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Publication numberUS1687217 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 9, 1928
Filing dateJan 13, 1928
Priority dateJan 13, 1928
Publication numberUS 1687217 A, US 1687217A, US-A-1687217, US1687217 A, US1687217A
InventorsPhilip Kurtz
Original AssigneePhilip Kurtz
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Golf game board
US 1687217 A
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` P. KURTZ G0151' GAME BOARD Filed JanA 15 1928 Oct. 9, 1928.

Patented Oct., 9,` 1.928.




Application led January 13, 1928. Serial NoA 246,427.

My invention relatesto a new and useful f golf game board particularly adapted "for v practicing golf putting, which in addition todeveloping thek accuracy and efliciency of 1 '15 board of a 'simple and durable construction and .one which can be manufactured and distributed at a minimum cost.

-To the above ends, my invention consists of 'an inclined, hinged front member, which when unfolded leads to a horizontall putting, 'green or area, a gutter surrounding the latter, and a rear guard rail orwall surrounding t-he rear and sides f said putting green.

My invention further consists in providing 'said inclined, hinged front-member with a rear pendant Harige at its juncture with the horizontal putting green or area, whereby the angular or inclined relation of said front (member to said yputting green is properly maintained at all times regardless of the condition-or unevenness of the ioor or ground on which the golf game board is supported or placed.

My invention further consists of various other novel features of construction and advantage all as will be. hereinafter described and pointed out in the appended claims. y For the purpose of illustrating my invention I have shown in the accompanying drawings one form-thereof whichis at present. preferred by me,'since the same has been` found in Vpractice to give satisfactory and reliable results, although it is to be understood that'the same is susceptibleof modification in various particulars without departing' from the spirit or scope of thev invention or sacrificing any of its advantages.

In the accompanying drawings. Figure 1, representsa perspective view of 50 a novel golf game board, embodying my in- "vention, shown in actual'use vor in unfolded condition.

. Figure 2, re resents a perspective view of. the same in fo dedl or knock-down-condition. Figure 3, represents a section on line .3--3

Figurei, represents on an enlarged scale,

a perspective viewof one of the hingemembersdetached. Referring to the drawings, in which like reference characters indicate like parts, 1 designates my novelgolf game board com\ prising the front inclined hinged member 2, the base Imember 3, the horizontally disf posed putting green area or member 4 and the 4 preferably composed of a single4` integral member which may be made of wood and 'suit ably secured tothe base 3,' and is, provided vwith .the cups or depressions 5, which are numbered 1 to 9 Ainclusive which represent and correspond to the-holes on a nine hole golf course andwhich are adapted` to ,receive the putted-golf balls. The number of the holes 5 may be increased'or diminished according to requirements. Wall y6 is preferably made of an integral piece` of sheet metal and is secured to the base 3 by the screws or similar fastening devices?. The putting "reen 4 is of a smaller area than the base 3 w lereby a gutter or, groove 8 is formed intermediate said putting green and the guard rail or wall lmhich is adapted to arrest the balls that miss the cups to 1 to 9,-said gutter being formed of a rear portion The rear guardl g 'o5 rear guard rail or wall 6. The putting green and theY side portions 9, which are closed at their front ends bythe ends of the pendant flange 15 at the rear of the front inclined'.

Y member 2 which is of a length VIequal tothe length of the base 3 as will be understood from` Figs. 1 and 2. The front inclined mem vber 2 is hinged or pivotally mounted on they front endsof the guard wall 6" by means of t-he pivot pins 10, each of which pass through the hole l1-of the arm 12 of the hinge 13, the front transverse armllli of which is suitably vsecuredaswby welding to t-he underside. ofthe front inclined member 2 as will besinderstood from Fig. `1. The front inclined member 2 is provided with lthe rear, pendant, right angled ange 15, already referred to, which when the golf board is in use, that is, when the front inclined member is lin position shown in Fig. 1, abuts against the front 1 edge 16 ofthe base 3, so as to form a'contmuation of the putting green .4, and to maintain lthe front member 2 alwaysI inithe proper in clined relation with `respect to the putting green 4,regardless ofthe condition of the floor or ground on which the device is positioned. 1When the device is not in. use the front inclined member 2 is folded'inwardly over the putting green member 4, as seenw in Fig. 2, thus making ,a very compact package and facilitating the packaging, carrying or storing thereof.

