably rectangular and box shape in construction, and which extends across and is longitudinally secured to the base plate 10 by bolts 13. The interior of the casing 12 constitutes a large cylindrical chamber 14, the lower side of which opens through a hole 15 in the lower wall of the casing into a port 16 in a fitting 17 65 extending through the 'base plate 10. Formed in the front- Wall of the casing 12 and adapted to discharge pressure fluid such as compressed air in-small streams from the chamber 14 are a plurality ofvrestricted air ports or orifices 18. v'l0 These ports are. arranged in a group at equal distances about a central conical opening 19. The rear-wall of the casing 12 is formed with a large conical opening 20 in alinement with the opening 19. h

Extending through the chamber 14 and having its opposite ends fit-ting tightly into the openings 19 and 2O and its front and rear surfaces iush with the front and rear .outer surfaces of the casing 12 is a conical block'21 hav- 80 ing a plurality of small longitudinal passages 22 extending therethrough. In the present instance, four passages 22 are provided which diverge rearwardly so that the front ends of said passages are closely spaced together and the rear ends of said passages are spaced relatively far apart.

Secured to the rear wall of the casing 12 is a plate. 28 having tapped holes 24 spaced apart to open next to the rear ends of the passages 22. A plurality of paint conduits 25, one for each passage 22 and opening thereto, are threaded into the holes 24, and are provided with hose attaching nipples 26.

A front plate 27 is secured to the base plate 05 10 and fits tightly against the front of the casing 12. The front plate is formed with a cylindrical chamber 28 in its inner surface,

and is provided with a paint nozzle 29 having a restricted jet passage 30 opening centrally )0o therethrough. A plurality ofsmall ports or orifices 31;'are; formedI in the `front .wall of the chamber` 2,8about the jet passage 30. The inner end oftheenozzlel 29 is provided with a 1 peripheral.; flange {i2-.which fits tightly over the, ports or orifices; 18 Y, in; thefront wall of theingfland whichserves to seal Said orifices.y against; the flow,l of pressure fluid thenethrough. ,Thev innerend of the jet passagey is flared toiprovide an enlargement communicatingfwith.allofthe passages 22 extending through ik the frustrated cone 21.

v The chamber-28oommunicates.through a hole 33 iny its lower wall with a passage 34 -llffinnveltioalexbension 3510i the front end of the 1 fittingy 17 extending through.. the base plate r10. A valve member 36 having a diametrical; passage 37 and an; operating lever 38 is rotatablymounted in thetitting 17 ybej 0tween the passages 16:and 3'4, and is'adapted to :out oi` the chamber 28. y Y.

A verticalbr'acket-in the. formof a late 39 is rigidly-secured-to'the rear end o the Iplate 10,l Midis Aformed with a centrallllly depend ing lug 4()4 having an aperture Y Extendingthrou hthea. ture 41 in which iiiherbtsplae-w: to ,the fittln -17i intoy the l vend `of which e Wit is thread itlieclempedian behest is 8 PQZ'WhIich fornislpart.y of a pressure i fluid ine adapted s to receive oompreasediair from anysuitablesource (not sami.

Falun-V j Wedin lthebrncket 39 abovethe base yplate 10,

and are provided at their frontandfrear ends with hoeeattaching-g-nipples 44and 45, re-` apogatively.v The front nipples. r44 jare con-A 1 nected byfilexible hose 46' to the nipples 26 onthefnozzles25, and therear nipples 45 ',areconnected'A to supply hose 47 adapted to receive paints of the same or different colors fromanysuitable source (not shown). Inl j the 4present instance the conduits 43 are ar- 455- ranged intworows, onel above theother, so that two ofthe-hose 46 are positioned' directly overv the other-two.

v Y' horizontallybetween the two rows of hose l46 is aclamning'member or bar i, 1 60::48 the4 oppositepends, of which `are journaled in vertice .brwckets" 49'securedto the sides of` the. baseplate 10, and one end of which is provided `with kan -voperating.;,lever `50. The

i ,i upper ends of the Abxnekets 49 are rigidly con- -"nected by e cross bar 51 extending over the hose 46..` The proportions are such that upon` turningfthe bar' -48,into hliwtal position thehosowillbepermittedito be open, andl I uponftum into af'verticulA position,

l wthetidestthereof ywill clamptwo hose against.

,j platek 10 'andtwohose against the/fi` l ,Y

atithefffrontlend 'said casmg having --a plu-v bar lto cutoithe iiow of` paint to the spray `held11. In operation, compressedair is admitted fte the casing i1,2 through `the pipe 42 andtsupply of` pressure duid' to the 43 are -rigidly mountf` ting 17 when thefront plate 27 is removed from the top plate 10. The Valve member 36y is closed to cut ofi' the supply of compressed air to the passage 34 normally communicating with-the chamber 28. Compressed air is forcibly ejected fromi the casing l2rinrsmall,

streams through the ports 18, andserves to create a substantialvacuum at the frontends colors are suppliedto obtain a mottled/colory effect on the surfacefbei'ng painted.

When the front plate 27 is secured in ,place the air ports 18 are closed, and the jets ofy aint from the passages 22are commigled in the jet passage 30 in the nozzle 29, but are not mixed suiliciently to form a homogeneous mixture. and compressed air is discharged through the ports 31 to create a suction' at the outer end of the jet passage 3() to induce the flow of paint. 1 The supply of paint can be cut off whenLdesired by rotating the clamping bar 48 into a vertical position ,thereby collapsing the hose The valve member 36 is opened,-

46 against the base platey 10 andthe cross'r y It is fretuently desirableto spray unequal` amountsV 'diierently coloredr paints or of diierent substances.

