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Publication numberUS1688765 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 23, 1928
Filing dateNov 10, 1926
Priority dateNov 10, 1926
Publication numberUS 1688765 A, US 1688765A, US-A-1688765, US1688765 A, US1688765A
InventorsManuel Veras
Original AssigneeManuel Veras
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Holder for nursing bottles
US 1688765 A
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Oct. 23, 1928.

Filed Nov. 10, 1926 IN VENTOR 26a) Y/wa 8 A ORNE Y ing bottle.

Patented Oct. 23, 1928.



Application filed November 10, 1926. Serial No. 147,541.

This invention relates to holders for nursing bottles arranged with a clamp to releasably mount the same upon a support, such as a baby carriage, chair or crib and when clamped to the support adapted to be adjusted to variable positions upon its clamping support, and it is the object of the invention to provide a holder for this purpose which is simple and compact in structure, readily a'd justableand efficient in use.

In carrying out the invention I provide an arm embodying longitudinally adjustable or extensible sections adapted to be secured in adjusted position with a bottle support pivotally connected to the end of one of said arm sections and means to'connect the arm at the end of the other section to aclamp to have adjustment about and transverse to its axis, and it is a further object of the invention to provide an improved bottle support to adapt it to conform to different shapes of bottles, to means for pivotally mounting the bottle support upon the arm whereby it is yieldingly retained in adjusted position, to improved means for connecting the arm to the clamp, and to an improved constructed and arranged clamp to mount the holder upon a support.

In the drawing accompanying and forming a part of this specification Figurel is an elevational view of my improved holder for nursing bottles, showing the same clamped or mounted upon a support and holding a nurs- Figure 2 is a View on an enlarged scale taken on the line 2-2 of Figure 1 looking in the direction of the arrow to show the arrangement of the bottle support and the manner of pivotally mounting it upon one arm section.

Figure 3 is a side elevation of the clamp support, the same being partly in section to show the mounting of the arm thereon to have adjustment about and transversely to the axis of the arm.

Figure 4 1s a perspective new of one of i the jaws of the clamp support; and

Figure 5 is a perspective view of one end portion of a member of the bottle support and one of the members for supporting the same upon the arm, the parts being shown in disassembled relation.

In the embodiment illustrated I provide an extensible or' longitudinally adjustable arm comprising a vrod 6 to telescope into a tubular member 7 and adapted to be releasably secured in adjusted position by a thumb screw 8 threaded'into an opening in a collar 9 fixedto the-end of the tube and impinging against the rod within the tube.

A support for a bottle B is pivotally mounted on one endof the rod to have adjustment on an axis transverse of the rod and comprises a pairof strips 10 of curved form with one end bent laterally and the extremity reduced in width and perforated, as shown at 11 in Figure 5, said strips being mounted on the end of'rod 6 by a pair of angle members or brackets 12 by engaging the re'-' duced ends 11 of the strips in correspondinglyformed perforations 12' in one angle portion of said members withthe perforation in said reduced strip ends in alined and spaced relation with a perforation 13 in the other angle portion, as shown in Figure 2, the angle portion of the brackets 12 having the perforation 13 being juxtaposed at opposite 1 same may be shaped to conform to the shape of bottles of various form. A cushioning material 18 is arranged upon the inner surface of the strips comprising a ribbon or strip of fabric, such as felt, and secured to the strips 10 by rivets or eyelets 19.

To releasably'mount the holder upon a support, shown in a conventional manner at S in Figure 1, and constitute a part of a crib, baby carriage or chair, a clamp is provided as shown in Figure 3 and comprising a pair of members 20, 21 formed of sheet metal to arrange the same with oppositely disposed perforated ears 22 and 23 pivotally connected by engaging the cars 22 over the cars 23 and passing a headed screw 24 through the ear perforations from onev side and threading a nut 25 on the end. The clamp member-20 is arranged with two pairs of pivot perforaat one side of the pivot support are arranged as jaws 26, 27 for engaging and gripping opposite sides of the support S. To move thejaws to and retain them in support grip-' screw abutting against the other clamp member the jaws will be moved in a direction toward each other or support clamping position and will be held against spreading movement, and to release the jaws the screw is rotated in reverse direction .to screw it outward away from and out of abutting relation to the clamp member 21.

The bottle support carrying arm is mounted on the clamp to have adjustment about the longitudinal axis of the arm and transversely thereof and adapted to be secured in adjusted position. For this purpose the end of the clamping member 21 opposite the jaw is extended beyond the end of the other clamp member and formed to tubular shape, as shown at 29, for the rotatable engagement of the reduced end 30 of a connector for the arm,

- the connector being retained in the part 29 by a thumb screw 31 threaded into said member engaging in an annular recess 32 in the reduced connector end. By loosening this screw the connector may be rotated in or removed from the part 29, and by tightening the screw the connector is held against movement. To mount the arm upon the connector to have adjustment on a transverse axis the opposite end of the connector is arranged with a bifurcation 33 the opposite legs of which have ali'ned perforations. A block 34 is fixed in the end of the tubular arm section 7 and has a perforated flattened portion 35 for engagement in the bifurcation 33 and pivotally mounted therein by a thumb screw 36 passing through the perforations in one bifurcation legand the plug 34 and threaded into'the other bifurcation leg. By loosening the screw the arm may be adjusted about the same and by tightening up on the screw the arm will be clamped in adjusted position. To

prevent the jaws from marring the support to which the holder may be clamped the inner faces of the jaws'are provided with a cushioning material 37, such as-a stri of fabric or felt secured to the jaws by rivets for overlapping engagement with the ears of the other lever, a bolt engaged in the perforations of the overlapped lever ears to pivotally connect the levers, a thumb screw threaded into an opening atthe end of one lever opposite the jaw to have adjustment in a direction transverse to the pivotal connection of the levers with the end of the screw adapted to abut the end of the other lever opposite the jaw to position the lever jaws relative to each other for securing the clamp in support engaging position, and the end of the other lever opposite the jaw end arranged with an extended tubular portion, and a coupling member having pivotal connection with the bottleclamp carrying rod mounted in the tubular extension of the lever end for adjust ment about the axis of said tubular extension.

Signed at the city of New York, in the county of New York and State of New York, this 15th day of October, 1926.


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International ClassificationA61J9/06
Cooperative ClassificationA61J2009/0638, A61J9/06, A61J2009/0661
European ClassificationA61J9/06