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Publication numberUS1688134 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 16, 1928
Filing dateNov 17, 1927
Priority dateFeb 25, 1926
Publication numberUS 1688134 A, US 1688134A, US-A-1688134, US1688134 A, US1688134A
InventorsAchille Braunstein
Original AssigneeAnchor Corrugating Constructio
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Building construction
US 1688134 A
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A. BRAUNSTEIN 1 BUILDING CONSTRUCTION Original Fil ed Feb. 25, 1926 2 z ENTOE BY 3V I W k ATTORNEY Patented Oct. 16, 1928.





Original application 'filed February 25, 1928, Serial No. 90,447.v Divided and this application filed November 17, 1927.

This invention relatesto building construction, and particularly to buildings having a structural metal frame. and a metal sheathing, and aims to providea building of this character which may be easily. and economically erected. A

Inniy co-pending application filed February 25th, 1926, Serial No. 90,447, I have described and claimed a standard construction which may be applied in a uniform manner on any flat wall or roof surface of such a building. The present application, which is a division of the aforesald application, relates particularly to a construction to be used at the corners of such building.

In order that the invention may clearly be understood, I will describe in detail the specific embodiment of it shown in the accompanying' drawing which is a fragmentary horizontal-section of a corner of the building.

The frame of the building illustrated is of usual construction consisting of cornerposts, one of which 10 'is shown in the drawin .which serve to support horizontal si e beams 13. v a

The frame is covered with a metal sheathing of rectangular galvanized metal sheets, two of which, 0, 0",.are shown in section in the drawing.

The sheets 0,0" are hung on the side beams 13 by means of hook flanges 21, 21 and may also be bolted orfotherwise secured to the side beams by means not shown in the drawing. In placing the sheets 0, c on the frame, a

space is left between the side edges of the sheets atthe corner of the building. To provide for applying and retaining a cover-piece.

to cover this space, the side ed of each sheet at the corner of the building 13 provided with a retaining flange 26' havin the form of an angle flange spaced inwardl from the side edge of the sheet and incline at 45 to the sheet and with a cam flange 2:? extending from the edge of the le flange. -The retaining flanges and. cam anges of each sheet are integral with the sheet and are formed by Serial No 233 751.

bending the side edge portion of the sheet, first back on itself at the outer side of the sheet, then outwardly at an angle of 45 to -space between the edgesof the sheet a, c'at the corner of the building to make a water- 5 tight joint. The cover-piece 40 is made of sheet metal and has the form of a channel with its sides 41, 41 flaring outwardly from its top. At the lower edges'of the sides 451,41 of the cover-piece are engaging elements 43, 43' having the form of inturned angle flanges.

After the sheets have been placed in position, the cover-piece is snapped over the angle flanges of the sheets. This is done in the fol lowing manner. The 'coveriece 40 is first placed with one of its angle liitnges' 43 under the angle flange 26 of one of the sheets. This brings the lower edge of the other angle flange 43 of the cover-piece over the upper edge of the cam flange 27 of the other .sheet. The cover-piece is then presseddown, and, as it is made of resilient sheet material, its lower edges spread apart as it is pressed against the cam flange so that its angle flange passes over the cam flange and snaps in against the angle flange 26 of the sheet. The coveriece is then held firmly in the position in whlch it is shown in the drawing.

What is claimed is: V

In building construction, two sheets located on adjacent walls at a corner of a building,

- inturned retaining flanges at the side edges of said sheets at the corner of the building, a cam flange extending from the outer ed e of each retaining flange in a direction para llel to the sheet on which the retaining flange is formed,


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International ClassificationE04B2/58
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