In the practical embodiment of my invention, the base member 3 canbe made of Wood- )ory thin sheet metal and the putting green area 4 is preferably made of Woodvhaving the holes 5 bored or 'cut therein in staggered order substantially as seen in Fig. 1. The guard vreadily stamped outl of thin sheet metal or pressed to thedesired contour. The arm 14 of the hinged member 13 is preferably Welded Ato the under side of the inclined member 2 so that the latter andthe hinges are rigidly and effectively secured together asa unitary structure. The hinging of the inclined member 42 of the front of the board is so effected that when said member 2 is unfolded, the pendant fflange 15 Will accurately abut against the front Wall 16 of the board4, as seen in- Fig.4 3, so that the top surfaces of the inclined` member 2 andthe putting green area 4 will form a continuation of each lother when lthe putted golf ball is propelled towards the Y lholes 5. The" numbers as 1 to 9 inclusive can be stamped on discs inserted in the holes 5er they can be stamped directly on the top exposed surfaces of the bottom board member '3. 'By prolonging ,the pendant' flange 15 so that it extends across the lfront ends of the side gutters 9, the balls are retained Within said side 'gutters so that they can be readily removed.

The device constructed in the manner shown is very light and portable and the board can be readilyy packed in a suitable cover or carton so as to be'readily transported by the user.

It will thus be seen that I have devised a novel golf game boardwhieh can be usedfor practice outdoors and indoors, thus `enabling golf enthusiasts to practice their game the year round, regardless of weatherconditions and-which affords an amusing and healthful exercise. It will also be seen that I have provided a durable and inexpensive golf game board which'will' be Within vthe reach ,of all golfers and which will have a wide range of usefulness and serviceability.

I am aware that the invention maybe embodied in other ,specific forms without departin from the spirit or essential attributes thereof, and I therefore desire the present embodiment to be considered in all respects'as illustrative and not restrictive, reference beside gutters formed ing had to the appended claims rather than to the foregoing ldescription to indicate the scope of the invention.

Having thus described my invention, what I claim as new and desire to secure by Letters Patent is:

.1. In a foldable golf `game ting green area having holes therein, a rear gutter therefor merging into side gutters, a guard rail surrounding said gutters, and a front inclined member hinged at its rear ends to the front lends of saidguard rail.

2. In a foldable golf gameboard, a putting green area having holes therein, a rear gutter therefor merging into Fside gutters, a

guard rail surrounding s aid gutters, a front,

inclined member hinged at its rear ends to the front ends of said guard rail,'and a pendant rear iange on said hinged member abutting against the front of said putting green area, when said member is in unfolded position.

board, a putlao rear and side edges of said putting green area and said guard rail, and a front inclined member havin T its rear ends pivotally supported upon the front ends of said guardrail.

4. A golf game board comprising a base portiona guard railsurrounding the rear and sides thereof, a utting green area having holes therein' and of less area .than said base 'and supported on the latter, rear and on said basebetween the rear and side edges of said putting green area and said guard rail, a front inclinedimember having its rear ends pivotally supported upon the front ends of said guard rail and a rear, pendant flange on saidinclined member abutting against the front edge of said putting green area and forming a closure for the-front ends of said side gutters when said front inclined member is in unfolded position.

5. In a foldable golf game board, 'a putting green area having holes therein, a rear gutter therefor merging into side gutters, a

iard rail surrounding said gutters, a front inclined member and anintegral hinge having a longitudinal, rearwardly extending member adapted to be pivotally secured to the front end of said guard rail and having a transverse, laterally extending member adapted to be rigidly secured to the base of said front, inclined member, hingedly to secure the latter in foldable position with rezspect to said base portion.


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