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Publication numberUS1686258 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 2, 1928
Filing dateJan 21, 1927
Priority dateJan 21, 1927
Publication numberUS 1686258 A, US 1686258A, US-A-1686258, US1686258 A, US1686258A
InventorsIke Schlesinger
Original AssigneeIke Schlesinger
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Knitted cap
US 1686258 A
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Description  (OCR text may contain errors)

Get. 2, 1928.



Application flied January 21, 1927. Serial Ito. 1625162.

This invention relates to caps and particu leaving, however, a connecting portion 16 larly to those of the knitted type. integrally uniting the band portions'12 and An object of this invention is to provide 13 at the lower edge of said band, for a pur- I a cap having a neck or rear portion which pose to be disclosed hereinafter. w

k can be readily and effectively folded up and The adjacent edges 12 and 13 of the fastened by the incorporation in a practical band portions 12'and 13, respectively, at each manner of hookless fastening means. side of the cap are preferably angularly Another object of this invention is to pro disposed, and slope from a central side porvide a knitted cap of generally improved tion of the cap upward and forward with 1 construction which is particularly adapted respect thereto. The rear band portion is for durable wear, cheap to manufacture, and thus provided with suitable gradually narpractical and eiiicient to a high degree in rowing ends or flaps 12 adapted to. be convenlently secured beneath the wearers chin Other objects of this invention will in by suitable fastening means such as a but- 749 15 part be obvious and in part hereinafter ton 17 engaging in a buttonhole 18.

i t d out, Engaging means are provided intercon- The invention accordingly consists in the necting the adjoining edges 12 and 13' of features of construction, combinations of elesaid rear and front band portions when the ments, and arrangement of part which Will rear band portion is folded against the 755 29 be exemplified in the construction hereincrown of the cap. Said means comprises a after described, and of which the scope of hookless fastening device 19 incorporated application will be indicated in the following preferably in the cut 15 of the band strucclaims. tur'e along the edges 12 and 13 of said In the accompanying drawlng, 1n whlch band ortions, so as to bridge the space M is shown one of the various possible illusformed by said out 15 between the edges 12* trative embodiments of this invention, and 13. The hoolrless fastening device is Fig. 1 is a perspective view of my novel secured to the band portions by tape mem cap in position on a wearers head with the hers 20, which form a pleasing trimming rear band unfolded and secured beneath the effect, and are secured in place by a cover 85 39 chin of the wearer stitch 21. The stop 22 provided on each Fig. 2 is a perspective view of the cap hookless fasteneride'vice to limit the open showing the rear band secured about the ing movement of closure slide 23 is posicrown portion of the same. tioned and concealed beneath the connect- Fig. 3 is a perspective view of the ap ing portion 16. Said slide 23 is preferably ea with the band hookless fastening device 111 r id d ith a b tt 24 i t ad f th open position, parts being broken away to .usual dangling finger-piece which may be of show the cons r fi n f the Y an ornamental nature and whereby the slide Figs. 4 and 5 are enlarged detall VIGWS 0f 23 is manipulated in the usual manner. The portions of the locking device a d o pera button conceals the slide and thus improves as ing portions of the cap. the general appearance of the cap. The Referring now more specifically to the button on said slider presents a smooth nondrawings. 1 show an embodiment of the inirritating surface against the wearers head vention applied to a cap which preferably when in the position shown in Fig. 1. The is made of a knitted fabric, and comprises front band portion 13 may be formed with too a crown C and a band B surrounding the the end edges 13 curving gradually into same, said band having a neck or rear pol the upper edge of said band portion begintion 12, and a front portion 13. The rear ning at each side thereof substantially at band portion is arranged to be suitably mova line at right angles to the hookles s fastener able with respect to the crown of the cap, and passing through an end 25 of the rear toe and both of the band portions arefastened band portions, as shown at 26. The front to the rim of the crown along seam 14:. hand portion 13 may be secured to the crown Said band B is preferably knitted in conof the cap by anchor stitches 27, the edge tinuous tubular form, and is then cut as portions at13 being free. desired to form the band portions aforesaid. The crown C is preferably made of a no Preferably a narrow strip of material is double thickness, and includes an outer layer removed along the line of the cut as at 15, 11 and an inner or lining layer 11". Howrelatively inexpensive cap is produced. Said strains to which therear normally be subJected.

