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Publication numberUS1688136 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 16, 1928
Filing dateOct 10, 1925
Priority dateOct 10, 1925
Publication numberUS 1688136 A, US 1688136A, US-A-1688136, US1688136 A, US1688136A
InventorsChayes Herman E S, Jurgensen August P
Original AssigneeChayes Dental Instr Corp
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Dental tool holder
US 1688136 A
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H. E. S. CHAYES ET AL DENTAL TOOL HOLDER Filed Oct. l0, 1925 illl 'qmui" ATTORNEY Patented Get. 16, 19,28.

Unir-.ED STATE 1,688,136y S PATENT orrifct.




' 4Applicatin filed O ctcber 10, 11325,. Serial no. 61,644.

arovide an improved form of `tool holder hav-v ing a simple and eliective means forzlooking or releasing the shaft of the tooland having `means whereby the tool holding part may be secured in different ,angular positions with respect to the handle imember .of vthe holder.` i

'lillek invention consists in a dental tool holder in which the shaft .of the tool is held in place by means of a aw member normally engaging a groove in the tool sha-ft and connected with means manually operable to move `the jaw member'out of engagement -with saidgrooue to permit removal `of the tool.

The invention Aalso consists in a dental tool holder ,which comprises a tool holding part in which the tool is rotatably mounted, and a handle member, said part and member iaving cooperating joint members permitting connection of said part with said member in a plurality of dilferent angular relations.

@ther subsidiary features of the invention will be clearly set forth in the appended claims.

In the drawings, in which a preferred embodiment of the invention has been selected for illustration Fig. 1 is a View in side elevation of a dental tool holder' constructed in accordance with the invention.

F ig. 2 is a view inlongitudinal section. ofl

the tool holder shown in Fig. 1.

Fig. 3 is a plan view of aportion of the tool holder shown in Fig. l.

Fig. a is a similar plan view of the tool holder with t-he cover plate removed.

F 5 is an end view of the tool'holding part of the tool holder. i

Fig. 6 is a view in vertical section of a tool holding chuck forming part of the invention.

Referring to the drawings for a more detailed description of the invention, at 1() is shown a hollow handle or attaching member which is adapted to be fitted-to the tapering forward end of a dental drill head or handpiece 10a to forman extension thereof. The

. handle member 10 has a knurled hand-grasping portion 11 and, at its forward end, terminates ina joint member 12 inclined atan angle to the axis of the handle member. A pair-of diametrically opposite lugs ,13 on ,the

inclined face of thejoint member 12 are adapted to enter diametrically opposite slots 14 of a plurality of pairs of such slots formed, yas shown in Fig. 6, in the end face of a joint member 15 forming the terminal portion of the tool holding part 16 of the tool holder. This arrangement shown, having two pairs of slotsA lei, provides for the positioningof the drill holdingpart 16 in one of four different angular positions with re- Y., A- COR- lation tothe axis of the handle member, the

joint members being held in interlocked relation bymeans of the threaded sleeve 17..

The drill holding` pai-t1@ of the holder forms a bearing member in which a driving shaft 18 is journaled, the shaft ,terminating at its forward end Yin a wbevel pinion 19 meshing with a geared flange 2O on a tool lholding chuck or socket 21. The chuck 21 is journaled for rotation about an axis at riO'ht angles to the axis of the shaft 1S and has a bearing support at 22 in the chuck holding head 38 for its upper end, the lower end being supported by the bearing 1ne1nber23 which has a threaded engagement with an end of the bore 24; in which the chuck 21 is arranged. An oil hole 89 is provided for supplying lubricant to shaft 18 and other bearing parts.

The shaft orarbor 25 of the tool is placed l driven through a universal joint connection at 28 with a shaft 29 extending through the handle member 10 and adapted to be engaged or gripped by the chuck of the drill head or handpiece 10a on which the vhandle 10Y is adapted to be mounted. Y

In order to lock the tool shaft 25 in operative position within lthe driving chuck 217 a latching device 30 is employed which includes a pair of jaw members 31 arranged to engage within the opposite sides of a groove 32 formed in the tool shaft 25 adjacent the upper end thereof. The jaw members 31 are integrally connected withv the base 34, which is bent upwardly at the end thereof opposite the jaw members and then again bent horizontally parallel with itself as clearly shown in Fig. 2. The latching ,device so formed is slidable upon-an upper surface 33 of the part 38, within a chamber formed above this surface and normally closed by acover plate35.

The coverplate 35 has a knurled or roughened upper surface, as shown in Fig. '3, and

is attached to the latching device by meansy of the screw 36, so 'that by' pressing the cover plate rearwardly the jaws of the latch ing device may be removedfrom engagement with the tool shaft 25 and the latter maybe removed. VVhen'a, tool shaft has been inserted-in place in the chuck and the pressure on the cover plate is released, va

spring 37 returns the cover plate to closed position and also returns the latching device into position t0 hold the ltool shaft'inl place in the chuck. The cover plate is slidably mounted by having dovetailed engagement at its edges with the walls of the part 38 enclosing the chamber in which the latching device is arranged. The interior surface of the'handle memzber l0 is of tapered form to it over the forwardly converging end of a dental handpiece 10a, as shown in dotted `f as `duralumin,while the main bearing portion 16 is Vformed of stainless steel, bronze or the like.` The various joints are closely fitted and in the drill holding relation' of parts no openings are available in whichl the moisture can enter when the device is in use.

Vhat is claimed Aisz-'- f l.l In al dental angle piece, a drill-carrying memberl a chuck mountedfin Said member for receiving a drill, a recessy in said member,

a latching member slidable in said recess for` retaining the drill, said latching member having an upwardly and forwardly extending arm and a sliding cover secured to the forwardly extending arm of said latching member and Vnormally closing saidreoess.

V2. A device as set forthv in claim l-in which a spring is mounted in said recess for maintaining said cover in closed position.

In testimony whereof we aflix our signatures.



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U.S. Classification279/76, 433/128, 433/130, 433/126
International ClassificationA61C1/14, A61C1/08
Cooperative ClassificationA61C1/141
European ClassificationA61C1/14A