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Publication numberUS1688506 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 23, 1928
Filing dateMay 6, 1927
Priority dateMay 6, 1927
Publication numberUS 1688506 A, US 1688506A, US-A-1688506, US1688506 A, US1688506A
InventorsRivers Henry J
Original AssigneeRivers Henry J
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Safety clasp for watch chains
US 1688506 A
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Oct. 23, 1928. 1,688,506


IN VENTOR fifr/vn'rgf 1E7 l/E/E's'. f 411's ATTORNEY Patented Oct. 23, 1928, j


SAFETY CLASP FOR \VA'ICH CHAINSL Application filed May 6,

This invention relates to safety clasps and in particularto one designed to :be used 1n connection with awatch and chain and'arranged to be attachedreleasably to the edge of the vest. c

A particular object of the invention isthe provision of a watch chain vest safety clasp used to protect the watch from being broken as a result of its falling out of the pocket of the vest when the same. is hung up or when the clasp is secured to the vest,-the watch prevented from falling to the grou-ndwhe'n the wearer stoops overas is commonly the case in the use of ordinary watch chains that are extended'across the vest from pocket to pocket to display the same.

A further particular object of my invention is to provide a'clasp which will retard the action of a pickpocket and will give warn-.

2 ing and also one which'can be made to serve as an ornament to hold lodge insignias so that they can be worn in connection with the watch chain instead of the coat lapel and also'to hold initial signets whichwere formerly-worn on rings'and lockets and other ornamental de It is evident, also,'that my invention may be used in a variety of different ways andone of the most important objects being-the prothe vest and which is positioned centrally of the watch chain and towhlch any part cular of the watch chain to give the ornamental ef fect desired. v p

To enable others skilled in the artto fully comprehend the underlying'features that they may embody the same in thevarious inodifica tions in structure and relation contemplated, a drawing depicting a preferred form has been anneXed'as a part of this disclosure and in such drawings, similar reference characall the views, of which,

Figure 1 is a view in perspective. showing the watch chain as it would appear when worn having embodied thereinm'y improved safety clasp.

Figure 2 vision of a clip which may engage the edge of ters denote corresponding parts throughout prevent SGPHIfltlOII of the jaw members ofthe is a view in perspective of the 1927:. Serial No. 189,385


clasp showing. the construction thereof and showing how'. the chain is secured thereto.

Figure 3 is a view in longitudinal section, the-particular safety clasp as shown in Figure 2, the ornamental member being used in con-.

nection with the clasp and its attachment thereto being illustrated. j

Figure 4 is a View of a modified form of clasp having secured thereto the retaining plate to which isalsosecured alocketshowing how'the same may be used'in connection with a watch chain andisafety clasp, and

.Figure 5 is a plan viewof the device shown in Figure 4, the locket being illustrated asit would appear upon the vest of the wearer.

. Referring to the. drawings in detail, 5 indicates ,a watch chainof the well known variety.

to one end of which is secured the watch 6, po-

sitioned in the pocket of the vest 7 of the wearer, the other end of the chain being arranged to hold a knife or other useful article i which is usually positioned in the opposite pocket- 8 of the vest; It is of courselundei v stood that the chain 5 extends across the chest of the wearer and heretofore has" not only hung loosely across the chest of the wearer but has not been securedto the'vest in any manner so that theft is prevented or the watch is prevented from falling to the groundand breaking. 1

'With thisimprovement in'mind, I have 7 provided a clip member orsafety clasp which 'comprises a lower jaw member 9 which is turned up at its forward end as at 10 to provide teeth, the forward end also intermediate the teeth being provided with an extended portion 11 in which is'formed an eye 12and to which the chain has connection tothe jaw member 9, the opposite endof the 'jaw'being provided with an extended "portion 13 in which an eyealso is formed, the chain at that end being indicated by -the" numeral 14; and being connected to the eye in the usual'manner. This bottom jaw 9 or member is provided with side ears 15 to which is secured depending cars 16 of anupper jaw member 17, the depending ears 16 and upstanding ears 15 being pivotally connected through the medium of-a pivot pin 18 which passes there through andis headedat the opposite side to clipor clasp'. This pin 18 being arrangedto carry a coil spring 19, the ends of which abut on the front edge of the upper jaw member 17 I} and 011 the front edge of the lower 1' aw mem her 9 are normally, in contact. This, of course,

is readily understood and bemg necessary so that the clasp may grip the edge of the vest to hold the device in position thereon. V

In order to arrange an nsignia in pos tlon on the clasp, I have shown ablank insignia plate 20 which is offancitul shape and which may represent a lodge emblem, society emblem or any other device of an ornamental nature, it being ofcourse understood that this plate 20 is used for illustration purposes only and no ornamentation has been applied thereto except as shown in the perspective. in Fig-r ure 1 to give an idea how the: insignia might look it in position on the vest of the wearer.

