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Publication numberUS1690778 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 6, 1928
Filing dateOct 14, 1926
Priority dateOct 14, 1926
Publication numberUS 1690778 A, US 1690778A, US-A-1690778, US1690778 A, US1690778A
InventorsFord Gladys C
Original AssigneeFord Gladys C
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US 1690778 A
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Nov. s, 1928. 1,690,778

G. C. FQRD DOLL Filed Oct. 14, 1926 )1 TTORNEY.

Patented Nov. 6, 1928.




Application "filed October 14, 1926. Serial No. 141,814.'

This invention relates to dolls or stuffed toys and particularly to the kind having washable covers. I

A particular object of the invention Is to provide a stufi'ed doll or other form with a suitable inner stufl'ed form and an outer cover, the latter of which. may be removed from the form so that it can be washed when desired. 1

A still further object of the invention 1s to provide a st'ufic'ed form which, in itself, may be shaped to the configuration of a doll and which will also be decorated or painted to represent a dolls face and body.

A still further object of the invention is to provide means for attaching ovler the stuffed form, a cover, the artistic features of which can be made to represent an animal or a human, means being provided for attaching the cover in place, the attaching means being carried by the stufi'ed form rather than on the cover portion.

To enable others skilled in the art to fully comprehend the underlying features of my invention that they may embody the same in the various modifications in structure and relation contemplated, a drawing depicting a preferred form has been annexed as a part of this disclosure and in such drawings, similar reference characters denote corresponding parts throughout all the views, of which,

Figure 1 is a view in front elevation of my complete doll or toy showing the cover broken away to disclose the interior stuffed form, the cover being shown to conformto the contour of the inner stuffed form.

Figure 2 is a rear view in elevation of the figure or doll, illustrated in Figure 1 showing how the cover may be secured at its back to the stuffed form.

Figure 3 is a view in elevation showing the rear of the stufit'ed form upon which are provided buttons to which the cover may be secured. V

Figure 4 is a a view in elevation of one form of cover showing the construction thereof and being broken away to show the construction of the rear portion thereof wherein a button holding strip is provided, and

Figure 5 is a section taken on the line 55 of Figure 3 showing the method of forming the stuffed insert of the doll and also of attaching the buttons thereto.

Referring to the drawings in detail, 5 indicates a stuffed form which may be made. in

the configuration simulating a doll, and comprising a head portion 6, body portion 7, leg portions 8 and feet portions 9, the body, leg and feet portions being of an outline whereby the arms, or if desired, the legs may be printed directly upon the covering of the stuffed form, which is held in shape through the medium of suitable interior stufling or Wadding 10, the form being sewn interiorly as at 11 in the usual manner and closed at the edge after the form is stuffed, as is the usual manner in making up stuffed dolls.

The cover for the stufi'ed form may be of oilcloth, cloth or any other suitable fabric or waterproof material and may be printed on the front and rear faces with a simulation of a doll or animal figure, as desired, it being of course preferable to represent a doll and allowing for the change by substituting or covering the stufi'ed form with other printed covers, to be hereinafter referred to. The stuffed form 5, as preferably covered with oilcloth, may be washed without erasing the printed features thereon and in order to change the appearance of the doll, I provide a plurality of covers, one only of which I have illustrated in Figures 1 and 2, consisting of a hollow, fabric member 12, conforming in shape to the contour of the stufi'ed form 5, and comprising the head portion, body portion and leg portion, as hereinbefore referred to.

In order to place the stufied form within the cover 12, I provide in the back of the latter, a binding or reinforced strip 13, in which is provided the overlapping button holes 14 at both ends thereof. It is evident that this opening can be made large enough to insert therethrough the stuffed form 5 and to close the cover thereover.

It has been a great problem in the laundering of these covers 12, which are printed to represent various animals and different types of dolls, to carry out the washing or cleansing of the covers without breaking the buttons which must necessarily be provided in connection therewith so that the same can be fastened about the inner stuffed form. In order to overcome this objection, I have provided on the back of the stufi'ed form, the buttons 15 which are sewn directly, as shown in Figure 5, to the stufled form cover so that when the printed cover or envelope made in configuration similar to the stuffed form but having printed thereon a different type of doll or animal, the same may be fixed to the stuffed form my buttoning the buttonholes 14 over the buttons 15, bringing the opposite portions of the binding or reinforce strip in superposed relation, thereby prevent ng the tearing out of a single buttonhole which heretofore been the case in covers, one side of the opening of which bore the buttons and the other side being provided with the buttonholes.

In my particular illustration, I have shown the representation of a cat on the cover 12 but it is to be distinctly understood that I am not limited to the showing of an animal or a human figure, as many variations in the design may be made within the scope of the claim.

It is also evident that the configuration of the doll may be varied without departing from the scope of the invention, the essential feature being the placin of the buttons upon the covering of the stuffed form rather than on the printed cover, which envelops the form. This improvement provides for the washing of a plurality of printed covers Without the necessity of supplying each of the covers with buttons, thereby reducing the cost of production of the article by saving material and also by lessening the labor necessary in completing the manufacture of the finished product.

A still further advantage gained by my invention is the possibility of washing a p1urality of covers and ironing the same through a comon mangle without danger of breaking buttons, which has heretofore been the case, due to the fact that the buttons have been carried upon the printed cover and when the same is washed, the buttons become broken and are unfit for further use, and must necessarily be replaced before the article can be used in conjunction with the stuffed form.

\Vhile I have illustrated and described my invention with some degree of particularity,

I realize that in practice various alterations therein may be made. I therefore reserve the right and privilege of changing the form of the details of construction or otherwise altering the arrangement of the correlated parts Without departing from the spirit of the in vention or the scope of the appended claim.

Having thus described my invention, what I claim new and desire to secure by United States Letters Patent is A doll combination comprising a stufi'ed form having attaching buttons mounted on its rear surface, a cover for the form having a rear side opening through which the form is passed to position within the cover and said cover being further provided with a companion set of buttonholes adjacent said opening and positioned to have overlapping relation to receive therethrough the buttons of said form.

In testimony whereof I affix my signature.


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