Thus when dark and light paints are used, lessl durk paint is rey quired thanjlight paint. Unequal amounts of the dierently colored.

sprayed by providing a vconica block 21 hav-- lng differently sized passages-22 or byy pro.l

aintsA can be.


colored paints can bevaried by 'substituting blocks 21 with different passages 22 or by` substituting hose 46 having different sized passages. or both. y

It'will be evident that I have provided a sprayingdevice which is adapted toV spray-al vvariety of different coloredpaints or other' substances in a. plurality of independent jets ltrust is desired, the jets of substance can be lll) upon asurface. In spraying the substances,

partially mixed in a discharge 'nozzle intowhich they .are directed. The construction'is simple and mexpensive, and the device is easy to operate and convenientto use. I claim as my invention: l

'.1. A spraying device-having, Ain Icombination,a'y plate, a casing mounted on-one end 'offsaidl base plate,V avtru'ncated coneex-l tending through said casing and'havingva plurality oigpassages .converging closely together ra'lityof lports formed in its front wall about the front end of said cone, means for supplying the material vto be sprayed to said passages, and means for supplyingpressure fluid to said casing. v

2. A spraying device having, in combination, a base plate, a casing mounted on one end of said base plate, a truncated member extending through said casing and having a plurality of separate passages converging toward the front end, saidcasing'being formed in its front Wall about the front end of 'said member with pressure iiuid discharge means, individual pipe lines for supplying the material to be sprayed to said passages, and 4means' for supplying pressure fluid to said casing.

3. A spraying device having, in combination, a spray head .comprising 'a casing, a truncated 4cone extending through said casing and having a pluralityo conically rearwardly divergent passages opening at opposite ends thereof, and pressure fluid discharge means in the front Wall of said casing about the front end of said cone.

4. A spraying device having, incombination, a support, a nozzle memben mounted on said support and having a plurality of'spaced separate passages converging at the front l end thereof, separate means one for each passage for supplying the materials to be sprayed to the rear ends of said passages, and Ameans for discharging pressure fluid about thedischarge ends of said passages as a group I 'I f at the front end of said nozzle member to ini "i duce a flow of said materials therethrough.

' late fitting against the rear end of 5,.. 'Asprayllg device having, in combina tion, a. support, a casing mounted on said support, a nozzle member extending through said casing and having a plurality of passages con- -J vergingclosely together at their front ends, a

' first mentioned passages.

said casa plurality of plate for supa-'hollow plate ing and said nozzle member, conduits supported by said plying paintto said passages,

, secured next to the front of said casing, a noz- 1 zle mounted in said last mentioned plate and communicating with said passages, said last mentioned plate having a plurality of ports opening about said nozzle, means for supplyco l ing said ports, and having a plurality of ports ing the' material to be. sprayed to said conduits` and means for supplying pressure' iiuid to said ports.

6. A spraying device having, in combination, a supporta casing on said support, a member in said casing having' a plurality of passages for discharging separate v.jets ofpaint therefrom, a plurality-oi ports in said casingV and about said passages, means for supplying material to be sprayed to said passages, a. removable plate mounted next to said casing. said plate having a paintnozzle communicating with said .passages and clos- .opening about said nozzle, and means for supplying pressure fluid to either of said sets of ports.

7. A spraying device having, in combinarality of restricted pressure -head and having a passage,

ing pressure fluid discharge means tion, a support, a casing on psaid support, a

member in said casing having a plurality of casing, said supplemental casing having. a paint nozzle communicating with said passages and closing said first mentioned means, and being formed with means opening about said nozzle and for discharging pressure fiuid, means for supplying pressure fiuid to both casings, and valve means for cutting off said supply of pressure ii'uid to said supplemental casing.

8. A spraying device having, in combination, a support, a spray head on said support having a plurality of )et passages and a pluiiuid ports, associated with said passages, a removable iront plate having a small jet passage communicating with the discharge ends of said passages and'having aplurality of restricted ports associated with its passage, means for supplying -material to be sprayed to said first mentioned jet passages. and means for supplying pressure fluid to either of said sets of ports.

V9. A spraying device having, in combina` tion, a spray head having a plurality of separate passages for discharging independent jets of materials, aremov'able supplemental spray head secured to said first mentioned said first mentioned passages opening into said last mentioned passage, and means for inducing a flow through the last mentioned passage and said device having, in combination, a support, a spray head on saidsupport having a plurality-of jet passages, a supplemental spray head having a jet passage communicating with said jet passagesl and havassociated withits jet passage, means for supplying materials to be sprayed separatelyto said irst mentioned jet. passages, and means for sup- 10. A spraying 4plving pressure iuid to said discharge means.

11. A spraying device having, in combination, a support, a casing on said support, means extending through saidfcasing and deining .a plurality of passages converging closely together at their front ends, individual means one for each passage or'supplying the material to be sprayed to said passages, a

charge passage openingl from said mixing chamber, and means for discharging pressure fluid from said casing about, said last mentioned passage.

12. A spraying device having, in combination, a support, a spray head on said support having a plurality of jet passages and means l'lll mixing chamber opening to the discharge ends of said passages, a single dis-v for directing pressure fluid outwardly about said jet passages, a removable front plate having a small jet passage communicating with the discharge ends of said passages and hav- 5 ing means for directing pressure fluid outwardly about said jet passage, means for supplying material to be sprayed to said first mentioned jet passages, and means for supplying pressure fluid to either of said two first mentioned means.

In testimony whereof, I have hereunto affixed my signature.


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