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Publication numberUS1688013 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 16, 1928
Filing dateMay 2, 1928
Priority dateMay 2, 1928
Publication numberUS 1688013 A, US 1688013A, US-A-1688013, US1688013 A, US1688013A
InventorsAbraham Greenstein
Original AssigneeAbraham Greenstein
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Adjustable headgear
US 1688013 A
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ABRAHA Gessnsrsm.

ATTORNEY Patented Oct. 16, 1928.




Application filed May 2,

My invention relates to means for adjusting the size of head gear.

Such an arrangement permits the making up of a few standard sizes of head gear and to accommodate the sameto the different sized 7 in position in the head engaging portion of the head gear.

It is a further objectof my invention to arrange the adjusting means within the cap so that no portion thereof is exposed to contact with the head of the wearer.

My invention may be best understood from the drawings, wherein, I

Figure 1 is a bottom plan view of a cap to which my invention is applied;

Fig. 2 is a cross section on the line II'II of 1; I i

Fig. 3 is a modified form of eyelet engaging' means, and

Fig. 1 is a plan view with parts being broken away and parts being in section to facilitate illustration of my invention as applied to a hat.

Referring to Fig. 1, the cap comprises a body portion 11, a head engaging portion 12, a visor 13,and a sweat band 14. The cap is provided with alining 16 that is slitted as indicated at 17, beneath the sweat band 14.

Feterring to Fig. 2, the head engaging portion 12 is turned inwardly to form a hem, within which is a stiffening band 18. A strap provided with a casing 20 that is secured to the hem and stiffening band 18, thus maintaining the strap 19 in place in the head engaging portion of the cap. The easing 20 encloses the strap 19 throughout the major portion'thcreof, but the ends of the strap project beyond the casing 20 and through the slits 17 as shown best in Fig. 1. There the strap is provided with a plurality of eyelets 21 and an eyelet engaging means 22 which in the form shown in Fig. 1 is an ordinary buckle. Thus, by varying the position 1928. Serial No. 274 450.

of the hook of the buckle 22 with respect to the eyelets, the size of the head portion of the cap is varied.

In Fig. 3 the strap 19 is shown as provided with the eyelets 21 and a hook shaped member 23 for engaging the eyelets, the member '23 being secured in a loop 24 of the strap. v

In Fig. 5 I have shown my invention as applied to a hat. The hat has a crown portion 31 and a head engagingportion 32 with a brim 33. The strap 34 is maintained adjacent the head engaging portion 32 by forming a pocket 35 in the lining'36. The pocket 35 is formed by turning the end 37 of the lining 36 inwardly so' as to surround the strap, and

then stitching the lining to the crown of the hat in a size to just accommodate the strap 34, the stitching being so located as to maintain the strap always adjacent the head engaging portion. The sweat band 38 may be provided to protect the head of the wearer from the adjusting buckle 39 of the strap 34, as described above for the cap shown in Fig. 1.

Modifications may be made in the arrangement and location of parts within the spirit and scope of my invention and such modifications are intended to be covered by the appended claims.

I claim: I

1. In a head gear, a' body portion, a head engaging portion, a lining, a strap, a casing enclosing said strap, said casing being secured in said head engaging portion within said lining, slits in said lining, the free ends of said strap projecting beyond said casing and through the slits in said lining, and having means for adj usta-bly securing the strap ends together.

' 2. In a headgear, a body portion, a head engaging portion, a lining, a sweatband within the head engaging portion, a strap, a casing enclosing the strap, said casing being secured in said head engaging portion within said lining, slits in said lining beneath said sweatband, the free ends of said strapprojecting beyond said casing and through the slits in the lining and having means for adjustably securing the strap ends together, said means also beinglocated beneath said sweatbandwhen in adjusted position.

In testimony whereof I aifix my signature.


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U.S. Classification2/195.2
International ClassificationA42B1/22, A42B1/00
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