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Publication numberUS1686135 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 2, 1928
Filing dateOct 19, 1926
Priority dateOct 19, 1926
Publication numberUS 1686135 A, US 1686135A, US-A-1686135, US1686135 A, US1686135A
InventorsJoseph H Hurdle
Original AssigneeJoseph H Hurdle
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US 1686135 A
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Oct. 2,1928. 41,686,135-

y J. H. mmpLE MIXER Filed oct. 19, 1926 sii @H0141 i; o

Patented Oct. 2, 1928.


Application filed October 19, 1926. Serial No. 142,665. i

This invention relates to a mixer designed primarily for use by dentists for the purpose of thoroughly agitating and `mixing alloys used in dentistry.

One of the objects of the invention is to provide a removable holder for receiving the amalgam and which is so mounted as to set up a rapid agitation of the contents of the holder. f

A further object is to provide a device of this character which is simple and compact lin construction and in which a small measured quantity of amalgam can be readily placed.

With the foregoing and other objects vin VView which will appear as the descriptionv proceeds, theinvention'residesin the com vbination and arrangement of parts and in the details of construction hereinafter described and claimed, it being understood that changes in the precise embodiment ,of the invention herein disclosed may be made 'within the scope of what isclaimed, without` departing from the spirit of the invention. s

In they accompanying drawings, the preferred form ofthe invention has been shown.

In said drawings, y Figure l is a front elevation of themixer. Figure 2 is a side elevation thereof, a por-V tion of the mechanism beingv shown in section.

Figure 3 is a view partly in elevation and partly in section of the means employed vfor y gripping and agitating the holder, said hold-V er being shown in position.

, Referring to the figures by characters of reference l designates an electric motor mounted on a suitable base2. The shaft 3 of the motor has a disk l keyed or otherwise attached to one end thereof and arranged on one face of this disk isa wrist pin extending through a slot 6 formed in one arm of a lever 7. This lever is fulcrumed on a post 8 extending from the housing 0f the motor `and the other arm of the leverisextended into and formed-with or secured 'to a spring yoke 9 the terminals of which are formed with spring arms l0 projecting beyond theend of the lever. Thevi-terminaljportions ofthese arms 1Q are recessed as at vl1 so as to consti.-y tute gripping jaws and the intermediate por-V tion of the yoke 9constitute's a rest as shown .PATENT OFFICE at ll for the intermediate portion of a holder 13. This holder is preferably in the form of a capsule of gelatin or any other desired marecessed jaws and the intermediate portion' s y supported by the rest l2. An electric current is then directed to the motor --withfthep result thatshaftz?) will be rotated at a high speed and lever Twill be rapidly oscillated,

setting up a rapid back and forth motionl of the capsule and the contents thereof with vthe result that said contents will be thoroughly mixed. hat isV claimed is: Y

55` i terial, the parts ofthe capsule being readily Y A mixing attachment lfor an electric motor i including a disk for attachment to the shaft of a motor, a wrist pin extending therefrom, a lever having a longitudinal slot in one end portion through which the wrist pin extends,

a pivot member extending through. the lever Y Y j s `8() straddling that end of the lever remote from: 7

beyond the periphery ofthe disk, a yoke the slot, said yoke constituting means for supporting the middle portion. of a capsule, the side portions of the yoke being extended toward'the pivot of v the'rlever away fromtlie end thereof, anda spring arm 'extending'A from each side portion ofthe yoke outwardly n past and spaced fromthe yoke, each arm havf ing arecess in its free end portion, and a Capi sule insertable laterally between the .sp-ring: arm into position onthe yoke and in there- 2 CQSSSS. y

In testimony that Iclaim'lthe foregoing my own, I have hereto affixed my signature.


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U.S. Classification366/211, 366/602
International ClassificationB01F11/00, A61C5/06
Cooperative ClassificationY10S366/602, B01F11/0017, A61C5/068
European ClassificationA61C5/06M, B01F11/00C5