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Publication numberUS1686233 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 2, 1928
Filing dateApr 6, 1927
Publication numberUS 1686233 A, US 1686233A, US-A-1686233, US1686233 A, US1686233A
InventorsM. B. Halliday
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US 1686233 A
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Oct. 2, 1928.

1,686,233 B. HALLIDAY SIGNALING DEVICE Filed April 6, 1927 INVENTOR I ff/r/P/a/v 505425 LAID/IV 1 v A, I W ATTORNEY Patented Get. 2, 1928.



Application filed April 6,

- found that excessive use of theinouth oper ated whistle under some climatic conditions is conduciveto lung disorders. These and other diiliculties arising out oithe use'of the well known type of whistle will be obviated by the use of a manually operated whistle such as is rontemplated in accordance with the present invention.

An embodiment of my invention is illustrated in the drawings accompanying the present specification in which.

Figure l is an end view partly in transverse longitudinal section. V

Figure 2, a central longitudinal section thereof. 7

Figure 8, a transverse section on the line 3-3 of Figure 1, and

Figure 4, a front view of a modified form.

Referring to the drawings, an air chamber 1. is fitted with a plunger 2 having a hollow stem 3 which accommodates suitable Whistle mechanism part of which is illustrated by the balletlying adjacent to an opening 5. A finger piece 6 is mounted at the free end ofthe stem 3 and is positioned to be pressed upon by the fingers of the operator. The plung er 2 is maintained in normal extended position by means of'a spring 7. The device as described'is maintained in position on the hand of the user by means of a strap 8 sevuredin any suitable manner to the chamber 1.. The signal device as described is maintamed in position on the hand of the user in the, manner illustrated in Figure 1, that is with the strap encircling the'users wrist and with the finger piece 6 imposition to be engaged by the users fingers. When the plunger 2 is depressed aga1nstres1stance of.

'when not in use.

v.vice. p

In testimony whereof, I have signed my.

1927. Serial No. 181.311.

the spring 7 by pressure of the finger, airin side the container 1 1S forced through a 'passageway 9 in-the stem and apassage-way 10 in the plunger into operative contact with the whistle portion of the device. It is obvious that there may be variations as to the type ot whistle provided and as to the location and operation of the plunger and spring asseriated herewith without departing from the main inventive concept.

In the modification illustrated in Figure 4, a container 11 is provided with plunger and whistle meghanism similar-to that shown in Figures lto 3 inclusive. In addition thereto, a projecting member 12 secured to the container 11 is adapted to engage between the tumb and palm of the hand of the user to maintainthe device in operative position durplunger stem 14 and serves both as a means for n'iaintaining the device in operative position and for depressing the plunger during operation. It will also be apparent that the ring 13 may be used for conveniently attaching the .device to a holder or retainer Other-uses and advantages of the signal device in whatever form it may talrefwill be apparent from a consideration of the foregoing description and the drawings therein referred to, i

.1 claim--- v A manually operable signal device comprising an air chamber, a plunger mounted therein and provided with a stem, a whistle-- in said stem communicating through said of the hand of a user, and a finger piece at the outer end of said stein, said lug and said finger piece being so positioned and related that endwise movement of the air chamber is prevented by the lug when the user presses down against the finger piece in operating the dename to this specification this lstdayof April. 1927. x


,stem and plunger with the interior of the air. chamber, a lug projecting from a wall of said chamber and adapted to engage a portion

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U.S. Classification116/139, 116/DIG.440
International ClassificationG10K5/00
Cooperative ClassificationY10S116/44, G10K5/00
European ClassificationG10K5/00