ever, the band B is preferably made of a single layer of material, whereby a neat and to' be noted, likewise, that the hookless fastener device including the tape members 20 form a reinforcement for those portions of the rear or neck band portion 12 where the tension is greatest, as when said band portion is used as shown in Fig, 1, and that the slide members 23 serve as connecting anchorage in this position. I

It will thus be seen that there is provided a device in which the several objects of this invention are achieved, and which is well adapted to meet the conditions of practical use.

As various possible embodiments might be made of the above invention, and as Various changesmight be made in the embodiment above set forth, it is to be understood that all matter herein set forth or shown in the accompanying drawing is to be inter preted as illustrative and not in a limiting sense.

Having thus described my invention, I claim as new and desire to secure by Letters Patent:

1. In a cap, the combination of a crown member, a band extending thereabout, said band being cut, and means including a hookless fastener to secure edge portions of said out for retaining the band in position on the crown member, a portion of said band being movable into desired predetermined position when said fastener is opened.

2. In a cap, the combination of a crown member, a separate band of uniform width formed of a tubular member and attached to extend completely around said member, said band being cut at the sides of the cap along lines extending from the central side ortion of the cap upward and forward to form front and rear band portions, the latter being unfoldable to engage the chin-of the wearer, and hookless fastener means for releasably securing together edge portions of said out.

3. In a cap, the'combination of a crown member, front and rear hand portions eX-- tending therealong, and locking means at the sides of the cap to secure 7 the band portions together including hoolrless fasteners disposed along lines beginning at the central side portions of the cap and sloping upward and forward.

4. In a cap, the combination of a crown member, a band formed of a knitted tubular member surrounding the crown member and cut to form front and rear band portions, and a'hookless fastener to join said band portions, the rear band being movable when the fastener is open to engage the chin of the wearer.

5. In a cap, the combination of a crown member, a band extending thereabout, the band being out to provide front and rear portions, the lower end of the out being spaced from the lower edge of the band to provide an integral connecting portion between said ban'd portions, and a hookless fastener for securing the band portions together including a slide having a stop positioned for concealment beneath said connecting portion.

6. In a cap, the combination of a crown "member, a band of tubular form extending snugly therearound, the band being cut to provide front and rear band portions, the lower end of the out being spaced from the lower edge of tegral connecting portion for the band portions, a narrow strip of material being removed along the cut to provide an opening, and a hookless fastener joining adjacent ends of the band portion for bridging said opening, said fastener having; a slider, a stop for said slider disposed in a concealed position under the connecting portion.

In a cap formed of knitted fabric, the combination of a crown member formed of two layers of material, band extending around the crown member formed'of a single layer of material, said band being cut at an angle to form front and rear portions, and a hoolcless fastener engaging adjacent edges of the band portions.

8. In a cap, the combination of a crown member, a band extending therealong', and means to lock the bandin position including a hookless fastener having a slide, and a button, said button and a portion of said band being movable to contact with the wearer s face when said fastener is released secured to the slide for manipulating the sliding movement thereof. I

9. In a knitted cap, the combination of a crown member, a band extending; therealong, and cut to form a band portion movable for engagement with the wearers chin, and a hookless fastener to secure the band portion in normal position against the crown memher, said fastener including tapes for securing said fastener to the band portions, said tapes extending beyond the fastener to form a binding for the edge'portions of the cut and I to serve as an ornamental trimming.

10. In a knitted cap, the combination of a crown member, a band extending normally the band to provide an in llii therealong and having a portion movable to rear band to cover the wearers chin, the engage the wearers chin, and a hooklessifa-shookless fastener having a slide member 10 tener including tapes to secure the fastener which in the latter position serves as an anto said band, said hookless fastener serving chorage to reinforce the band structure at F to support the band portion in its normal its junction with the cap.

position alon the crown member and also In testimony whereof I aflix my-signature. to reinforce the band portions upon the release of said fasteners when positioning the IKE SCI-ILESINGER.

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