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Publication numberUS1687678 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 16, 1928
Filing dateJun 2, 1923
Priority dateJun 2, 1923
Publication numberUS 1687678 A, US 1687678A, US-A-1687678, US1687678 A, US1687678A
InventorsGeorge P Mallory
Original AssigneeSanitary Products Corp Of Amer
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Container or wrapper
US 1687678 A
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Oct. 16, 1928. 1,687,678

G. P. MALLORY CONTAINER 0R WRAPPER Filed June 2, 1925 2 Sheets-Sheet 2 fnventar:

Patented o... 16, 1928.




Application fled June 2, 1988. jerial No. 648,044.

This invention relates to boxes, wrappers, and the like, and especiall although not. exclusively, to containers or packaging articles of food. 1

The invention has for its object to rovide a simple and inexpensive package or containing or holding a quantity of material together with one or more im lements intended for use in connection wit said material, tho ackage being such as completely to enclose the material, and having means for securely holdin the implement or implements which, w en in place, serve, in turn, to lock the container or package in closed position. In a more specific a plication, the invention comprises a folde blank or wrapper constitutln a container for articles of food, whic blank, when folded, will completely enclose and rotect the food and be held locked in close position by a spoon, fork, or other table utensil intended for use when the food is consumed, said utensil not only serving to lock the packageclosed, but being itself securely retained thereon when in looking position, and said wrapper or container bein of such a character that, when unfolded, 1t will serve as a plate or tra upon which the food may be old while eing eaten by the use of said utensil.

The foregoing and other objects of the invention, together with means whereby the same may be carried into eifect, will best be understood from the following description formed by foldin of certain forms of embodiments thereof illustrated in the accompanyin drawings. It will be understood, however at the particular constuctions describe and shown have been chosen for illustrative purposes merely, and that the invention, as defined by the claims hereunto appended, may be otherwise practised without departure from the spirit and scope thereof.

In said drawings:

Fig. 1 is a plan view of the blank which constitutes the wrapper and which is folded to form and close the container.

Fig. 2 is a plan view of the container the blank shown in Fig. being shown in closed and 1, said container locked condition.

Fig, 3 is a side elevation of the container shown in Fig. 2.

Figs. 4 and 5 are sectional views taken gespectively on the lines 44 and 5-5, Fig.

Fig. 6 is a perspective view of the container shown in Fig. 2, showing the same open for use as a plate or tra Fig. 7 is a perspective view of a contalner constituting another form of the invention showing said container in closed and locked condition.

In Figs. 1 to 6 is shown a wrapper or container intended for use in connection with a small brick of ice cream, together with a spoon for eating the same, the whole constituting a package intended for use in connection with the sale of ice cream on railroad trains, at outdoor amusement places, and the like. The package is such as to onclose a brick of ice cream and keep the same in a sanitary condition, being locked closed by the spoon which is thereby securely held to the package for distribution with the ice cream.

Said container or wrapper is formed from a single blank of cardboard or other suitable material and whose form is shown in Fig. 1. Said blank comprises a central bottom panel 15 which is separated by lines of fold 16 and 17 from side and end wall panels 18 and .19, respectively, which immeiately adjoin the side and end edges of said bottom panel and are equal in width to each other and in length to the lengths of said edges, respectively. At each corner of the bottom panel 15, each of the wall anels 18 and 19 is connected at each end wit the adjacent wall anel by two small triangular sections 20 w ich are separated from the adjacent wall panels by lines of fold 21 and from each ot or by lines of fold 22. Adjoining the end wall panels 19 at their outer edges and separated therefrom by lines of fold 23, are end closure flaps 24 each of a length substantially equal to the width of the bottom panel 15, while adjoining the outer edges of the side wall panels 18, and se arated therefrom by lines of fold 25, are slde closure flaps 26 each of a length equal to that of said bottom panel, Each of the end flaps 24 is preferably of a width slightly greater than onehalf of the length of the bottom panel 15, and each of the side closure flaps 26 is preferably of a width approximately equal to or slightly less than that of said bottom paneL, The side closure flaps 26, which adjoin the two oppositeside wall panels 18, are formed .with alined pairs of slots 27 forming straps 28 integrally connected at their ends with said flaps, the straps 28 of the two flaps 26 registering with one another when the blank is folded to form and close the container, as hereinafter explained.

