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Publication numberUS1687717 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 16, 1928
Filing dateMay 20, 1925
Priority dateMay 21, 1924
Publication numberUS 1687717 A, US 1687717A, US-A-1687717, US1687717 A, US1687717A
InventorsKeili Epstein
Original AssigneeKeili Epstein
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Surgical appliance
US 1687717 A
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Get. 16, 1928.


- Patented Oct. 16, 1928'. if

' UNITE-D s rA 1.681.111 FFICE.

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Applicationfiled May 20, 1925, Serial No. 31,673, and in Germany Kay 21, 1924.

This invention relates toa surgical appliance and more particularly to a sanitary bag for receiving infectious secretions from the urethra, as well as for receiving diseased 5 and involuntary outflowing urea.

With the sanitary bags now generally in use for the purposes above set forth, the bag when attached to the penis for receiving the' secretion flowing from the urethra, soon becomes filled with the liquid, and the contents of the bag will be in contact with the head of the penis. This results in the contamination of the organ, as well as causing considerable discomfort to the patient. Furthermore, in-

flammation and purulence result from such contact of the liquid with the penis.

One of the important objects of the present invention is to provide a sanitary bag which will overcome the above disadvantages, the

2 bag being of such construction as to permit the gradual expansion of the same under the weight of the secretion flowing from the urethra into the bag, so that the surface of the secretionwill at all times be in spaced 5 relation with respect to the head of the penis.

Another important object of the invention is to provide a sanitary bag of the above mentioned character which may be readily and easily attached, the same enabling a patient to wear the surgical appliance with comfort, the bag further preventing the, clothes of the wearer being soiled by the outflowing secretion. v

A further object is to provide the. sanitary bag of'the above mentioned character which is.simple in construction, inexpensive, strong and durable, and further well adapted for the purposes forwhich it is designated- Other objects and advantages of this in p 40 'vention' will become apparent during the course of the following description: In the accompanying drawingffforming part of this specification and in which' like numerals designate like parts throughout'th Fi 1. Is a view of the sanitary bagie I bodying my invention showing the same ts i folded or collapsed position, and p i,

Fig. 2. Is a view showingthe bag, in a slightly expanded position.-.

In the drawing, wherein for the purpp'se of. illustration is shown the referred embodiment of my invention, t e numeral 1 designates generally the sanitary bag; same being preferably formed of rubber, al-

in the outer diameter thereof is less than the thou h it is to be understood that any other suita le expansible material may be substituted therefor.

The bag includes a seriesof bellows 2. The bellows are formed by providing a plurality of spaced annular creases or folds so that the bag is normally maintained in a folded or collapsed position. The bellows 2 provide a means, whereby the bag is adapted for ex-. pansion in the manner hereinafter to be more fully described. i I f The bag is provided at its upper end with the annular rim portion 3. An annular band. or ring 3 of. a width less than the width of the aforementioned rim portion is carried by the latter. This bandor ring has its upper surface provided with an adhesive whereby the open upper end of the bag may be secured on the head of the penis. By constructing the band or ring 3 in such a manner, whereouter diameter of the rim portion, the "bag may be easily and readily grasped-at its open upper end to facilitatethe placing of theme over the head of the peniswithout touching the viscous upper surface of the securing band orring 3.

The bottom of the bag is substantially dishshaped as illustrated at 4: in the drawing. A. cavity is formed by the'construction of the bottom of the bag in themanner as-above described and in this cavity is placed a small quantity of poisonous substance which is, adapted to be readilydissolved when the same coihes in contact with the liquid in'ected into the bag and cavity provided in t e bottom thereof. The purpose of placing the poisonou's substance m the cavity is to exterminate the bacteria in-the secretion whereby the latter will not be infectiouswhen the'bag isre, moved rfrom the penis. p In;.;use,; the sanitary bag is secured or at taclid over the head-of the penis-in the manner'as heretofore more fully described. Nor

mally, the bag i s in its folded, or collapsed 0" osition, andthe small size ofthe bag makes it possible for the latter to be placed over the orifice'of the urethra, in close proximity thereto against the skin. of the gland. This is' an 1 essential feature ofthe present linvention owing to the continuous contact of the skin of the gland'fwithin the zone confined with the urine and secretions, which results in the the hardening of said portion ofthe gland. Thus the skin is no; stimulatedby the viscous subs 1 it stance, even though the remaining portion of the skin of the gland is easily irritated and very stimulative.

As the secretion flows from the urethra, the same will be injected into the expansible sanitary bag and will come. in contact with the poisonous substance contained within the cavity provided in the bottom of the bag whereby the bacteria will be killed.

The bag will automatically and gradually expand under the weight of the secretion injected into the same, the bellows 2 permitting the expansion. This will enable the surface of the liquid to at all times be maintained in spaced relation with respect to the head of the penis. When the bag has expanded to its fullest extent, the same will be capable of holding a relatively large amount of such secretions so'that it will not be necessary to remove the bag very often.

The bag will at all times be positive and cfiicient in carrying out the purposes for which it is designated. The bag will not only prevent the clothes of'the patient becoming soiled by any of the secretions, but may be worn without causing the least bit of discomfort to the wearer.

The bag, may be readily and easily attached and removed without the loss of any consider-' able length of time or labor.

In the event that the skin of th organ is diseased or destroyed, the shape ofthe annular rim portion 3 will change in such a manner as to fit over the whole of the organ together with the medicaments placed therein.

While I have shown the preferred embodiment ofmy invention,'it is to be understood that various changes in the size, shape, and

A sanitary bag of the class described comprising a cylindrical bag of substantially uniform diameter, a part-globular piece closing one end of said bag, a closure at the other end having a central opening, the Wall of said bag being corrugated at right angles to its axis so as to be foldable, the depth of the corrugations being substantially the same throughout and the inner edges of said corrugations in the -folded condition of said bag forming circles of larger diameter than said central open ing, said end closure having the opening being provided around the opening with an adhesive. I

Signed at Berlin, Germany, this 4th day of March A. D. 1925.


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