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Publication numberUS1689497 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 30, 1928
Filing dateSep 13, 1927
Publication numberUS 1689497 A, US 1689497A, US-A-1689497, US1689497 A, US1689497A
InventorsJohn F. Mobgal
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os cleveland
US 1689497 A
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Oct. 30, 1928.

J.. F'. MRGAL lVACUUM CLEANER Filed Sept. 13, 1.927

In Venti/@1^ I John F." Tliorad by His #thorn eyf Patented Oct. 30, i928.


VACUUM Application led September The present invention relates to vacuum cleaners and especially to vacuum cleaners oit' the portable type and which comprise a suction nozzle and a power driven means :for creatina` the suction in the nozzle,

In connection with such cleaners, it is desirable to provide in the suction nozzle a means which operates on the surface ot the rug,v or carpet to disturb the nap oit the ruf; or carpet so to loosen the particles ot dirt and other foreign matter embedded 'therein to enable the suction to draw out such particles.

The object ot' my invention is to provide an improved construction and arrangement foroperating on the nap ot a rug` or carpet ttor spreadingI the nap and thereby loosening,` the dirt so as to enable the saine to be picked up by the suction ot the cleaner, and ttor a consideration ot what l believe to be novel and my invention attention is directed to the following` speciiicz tion and the claims appended thereto.

ln the drawing, Fig. l is a perspective view with parts broken away, ot a vacuum cleaner embodying' my invention; Fig. 2 is a section taken on line 2-2, Fig. l; Fig. 3 is a detail perspective view ot a Inodiiication; Fig. 4 is a detail perspective view ot a further modilication; and Fig. 5 is a detail perspective view ot another modification.

In the drawing', l have illustrated my invention as applied to vacuum cleaners ot the electric motor driven type. lt is to be understood, however, that the invention is not limited necessarily to this type ot cleaner although it is especially adapted tor use in connection with such type.

Referring,- to the drawing, i. indicates the electric motor ol a vacuum cleaner; 2 indi Cates the tan casing; indicates Athe suction fan carried by the shaft ot motor l; fl indicates the suction nozzle; 5 indicates the dust bag; and G" indicates` the handle ot a vacuum cleaner. The type ot cleaner indicated is a known one, and its speciiic construction as so tar desc ibed -forms no part ot' my present invention. It is to be taken as typical o'lf any suitable vacuum cleaner which comprises a suction nozzle and a suc tion producing means.

According` to my invention, I provide in the suction nozzle ot the vacuum cleaner an agitating),l means tor the nap oft the rug or carpet which agitating means moves lon- CLEANER.

13, 1927. Serial No. 219,330.

gitudinally ot the nozzle, the movement thereof being ettected preferably by the mechanism which drives the suction creating;- means. Such agitating nzeans terms in substance a separator for separatinpY or spreading' apart the libres forming` the nap ot the rut,T or carpet and may take various Vterms and may be ar anged to move in various ways.

in Figs. l and 2 l. have illustrated an enilfiodirnent ot' the invention. wherein the agitating` means comprises an endless belt `(i upon which projecting elements 7 are fastened by suitable means suoli as rivets. The projecting' elements may take various forms. Preferably, torni them from sheetmetal ot suitable thickness, the metal being stamped up to provide a central portion tor attachment to the endless belt 6 and one or more outwardly projecting arts. rllhe endless belt (3 is mounted on suitable guide rollers 8 arranged in the suction opening` ot the cleaner and extends up over a pulley 9 mounted on the end ot' the shaft of motor l. The pulley 9 serves to drive the endless belt, and the guide rollers S serve to cause the belt to travel in a. straight line longitudinally ot the suction nozzle opening, the guide rollers being.; located in a` straight line just above the plane of the mouth ot the suction opening.

rllhe rollers 8 are located so that the agitating devices 7 will engage the rug` or carpet and disturb the nap of the same.

As is known in connection with the operation olli vacuum cleaners, the suction of the cleaner serves to litt the rug` or carpet up toward the nozzle opening` whereby the opening is sealed. The suction then serves to draw air up through the runA or carpet, the air carryingwith it the dust particles and other jloreign matter in the run or carpet. rllhe projections T, in the moving across the surface oi the rug or carpet scrape the same and serve to separate the fibres ot t-he nap, thus loosening` even deep seated particles and effecting their removal. i

In Fig. 3 is illustrated an arrangement wherein the endless belt is in the :torni of a chain l0 driven by a spur wheel ll on the end ot the motor shaft. 'lllhe chain is provided with attachment links l2 to which separators or agitators 13 are attached by rivets la. This arrangement inox/*idees a. positive drive tor the belt.,

lll() in Fig. 4; is illustrated an arrangement vherein an endless belt 15 is formed from rubber and has teeth 16 moulded on its `inner surface for engagement with a pinion 17 on the motor shaft. Pinion 17 may be formed of metal. On belt 15 are metal agitators or separators 18 and between them are arranged brush members 19.

In Fig. 5 is an arrangement similar 'to that shown in Fig, 4 except that the brush members 2O are vulcanized to the endless belt 21.

In accordance With the provisions of the patent statutes, I have described the principle ot' operation of my invention, together with the apparatus which 1 noiv consider to represent the best embodiment thereof, but I desire to have it understood that the apparatus shown is only illustrative and that the invention may be carried out by other means.

lhat Claim as neiv and desire lo lsecure by Letters Patent ot the United Sedex is 1. The combination with a vacuum cleaner having' a suction nozzle and a motor the shal't of which projects into said nozzle, ol an endless carrier in the nozzle which carrier eX- tends over said shaft and is moved lmigi'itudi` nally of the nozzle by said motor, and nap disturbing and separating means carried by said carrier.

2. The combination with a vacuum cleaner havin` .a nozzle, a tan and a motor for driving the tan. et `guide roller meanslocated adjacent to the plane et the mouth ot the nozzle. a belt on .said guide roller means. nap aeitating and separatingr means carried by said belt` and means tor driving` the belt from said motor.

1n Witness whereof, l have hereto set my band this 9th day of September` 1917.8.


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U.S. Classification15/380
International ClassificationA47L5/30, A47L5/22
Cooperative ClassificationA47L5/30
European ClassificationA47L5/30