To form the body portion of the container, the wall panels 18 and 19 are folded upwardly along the lines 16 and 17, the triangular flaps 20 being folded inwardly along the lines 21 and outwardly along the lines 22 so as to form bellows folds at the corners of the container. The end closure flaps 24 are then folded inwardly, the ends of said flaps overlapping one another slightly, as shown in Fig. 4. The side closure flaps 26 are then folded inwardly over the flaps 24 and over one another, bringing the slits 27 and straps 28 of the two flaps into register. The spoon 30, which is preferably composed of paper or other inexpensive material, and is intended to be thrown away after use, is then inserted through the slits 27 and under the superposed straps 28, as shown in Figs. 2 to 5, thereby serving to lock the two closure flaps 26 to one another so as to lock the container closed and hold the body portion thereof in set-up condition with the wall panels 18 and 19 upright, said spoon being, at the same time, securely held by the resilience of the material in position on top of the package so as to constitute a par; thereof when the packages are distrlbute In use, the spoon 30 is removed, thereby unlocking .the closure flaps 26 from one another, and said flaps, together with the flaps 24:, are opened. The walls of the container formed by the panels 18 and 18 are then spread outwardly, as shown in Fig. 6, into flaring relationship to one another to constitute a relatively fiat plate or tray having raised edges and upon which t e ice cream may be held while being eaten by means of the spoon 30, this position of the walls being permitted by the bellows folds 20.

In Figure 7 is shown a form of the invention intended for use as a lunch package or a container for several diiferent articles of food which may be suitably wrapped and separated from one another within the container. Said container is substantially like that first described, being merely of a larger size, and comprises a bottom panel (not shown) side and end wall panels 180 and 190, end closure flaps (not shown), and side closure flaps 260, the latter having alined slits 270 to form registering straps 280, these parts being all similar in construction and arrangement to the corresponding arts in the form of the invention first descri ed. As shown in Fig. 7, the slits 270 and straps 280 are made of a suficient length to receive a aesaera plurality of table utensils suitable for. use in connection with the articles of food contained in the package. As herein shown, the said utensils comprise a spoon 300 and a fork 301 both of which are composed of paper or other inexpensive material so as to be discarded after use.

It will be seen that the invention provides a package in which the desired articles of food are securely retained in a sanitary condition against soiling or spilling even when carelessly handled, the necessary implements or utensils for use in connection with the contents of the package being securely fastened to the package so as to form a part thereof and serving to lock the same closed, said package being readily opened to render its contents accessible, and, when so opened, serving as a plate or tray upon which the contents may be conveniently disposed for use.

It will also be seen that the invention, in its broader aspects, is by no means limited to food packages, but may be employed to equal advantage for packaging other materials in connection with which a small implement or utensil is to be used.

Having thus described my invention, I claim:

1. A container comprisingl portions having superposed straps whic register with one another when said container is closed, in combination with a detachable utensil extendin under the superposed straps of both of said portions and held in place thereby while holding said containerclosed.

2. A container comprising a body portion having at op osite sides thereof flaps folded over one anot er to constitute a closure therefor, said flaps having alined pairs of slits forming registering straps, in combination with a detachable utensil extending throu h said slits and under said straps, where y said utensil is held in place on said container and holds said flaps in closed position.

3. A container com rising a body portion and a closure, said 0 osure comprising two pairs of flaps, the flaps of one pair being folded over one another to close the con-' tainer and the other pair being folded thereover and over one another, said last named flaps having straps which register with one another when the container is closed, in combination with a detachable utensil extending under the superposed straps and between the two pairs of flaps and held in place thereby while locking said flaps together. 4. A container formed from a single blank having a central portion forming the bottom of the container, side extensions extendin from the edges of said central portion an bent upwardly along said edges to form the side walls of the container, bellows folds connecting the adjacent ends of said side extensions, 9. cover flap projecting from each of said side extensions above said bellows folds and folded to form the top of the container, a pair of said flaps being slitted to form straps, and a detachable utensil insert- 5 able beneath the straps to lock the flaps together.

5. A container comprising portions which overlie one another when the container is closed and the inner of which is formed with a strap connected at its ends thereto 10 and projecting through the outer portion, in combination with a detachable utensil overlying said outer portion and extending under said strap, said utensil being held in place by said strap while holding said 15 container closed.

In testimony whereof I aflix my signature.


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