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Publication numberUS1689939 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 30, 1928
Filing dateApr 13, 1927
Priority dateApr 13, 1927
Publication numberUS 1689939 A, US 1689939A, US-A-1689939, US1689939 A, US1689939A
InventorsWelling Matthew J
Original AssigneeCedar Corp N O
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US 1689939 A
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Description  (OCR text may contain errors)

Oct. 30, 1928.

Y M. J. WELLING MOP Filed April 15, 1927 2 Sheets-Sheet triangular in outline.

Patented Oct. 30, 1928.



0-CEDAR oonl n'. A


' Application filed April 13, 1927. Serial No. 183 28 2.

This invention relatesto a mop: and concerns itself primarily with the supporting frame for, the mop swatch and the method of attaching the mop swatch thereto.

It is an object of this invention to provide a mop that may be constructed in a simple and economical manner from sheet metaland to provide a novel method for attaching the mop swatch to the mop head, in such a way as to form a cushioning and protecting outer edge. for the mop head to prevent the mop head from marring and scoring furniture in its use.

Other and further important objects of this invention will become apparent from the following description and appended claims.

On the drawings:

Figure 1 is a top plan view of a mop. r

Figure 2 is a sectional view taken on line IIII of Figure 1.

Figure 3 is a fragmentary elevational view of the mop swatch before attachment to the mop head.

Figure 1 is a sectional view taken on line IVIV of Figure 3.

Figure 5 is a fragmentary side elevational view of the finished mop.

completed Figure 6 is a sectional view taken on line Y VIVI of Figure 5.

F igure? is a sectional view taken on line VIIVII of Figure 6.

As shown on the drawings: 1 In making a mop embodying the principles of this invention, a flat piece of sheet metal is suitably stamped to provide ahead, inclicated as a whole by the reference numeral 1, having a central raised plane portion 2, an inner peripheral groove 3 and an upstanding peripheral flange 4 extending from said groove and formed with an inwardly extending concave face 5. Said head 1 may be of any desired shape but is here illustrated as To the intermediate raised portion 2 there is secured a strap 6 hav ing an aperture 7 therein. Both theraised portion 2 and the-strap 6 are suitably stamped to provide a recess 8 in which the lower arouate end 9 of a handle socket 10 is adapted to be secured for pivotal movement.

A mop swatch indicated as a whole by the reference numeral 11 is formed by securing to a relatively wide band '12 of flexible material, such as canvas, mop strands 13. The mop strands 13 are secured to the lower portion of the band 12 by means of threads 14 se ed manner that the band 12 extends into the groove 3. A triangular-shaped ring 16,-

formed sheet metal to fit within the groove 0, 1S nextinserted into said groove 3 over the band 12 and clamped therein by frictional engagement with the edges of said groove 55. The respective adjacent ends 17 and 18 oi. the band 12 are secured together by means of a clip member 19, formed of sheet metal and stamped to conform with the contour of the peripheral flange 4. Said clip member 19 is further providedwith outwardly struck prongs 20 adapted to extend through suitably arranged apertures 21 in the peripheral. flan ge 4- to secure said clip member 19 to said flange i. with the band 12 lying ther-ebetween. It should be noted that the loop 15 of the mop strands 13 lies within the concave face of the peripheral flange -1- and together with the overlying band 12, serve as a cushion and protective covering for the flange 4 to prevent marring and scoring the furniture should the mop come into contact therewith during use.

It will be appreciated that owing to the material used and the simplicity of the method employed for making the mop, that the same may be made at very slight cost when produced on a large scale and the scope and spirit of the appended claims.

I am aware that many changes may be made, and numerous details of construction may be varied through a wide range without departing from the principles of this invention, and I therefore do not purpose limiting the patent granted hereon, otherwise than necessitated by the prior art.

I claim as my invention:

' 1. A mop comprising a mop head having a peripheral upturned edge, a mop swatch including a band having a free portion extending over said upturned edge to cover the same, and a clamping member engaging said free port-ion of the band below said edge to secure said swatch to said head.

2. A mop comprising a mop head stamped from. sheet metal and provided with an upstanding peripheral flange having an outer inwardly concave face, a flexible band, mop strands secured to a portion of said band intm'inediate the ends of said strands, and a ring meinhe' adapted to clalnpingly secure the tree portion of said hand to said mop head. whereby said hand covers said flange and the mop stranifls are crowded into the concave face of said flange to provide a cushion therefor.

25. A mop comprising a head including an upwardly extending peripheral portion, a. mop swatch disoosed ahout said portion including a hand having a tree. portion extending over the top of said peripheral portion and down alongside the inner surface of said peripheral portion. said POl'lDllGltll portion of said head being shaped to define a groove for receiving said niop swatch. and means for securing said free. portion of the hand to said head whereby said swatch is held in said groove.

4. A mop comprising a head including an u 'nyardly extending peripheral flange por- (ion and a mop swatch disposed ahout said mrtion and connected to said head, said swatch including a hand termed into anhstantial13 a channel shape between the sides of which said periphe'al portion extends. mop strands secured to the outer side of said hand. and means for securing the inner side of said hand to said head.

A mop comprising a head including, an

upwardly extending: peripheral flange portion and a mop swatch disposed ahout .--aid portion and connected to said head. said swatch including a hand formed, into salh stantially a channel shape hetween the sid s of which said l Jtl'lpllPlfll portion "Nil-Hill" niop strands secured to the outer side of said hand. said inner side of said hand heiin; hent inwardly over the top ol said heath and a clamping ring on top of said hent portion of the hand "for securing the niop swati h to the mop head.

6. A mop comprising a head including an upwardly e.;tending peripheral flange portion and a mop swatch disposed ahout said portion and connected to said head. said f atch including a band formed into suhstantially a channel shape between the sides oi which said peripl'ieral portion extends. mop strands secured to the outer side. ot said hand said inner side of said hand heingr hent inwardly over the top of said head. and a clai'nping ring; on top of said portion of the hand adapted to frictionally enfrage said peripheral portion of the head to secure the mop swatch thereto.

In testimony whereof I have her unto .-'lill serihed my name at Chicago. (ooh (ounty. Illinois.


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U.S. Classification15/229.6
International ClassificationA47L13/255, A47L13/20
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