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Publication numberUS1686981 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 9, 1928
Filing dateSep 22, 1926
Priority dateSep 22, 1926
Publication numberUS 1686981 A, US 1686981A, US-A-1686981, US1686981 A, US1686981A
InventorsOlson Oscar O
Original AssigneeOlson Oscar O
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Scalp comb
US 1686981 A
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0. OLSON Oct 192s.

SCALPYCOIB Filed Sept. 22, 1925 saw MW Patented a. 9, 1928.




Application filed September 82,

This invention relates to improvements in combs and more particularly to combs of the class which are employed in applying,

to the scalp, a medicament or dressing.

One of the objects of the present invention is to provide a comb of the class referred to embodying teeth having, ducts for conducting the medicament or dressing to the scalp, which teeth have their scalp engaging ends so positioned as to insure of the enagement or contact of all of the teeth with the scalp as the comb is moved over the scalp,

thus effecting a certain and direct application of the medicament or dressing to the scalp and avoiding waste.

Another object ofhe invention is to so arrange the delivery ends of the ducts in the teeth with respect to the scalp engaging ends of the teeth as to insure against clogging of the said ends of'the ducts.

Another and important object of the 1nvention is to provide a comb of this class the component parts of which will be so constructed and arranged as to adapt the comb to be most conveniently, handled.

In the accompanying drawings illustrating the invention:

Figure 1 is a side elevation of the comb embodying my invention,

Figure 2 is. a bottom plan view of the comb,

Figure 3 is a vertical sectional view on the line X-Y of Figure 1,

Figure 4 is a perspective view of a coupling member constituting a part of the comb,

Figure 5 is a view in elevation of one end of the comb, and

Figure 6 is a fragmentary side elevation of v a modification of the invention.

a a series of teeth 2 which In the drawing the comb body is indicated by the numeral 1 and is made of any suitable. waterproof material such as hard rubber, celluloid or the like, molded in one piece. The back of the comb is formed with are tapered toward their ends and are of successively decreasing length from each end of the series so that the ends of the teeth are located on a curved line to provide for contact of the ends of all of the teeth with the scalp in the use of the comb. The teeth have ducts 3 which open at their outer ends through the ends 1926. Serial No. 187,128.

of the respective teeth and, at their inner ends communicate with a duct 4 formed in the back of the comb and opening at one end through one end of the said back of the comb. A coupling 5 has a screw threaded shank fitted into a threaded enlargement of the said end of the duct 4 and a washer 6 is fitted to the said shank and is compressed between the said end of the back of the comb and a polygonal head 7 which is formed upon the coupling and to which a wrench may be applied in connecting the parts. The head 7 extends beyond all sides of the back of the comb to permit it to be readily engaged when it is desired to apply or remove the coupling; The outer end of the coupling has a bead 8 over which may be fitted the neck of a'bulb 9 of soft rubber. By reference to Figure 3 of the drawings it will beobserved that the scalp engaging end of each tooth 2 is slightly recessed in one side as indicated by the numeral 10, so that the delivery end of thevduct 3 will be located slightly above the extremity of the tooth and the medicament or dressing will be delivered downwardly, and at the rear side of the said scalp engaging end of the tooth. Therefore, when the comb is passed through the hair and over the scalp in a position with the side which is illustrated in Figure 1 constituting the advancing side, dandrufi or other foreign matter upon the scalp or in the hair w1ll not charge ends of the ducts 3 which would be the case if these ducts opened directly through the lower ends of the teeth. Preferably the end teeth of the series are devoid of ducts although this is not an essential feature of the invention.

In the modification illustrated in Figure 6, the back of the comb is provided at its end to which the bulb is to be connected, with an integral neck neck of the coupling 5 over which the bulb isfitted.

Having thus described my invention wh at I claim as new and desire to secure by Letters Patent is:

A comb of the class described comprising a back having a duct therein enlarged and threaded at one end of the back, teeth extending from the said back and having ducts be liable to clog the dis- 5 corresponding to the Hill 2 w 1,aao,ea1

therein communicating at their upper ends a washer upon the shank between the said with the duct in the bac a coupling having end of the back and the enlargement, and a a, shank removably threaded into the enbulb fitted to the outer end ofxthe coupling 10 larged end of the duct in the said comb back and held thereon by the bead.

5 and provided at the outer end with a bead, In testimony whereof I aflix my signature.

the coupling having a polygonal enlargement extending beyond all sides of said back, OSCAR O. OLSON.

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U.S. Classification132/114
International ClassificationA45D24/00, A45D24/26
Cooperative ClassificationA45D24/26
European ClassificationA45D24/26