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Publication numberUS1688868 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 23, 1928
Filing dateJun 11, 1927
Priority dateJun 11, 1927
Publication numberUS 1688868 A, US 1688868A, US-A-1688868, US1688868 A, US1688868A
InventorsHorton George T
Original AssigneeHorton George T
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Gas holder
US 1688868 A
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Oct. 23, 1928. 1,688,868

G. T. HoRToN Guias HOLDER Filed 'June 11, 1927 3 sheets-sheet 1 Oct. 23, 1928. 1,688,868

G. T. HoRToN GAS HOLDER Filed June 11. 1927 3 Sheets-Sheet 2 Oct. 23, 1928. 1,688,868

G. T. HoRToN GAS HOLDER Filed June 11, 1927 5 Sheets-Sheet 3 Patented Oct. 23, 1928.




Application ined June 11, 1927. seria1 No, 198,245.

This invention relates to improvements ih gas holders, and more especially to such a device adapted for use in storing relatively vlarge quantities of gas; for example, my improved gas holder maytake the place of the common telescoping water sealed gas holders now commonly used by gas companies.

My improved gas holder is similar to those shown in my prior Patents Nos. 1,621,929 and 1,621,984, both of March 22, 1927, andhas all of the advantages of the gas holders there shown. i

Among the features of this invention is `the provision of such a gas holder as can be economicallyv and easilyfbuilt, and. which is durable, istrong and rigid.i My improved gas holder as here shown, is adapted to hold a considerable amount of internal gas pressure; and is so constructed and braced that variations in such pressure, or entire absence thereof, will not cause undue distortion, bending,

, or warping of the holder.

' Other featureszand advantages of my invention will vappear more fully as I proceed with my specification.

In that, form of the device embodying the features of my invention shown in the accompanying drawings, Figure 1 is a view partly in side elevation and partly in section, Fig. 2 is a view partly in top planand partly in section, Fig. 3 is a top view of the foundationsand legs, and Fig. 4 is a view taken as indicated by the line 4 of Fig. 1.

As shown in the drawings, the gas holder comprises a spherical shell 10 made up of plates 11 properly curved and shaped to form a sphere when fastened together. The plates 11 are here shown as joined atftheir edges by butt-straps 12 on vthe outside. Similar straps (not shown) may be provided on the inside if desired. The shell plates may be joined to the straps in any suitable manner, as for example by riveting or welding.

The shell 10 is entirely supported by six supporting legs 13 set on the concrete piers or foundations 14. The legs 13 may be of any suitable construction. For example, they are here shown as including a pair of side plates 13a joined by two plates 15, 15 spaced from each other and arranged at right angles to the side plates 13a. The lupper edges of the sidey plates 13a are curved to conform to the curva- V ture of the shell and attached to the shell by i ,4. the angle irons 16.

I shall now describe vthe means for stilfening, and bracing the shell in order to make it more rigid and prevent distortion fromvvariations in pressure. Such stiffening means include curved beams or girders 17, 17 here shown as formed of two angle irons placed back to back. There may be any number of these girders as desired; but I prefer to place one adjacent each of the legs 13. These girders are attached to the inner wall of the shell and preferably extend from substantially the top of the shell to substantially the bottom. In the particular embodiment here shown, I have provided the shellwith six legs and with six of such curved stifening braces 17. Each of these extends athrough an arc'of substantially `180o When these stifening braces 17 are placed adjacent the points of attachment of the legs 13, they not only serve to braceand stiften the shell against distortion but also serve to prevent the shell from buckling or being pressed in where the legs are attached. Since the beams 17 thus prevent the shell from being pressed in by the legs where they are attached, such legs may be attached on the line of a circle considerably smaller upon a great circle of the shell, that is, thelegs may be brought in aconsiderable distance from the equator thus making the legs shorter, and conserving space in the vicinity of the gas holder.

While I have shown and described certain embodiments of my invention, it is to be understood thatit is capable of many modifications. Changes, therefore, in the construction and arrangementmay be made without departing from the spirit and scope of the invention disclosed.` in the appended claims, in which it is my intention to claim all novelty in my invention as broadly as possible in view of the prior art.

What I claim as new, Letters Patent, is:

1. A gas holdercomprising a substantially spherical shell substantially supported by supporting legs resting on foundations and attached at their upper ends to the shell on the line of a circle lying in a horizontal plane and having a diameter substantially less than the and desire to secure by diameter of a great circle of said shell, and

vertically arranged curved stiening membersattached to the inner wall of said' shell one of said stiffening members bein adjacent each supporting leg.

2. A- gas holder comprising a substantially g arranged of said shell to substantially the bottom there` Jof, one of said stiffening members4 being arranged adjacent each of said supporting legs.' `10 spherical shell supported on legs, and a pluf In testimony whereof, I have hereunto Set 5 rality of vertically arranged curved sti'enin my hand this 9 day of June A. D. 1927.

members attached to the inner lWall of Said f v Ashell and extending from substantially the top GEORGE T. HORTN.

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International ClassificationF17C3/00
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