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Publication numberUS1689396 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 30, 1928
Filing dateMar 8, 1927
Priority dateMar 8, 1927
Publication numberUS 1689396 A, US 1689396A, US-A-1689396, US1689396 A, US1689396A
InventorsLang Caroline Elizabeth
Original AssigneeLang Caroline Elizabeth
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Waterproof bathing case
US 1689396 A
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Patented Oct. 30, 1928.



Application led March 8, 1927. Serial No. 173,623.

rl`his invention relates more particularly to a waterproof case or container in which swimmers and bathers may carry with them various articles, which, without such protection, would be spoiled or injured by becoming wet, and thereby rendered useless.

The primary object, therefore, of my improvement is to provide a ,waterproof bathing case, which may be conveniently carried by 40 bathers,`the case being adapted to fully proF tect various articles which it may be desired to carry along, not only from wetting but from being crushed. Many such articles are often desired or required to be carried along,

5 and my improved waterproof case is particularly adapted for this purpose, since it offers the utmost protection. For instance a bather, after swimmingl a considerable distance out to rocks or a distant float, may desire to rest and smoke a cigarette. With my improved waterproof case, it will be seen. that cigarettes and' matches may be readily carried by the bather without becoming wet or crushed, and

are available for use at any convenlent time, V15 thereby avoiding the necessity of parking or hiding such articles at some convenient place or cache where they may be dug up or recovered after coming out of the water.

A further object is to provide a waterproof bathing case adapted to prevent wetting of and aford complete protection for a powder puff and compact or other cosmetics, which may be required by the bather irnmediately upon coming out of the water, and it will be understood that my improved waterproof case is particularly adapted for such service. A further object is to provide means for readily attaching the waterproof bathing case to the bather, so that it will not interferel with swimming and, at the same time, will be readily accessible when the batherv desires to use any of the articles stored within and protected by the waterproof case. Preferably, the attachment support for the case is provided as a garter or arm band, although, obviously, it may be attached to the cap or belt or any part of the bathing suit and any other suitable methodiof attachment may be provided.v o

It will be understood that in protecting cigarettes and other-articles liable to be crushed, the container or receptacle of Vmy improved bathing case should be capable of withstanding considerable pressure without itself being crushed and, therefore, the container in my waterproof case is preferably made of metal, liber, stili leather, or other suitable material, such as will be light and strong and offer sulicient resistance to crushing to fully protect the articles enclosed therein.

For the purpose of illustrating my improvement, one form thereof is shown 1n the accompanying drawings, in which Fig. 1 shows a perspective view of my waterproof bathlng case with an attaching band; Fig. 2 is a vertical transverse section, with the waterproof enclosing jacketopen at the top; and F 1g. 3 is a vertical section, with the supporting or attaching band broken away, showing the case in sealed position, the form of contamer or inner receptacle being slightly different from that shown in Fig. 2. i

My improved waterproof bathing case, as shown in Figs. 1 and 2, preferably comprises a receptacle or container A, which may be formed of sheet metal, liber or other suitable relatively stiff material. In the form shown in section in Fig. 2, the receptacle A has an open end at B, which is adapted to be closed a lid C, telescoping over the end, as illustrated. The usual pressed-out bead D may be provided for limiting the telescoping` movement of the lid C. The receptacle or container A, in the present instance, isshown as enclosed by a jacket E of waterproof material, such as rubber or the like, this jacket being preferably formed as a bag with a rectangular bottom at F, corresponding in shape to a cross section of the receptacle A. The jacket E may be made of sheet rubber with all seams cemented or vulcanized or it may beA molded to form.

It will be understood that the protecting 'acket E of waterproof material, is preferably of rubber, so as to be highly elastic, and is shaped to closely fit the outer surface of the container A, so that when drawn over the latter, as indicated in Fig. 2, the joint at G, between the receptacle and the lid, will be sealed water-tight, thus absolutely preventing the contents of the container from becoming water soaked. The dotted lines at H in Fig. 2 indicate the position of the container A at a time when it is partially in- 105 serted into or removed from the waterproof jacket E.

To further protect the container A and to t closely over said receptacle so as to form a watertight seal between said members and means for attaching the bathing case to the bather.

3. The Waterproof bathing case as-claimed in claim 2, in which said rubber jacket comprises an open ended bag with a rectanfrular 10 bottom, the open end of said bag eing adapted to be folded upon itself to enclose the receptacle and a snap fastener is rovided1 for holding the folded end of the ag close CAROLINE ELIZABETH LANG.

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International ClassificationA45C11/22
Cooperative ClassificationA45C11/22, Y10S206/819, Y10S206/811
European ClassificationA45C11/22