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Publication numberUS1686969 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 9, 1928
Filing dateSep 23, 1925
Priority dateSep 23, 1925
Publication numberUS 1686969 A, US 1686969A, US-A-1686969, US1686969 A, US1686969A
InventorsHebden George R
Original AssigneeTrumbull Electric Mfg Co
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US 1686969 A
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4 Oct. 9, 1928. 7 1,686,969

G; R. HEBDEN SWITCH BOX Filed Sept, 23, 1925 iNVENTOR George H.7bden,

Patented Oct. 9, 1928.


Application filed September 23, 1925.

The main object of my invention is to provide a simple, inexpensive-hinge which is rugged and reliable.

Another object is to provide a hinge which may be readily attached after the box and 'cover have been electroplated, enamelled or otherwise finished.

Anothenobject is to provide a separately formedhinge by which practically all the strains are taken up by the hinge independently of the rivet or other means of securing the hinge in place.

Another object is to providean entirely preformed hinge member which may be readily secured in position by a simple rivet or other. means in such a way that the surface finish of the parts is not marredor disfigured.

Fig. 1 is a perspective view of one end of a box with a hinge embodying my invention, the cover being closed.

-Fig. 2 is a side view and section showing the cover open.

Fig. 3 is a perspective view of one corner of the box body, the cover being omitted.

F i 4 is a perspective view of one -hinge member beforev attachment. Y

Fig. 5 is a perspective view of one corner ofvthe cover before attachment.

Fig. 6 is a sectional view of one corner showing the cover closed.

Such constructions are usually of sheet metal and the covers of the boxes are usually provided with flanges which overlap the open sides of the box body 7 and fit the same more or less snugly.

The cover 8 is slotted at 11 to receive one end of a hinge strap 9 and also to form a hinge pintle 16 which cooperateswith the strap member 9 to form a hinge joint. I

The box member is slotted at 10 to recei e the end'12 of the hinge member 9.

The hinge member 9 is preferably preformed and, is adapted to be inserted through the slot 10 in the box and then turned so that one end 12 of the hinge member will hookagainst the inner wall of the box and the other end will lie flat against theouter wallof the box. During this assembling operation, one end --or the other, of bin e member 9 is inserted through the slot 11 1D.

the cover so that, when the hinge member is turned toits final position, the pintle 16 of the cover is enclosed by the loop or arched welded point.

I 1,686,969 PATENT OFFICE.


Serial No. 58,050.

portion of the hinge member. When the parts are 1n this position, the hinge member -may be secured to the box bymeans of the rivet 15 or other suitablemeans.

.It is,particularly noted that, in this construction, there is practically no strain upon the rivet 15. WVhen the cover is opened to the straining point, the lower outside part of the hinge member is clamped between the flange of the cover and the outside wall of the box thus obviating any strain whatever upon the rivet member 15 or whatever other form of securing means is employed. If, during the closing m0vement,'the cover should become jammed in any manner so as to form a leverage upon the hinge, the strain would be taken up by the arched portion of the hinge member 9 bearing upon the edge of the slot 10 in the box. Thus it is clear that the means for securing the hinge member in position might be a rlvet 15 (as shown) or it might be a hollow rivet, a split rivet, a thin metal eyelet, a screw or a spot In fact, the securing means is so free from any normal strain that a common fpin or asmall brad would be strong enough or the purpose. This construction provides an easily applied, cheap and practical means for hinging such a cover to a box. It is a very neat construction and the hinge joint possesses the maximum strength. The hinge members are preferably made fromstrip stock and, by simple shearing, piercing and forming operations, are preformed and completed before they are inserted into final position. Obviously the slots in the box and cover members are registered and proportioned to cooperate properly with the hinge member.

A further great advantage is thatthe box, cover and hinge members may be separately and completely plated, ainted, enamelled or otherwise finished efore they are assembled and the assembling can then be tegral hinge pintle adjacent the hinge'slot, re-formed hinge strap*'-ha.v1ng' an entirely one end passing through the respective hinge slots and having an abruptly bent end portion in fiat engagement with the inner wall of the box,' an arched portion engaging the said pintle and an outer end portion in fiat enga ement with the outer wall of said box toget er with means for securing the outer end of said hinge strap in position.

2. A hinge construction-including a box and a cover therefor, said box and cover having registering hinge slots'and said cover having an integral hinge pintle adjacent the hinge slot, a preformed hinge strap having an abruptly bent end portion in fiat interlocking engagement with the inner wall of said box, a portion passing through the respective hinge slots, an arched portion partially surrounding said pintle and a" flat end portion secured against the outer wall of said box, the box engaging end portions of said hinge strap being formed in parallel planes spaced apart the'thickness of the end wall of said box. I

3. A hinge construction including a box having a hinge slot a cover "for saidbox having a hinge slot in register with the slot in said box and an integral pintle adjacent said slot, a re-tormed hinge strap having two ofl'set at box engaging end portions and an intermediate pintle engaging arched portion, one of said box engaging end portions being passed through the respective hinge slots in the box and cover members and having .an abruptly bent flat portion hooked against the outer edge of the inner wall of the box and the other end of said hinge strap being secured in fiat engagement with the outer wall of said box and the arched portion of the said hinge strap securing the said pintle in position, the box wall engaging portions" of said hinge strap being formed in parallel planes spaced apart the thickness of the wall of said box.

v 4. A hinge construction including'a box having a hinge slot, a cover for said box and having a flange, said flange havlng a hinged slot inn'egister with the slotin said cover and a hinge pintleadjacent said slot, apreformed hinge strap having box engaging flat end portions and an intermediate loop portion for engagement with said pintle to-.

gether with means for securing said hinge strap in operative position with the surface

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