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Publication numberUS1690690 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 6, 1928
Filing dateNov 10, 1926
Priority dateNov 10, 1926
Publication numberUS 1690690 A, US 1690690A, US-A-1690690, US1690690 A, US1690690A
InventorsCharles Miller
Original AssigneeCharles Miller
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US 1690690 A
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Nay. 6, 192s. 1,690,690-

C. MILLER SHOE Filed Nov. 10, 1926 mvENTon Patented Nov. 6, 1928.



Application leid November This invention relates more particularly to a class of footwear for persons.

My invention has for its object primarily to provide a low shoe or slipper designed to be worn by women, and which is of a form adapted to Lenable various styles of strap effects to be provided across the instep of the foot of the wearer by the use 'of a. flexible strip or ribbon, in order to permit the wearer to interchangeably employ various colored instep straps vor vary their arrangement and if desired to use ornaments in conjunction therewith so that the general appearance of a single pair of shoes may be altered to meet diiferent dress conditions as occasion requires.

This is accomplished mainly by providing at the upper edge of the side portions of the upper of a low shoeor slipper of one or a pair or a plurality of spaced pairs of openings or loops whereby a strip of leather or ribbon or other flexible material. of a suitable color may be removably inserted therethrough in various directions for forming straps across the foot opening of the shoe and which will enable the wearer te produce different style effects upon the insteps of the feet as well as enabling the use of ornaments in conjunction therewith when desired.

it further object of the invention is to provide a shoe of a simple and durable construction which may be made in appropriate sizes and shapes.

lilith these and other objects in view, the invention will be hereinafter more fully described with reference to the accompanying drawing forming a part of this specication in which similar characters of reference indi'- cate corresponding parts in all the views, and will then be pointed out in the claims at the end of the description. l

In the drawing, Figure 1 is a perspective view of one form'of shoe embodying my invention.

Fig. 2 is a sectional view, partly in elevation, taken on the line 2-2 of Fig. 1, and

Fig. 3 is a fragmentary perspective view of a modified form of the shoe.

The shoe may be of a low-cut style or slipper having the sole 10, heel 11 and upperl with a foot opening 13, andthe shoe may be of any suitable size or shape in a plain or fanciful style.

The form of the shoe shown in Fig. 1 has two alined openings or loops 14, at opposite parts of the central part of the side por- 10, 192e. serial No. 147,462.

tions of the edgeof the foot opening 13 of the upper of the shoe, `and the passages through these loops may be of appropriate sizes and shapes for allo 7ing a. iiexible strip or strap, as 1G, to be removably inserted therethrough. The strap 1GL may be of suitable material such as leather of a color corresponding to the color of the shoe or the strip may be of a fancy color'design contrasting with the color of the shoe proper. One end of the strap 16 may be stitched or otherwise attached to a suitable part of the upper 12, though the strap illustrated has an end portion, as 17, which is stitched, as at 18, around the heel portion 11 of the upper so that it is disposed on a forward and upward incline from the lower part of the rear of the heel to opposite side parts of the edge of the foot opening 13 about midway between the loops 14, 15 and the rearextremity of the edge of the foot opening. The free end of the pon tion 17 of the strap terminates slightly above the foot opening, and on this free end may be a button 1,9. The strap is of suliicient length to permit of being disposed in various Y directions to form straps crosswise of the foot opening so as to be disposed across the instep of the foot of the wearer of the shoe. For example, one end of the strap 16 is disposed above and crosswise to a point about on a vertical line with the center of the foot opening and the strap is disposed downwardly and through the 'loop 14 to form aloop, as 20. From the loop 14 the strap is disposed, as at 21, across the foot opening` and is inserted through the loop 15 from which it is disposed upwardly and crosswisc to a point also about on a vertical line with the center of the foot opening ofthe shoe. In the second end of the strap may be a bnttonhole 22 for o receiving the button 19 to fasten the ends of the strap, and a loop 23, similar to the loop 20, is formed in the strap.` y

In order to add to the appearance of the novel arrangement of the strap I may use in conjunction therewith, an ornament, as 24. This ornament may be of any appropriate type, such as a. fancy rring as illustrated through which. the parts of the strap forming the loops Q1 and are disposed prior to the ends of the strap being fastened together, and by arranging the ornament at the .center lof the instep of the foot of the wearer an attractive effect will be imparted to the strap arrangement.

The form of the shoe shown in Fig. 8 has rholding the shoe on the foot and to vpermit va.`

at the central parts of the sides of the edges `0f the foot opening 13 of its upper l2 twol` alined openings or loops 25, 26, and on the sides of the edges of the foot openingy inspaced relation to the loops 25, 26 may be ppilovided two more alined openings or loops 2 28. 28, and also the loops 14, l5 of the shoe shown in Fig. L1,'Inay be formed of material similar to theupperofthe shoe, or the loops may be of various fanciful shapes and colors of leather or other material of diiierentcolors to color of the shoe torender an ornamental kappearancefto theV shoe. Moreover, I may provide only one of the-.loops or any `suitable nuinbervof them in making different styles of the shoes. Thezpairsof 'the loops 25, 26 and 27, 28 are designed to permit single strap or a number of straps to be provided across the instep of the wearer, and

this is accomplished by inserting' through each or both vof the loops one'` or tivo strips of ribbon, as 29, 30, or other. flexible maf terial. The ribbons may be of any desired rcolor aswell as being of lengths toy allow of beingy tied to forni keach into a bow, as 3l, on the instep of the foot of the wearer for riousstraps and ribbons to be interchange` ably used `with the 'shoevasoccasion's require. In the foregoing description, l have em'- bodied the preferred `forni of my invention,

but I do not Wish to be understood as limiti ing myself thereto as I am aware that lmodi- The pairs of loops 25, 26 and 27,y

'fications may ,beinade therein Without devof its upper a like number of openings, a

flexible strap having one end thereof secured directly to the shoe att-he heel portion thereof andV adapted to have its free end pass through said openings, and `means for securing the free end of said strap tothe upper subsequently to lbeing passed through said openings.

2. A lovi shoe or slipper vhaving'in proxiniity to the upper edgeof each side portion of its upper a like f number `of openings, a liexible strap having one'end thereof secured directly to the side of theshoe at the heel por ing through the, ring and' said openings, and means at the side ofthe shoe Aopposite to that to which the strap issecured for detachably fastening the free end of the strap to strap through thering and said openings.

This specification signed andk witnessed this 9th (lay of November, A. DQ 1926.A


Vtion', a ring, the free endof thestrap pass- `the Vshoe subsequently to the passing of the y

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