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Publication numberUS1686756 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 9, 1928
Filing dateNov 13, 1926
Priority dateNov 13, 1926
Publication numberUS 1686756 A, US 1686756A, US-A-1686756, US1686756 A, US1686756A
InventorsCharles Lorber
Original AssigneeCharles Lorber
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Combined bill fold, cardcase, and key case
US 1686756 A
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Oct. 9, 1928. 1,686,756

. c. LORBER COMBINED BILL FOLD, CARDCASE, AND KEY CASE Filed Nov. 13, 1926 INVENTOR Ck arr/es tar hr m ATTORNEY Patented Oct 9, 1928.




Application filed November 13, 1926. Serial No. 148,216.

the case being so arranged that access may be had to the cards without-opening either the billfold or key case andaccess may be had to either the billfold or key case without opening the other.

With the above and other objects in view as will be hereinafter apparent, the invention consists in general of certain novel details of construction and combinations of parts hereinafter fully described, illustrated in the accompanying drawings and specifically claimed.

In the accompanying drawings like characters of reference indicate like parts in the several views, and: p

Figure 1 is an elevation showing the inside of the device with the end flaps folded out or spread. I

Figure 2 is a top edge view of the device as shown in Figure 1.

Figure 3 is a detail showing part of the rear face of Fi re 1, the key case cover being partly bro en away.

Figure 4 is a slightly enlarged top edge view of the device with'the parts in folded over position.

Figure In the present embodiment of the invention there is provided a pair of rectangular body sheets including a front sheet 10 and a rear sheet 11, the front being also the inside sheet. These sheets are of equal size and are arranged with their edges coinciding and the edge portions are held together at the bottom and sides by lines ofstitching 12. For convenience the middle portion of the combine sheets will be referred to as the center section and the outer portions as the wings, and on the center section is stiched a rectangular pocket member 13 which lies on the'sheet 10 and is secured thereto by stitchlines 14 extending along the top for the insertion of cards and the like and secured to the sheet 10 at this edge portion is a strip 13.

.pair of the lateral 5 is an enlarged detail section on line 5-5 of Figure 2.

and bottom edge portions of the sheet 10' flap 15 which is normally folded over on the front or inner side of the strip 13 and is provided ,with a. ton ue 16 which engages in a strap or keeper 1 carried by the pocket One of the wing portions is similarly provided with a pocket strip 18 which.

is secured to the strip 10 by the stitching 12 and, at the free edge of the sheet 10, by stitching 19. Thus one side of this pocket strip is left freefor the insertion of cards.

The other wing carries a pocket strip 20 similarly secured to sheet 10 and provided with a transparent window 21 so that an indentificatlon card or pass inserted in the space between the strip 20 and sheet 10 may be obthusformed. By this means there is proserved without withdrawal from the pocket of the central one is provided with a closure 4 flap. Snap button members 22 V are positioned adjacent the-free edges of the strips 10 and 11 and serve to hold. these edges together at the center so that accidental loss of bills isprevented. Secured between one edges of the sheets 10 and cover 23. This cover is arranged to lap over the adjacent wing portion of the sheet 11 and its free edge is detachably secured to said sheet by snap buttons 24. On the sheet 11 beneath, this keycase cover 23 His a key case is secured a plate 25, the plate being located at the upper edge portion of the sheet 11.

Thisplate supports the usual key hooks or retainers 26 so that a key K carried by one of these hooks is entirely covered by the cover 23 when closed. P In use the device is generally carried in the position shown in Figures and it will be observed that while in this position the cover 23 may be loosened at its free edge and access had to the keys beneathwithout in any way disturbing the bills or otherwise opening or spreading the case. Similarly, if it is desired to withdraw a bill the snap button parts 22- may beseparated and a bill withdrawn with the devicefolded as in Figure 4 thoughit will be found more convenient to spread it open as in Figure 2. In the latter position it is obvious that access can be had to any one or more of the card compartments.

There has thus been provided a simple and eflicient device of the kind described and for the purpose specified. I

It is obvious that minor changes may be made in the form and construction of the inscope claimed.

Having thus described the invention, What is claimed as new, is:

1. In combination, a billfold including a central section and wing sections, card pockets each secured to a respective section on the inner side thereof, the Wing sections being foldable With their card pockets on the central section, key supporting means secured to one of said Wing sections on the outer side of the bill fold and at the top edge thereof, a cover for said supporting means and keys supported thereby, and having one edge inserted between the end edges of the bill fold and pocket members at the respective Wing and having its body adapted to lap over the outside of said Wing and cover the key supports and keys, and snap button members carried by the cover and bill fold for holding the cover closed.

2. In a device of the kind described, a pair of body sheets of elongated rectangular form stitched together at the side edges and one longitudinal edge to form a billfold open at one edge, a snap button holding the open edge portions releasably together, said sheets being foldable to form a central section and overlapping Win sections, a series of card pocket strips eacli secured to the inner face of a respective section of the billfold by stitching running around three sides to leave theremaining side free, a key case cover having one edge secured between adjacent side edges of said body sheets and folded over on the outer face of the billfold, snap buttons releasably holding the free ed e of said cover to said billfold, and key holding members mounted beneath the ke case cover.

In testimony whereo I alfix my signature.


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