The plate 20 at one end 11 is provided with an opening 12 in which the watch'chain 5 is connected, the opposite end '13 of the plate out oftlie' locket plate and being -forced through the openings 22in the upper, :jaw

" member 17 so as to hold theiplatein solid connection with theclip member indicated. generally as at 25 and.formedidentically as above described with, the exception of the chain holding extensions, which in this instance are provided on the ends of the. plate 24,-as illustrated. V I a The locket may be made of; any desired con- -struction and may includethe case 26 and cover 27 lll Wlll ch is held the transparent i member 28 and picture orv ornamentation 29,

it being of course understood that the bottom of the locket is soldered or otherwise suitably secured to the locket plate 24 and thus does not take up the tension of the chain and is not subject to pull, the pulls of the chain being directly through the locket plate-24 which is securedthrough the medium of the tongues 3,. as before described'to the clip members.

It is evident that the locket may be of any suitable size and in every instance the ornamental member is sufficient to cover or con 'ceal the clip member so that it is not evident that the chain is being held in position on the vest and the insignia is properly displayed;

Itis also evident that I have provided a safety clasp for use in connection with vests and arranged to hold a chain, as a watch chain of the Valdeniartype or any other type watch chain which will prevent the watch from beingbrolren by reason ofits falling out of the pocketand whichwill prevent the watch from becoming separated from the vest when thevest isthrown over the back of a chair or is hung in a closet or otherwise not in use. a r. a

It'is further evident'that it-prevents the stealing of the watch. because any tug on the watch chain will be felt by the wearer and also the watch chain. is rendered more ornamental. by reason of the addition thereto of aninsignia, lodge emblem orqothenorna mental featurei .7

Itis evident therefore, that I have provided a clip which will add to 'theappearance of the wearer and one which may be madciup at small cost, which may be usedwith a plurality of difl'erent emblems and one which may be adaptedtoruse with interchangeable emblems, lockets or other insignia.

lVhile I have illustrated and described my invention with some degree of particularity, I realize that in practice variousalterations therein may be made. It-hereforereserve the i right and privilege 'of'changingthe form of the deta1ls oi construct1on orotherwise-alterwithout departing from the spirit of the-invention or the scope of thev appended claims. Having thus described my invention what Iclaim as new anddesire to secure by United States Letters Patent is,: v

1. A clasp, for joining: the sections 'ot a ing the arrangement of the correlated parts watch chain comprising pivoted upper and V lower gripping jaw members for engaging the cloth ng, a springtornormally urging the aw members together and an insi nia menn ber secured to the upper one of said gripping members and arranged to conceal the same, and said insignia memberbeing provided Wltli openings tor rece1v1ngtheend link of thechain sect-ions. y

2. A clasp tor oining the'secti'ons-ofi a watch chain comprising pivoted :upper' and lower gr pplngfmembers,adapted to grip the 7' edge of a garment, the upper. member having openings therein, a plate, lips on the plate arranged to enter; the openings tosecurethe plate .tlleilppei' memben together and an ornamentalmemberv on sai'dplate and the plate being providedavith openings for receiving the end links of thechain'sections. i

3. A clasp for joining the sections of; a.

watch chain comprising pivoted upper and lower gripping members, a spring :for cause ingthe members to normally grip the edgeof a garment, the upper member havingopen: ings therein, a plate, lips-punchedout of the plate and arranged to enter theopenings-to secure the 7 plate and the upper member to gether a locket member secured to'said-jplate", and the plate bemgprovided"with openings for receivin'g the end links of the chain sections. i

' In testimony whereoftIafliX my signature HENRY J. RIVERS.- [n s:]

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