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Publication numberUS1690890 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 6, 1928
Filing dateNov 30, 1927
Priority dateNov 30, 1926
Publication numberUS 1690890 A, US 1690890A, US-A-1690890, US1690890 A, US1690890A
InventorsDe Geynst Maurice, Ivan Lepage
Original AssigneeDe Geynst Maurice, Ivan Lepage
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Blank cartridge
US 1690890 A
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NOV. 6, 1928. 1,690,890

M. DE GEYNs-r ET A1.

BLANK CARTRIDGE Filed Nov. 30, 1927 f7@ Veniam- Maumee e Geynff Ivan e/Uaye Meir Zar/way Patented .Noviy 6,

1 L UNIT-Epi STATES MAURICE DE erEYNsT,v or :E'omiis'ii-BRUssnnsvv AND IVAN IQIAGE, Yor iirneliinir,V` vianneltrlir.-

BLANK fcAR'InInG-E. l' i Appiiaaon iearnovember' 3 0, lezzseiai no zsezfi, and Belgium Nv'ember 3o, 19;@ 2 Y VThis invention has reference to' improvements V1n or relatlng to blank cartridges for use with rearms and is more particularly' concerned with blank cartridges for use with Y 5 Asmall arms of the kind in which the ejection of the empty cas-e and the loading Oia-new cart-ridge is eflieoted by thebackward and forwardrmotion of the bolt. 'I

In order that eachhring of a blank cartridge may be complete itis necessary thatv Y the re-coil produced by the discharge'of thev 'dummy bulletshould be sufficient to ensureY the automatic ejection ofthe empty case.

Heretofore it has been proposed to solve thev 115 problem by increasing theweight of the icartridge by `partially granular substance.'

The present invention'solves the sameproblem by employing` asa charge two explosives 0i different degrees of iniiammability the Y slower burning powderv preferably being dis'` ,posed in close proximity to the dummy bulletv or the like which contains it. Y

The difference in the degree of activity between the two powders produces anv appreciablerecoil without affecting in anyway the vdischarge of the dummy bulletor the'pulver- 'ization thereof after leaving the barrel.

The drawing appended hereto shews in longitudinal vertical section and by way of example one means of carrying the invention into effect. y

The blank cartridge shewn in the drawingV comprises a hollow dummy bullet 1 which is r made inthe usual manner and of [any suitable materiahs'aid dummy bullet being iilled with ya relativel slow `burning powder 2.- This? ilet is inserted in a oase 5' which is l ing a oase,`a hollow dummy bullet insertedgin dummy bu filled with a. powder 4 said powder 4; being `of a relatively quickerburning quality than the powder 2 filling the'dumniyxlo'ullet f The` cartridge is provided with-the u'sualpercussion cap vordetonater whichis denoted byftlnev The charge of powderf4 forlling the case may itself, if desired, be made of two powders f tridge.v

filling with aheavyv Vvantage thatth'ey allowfoi1 the@ simulation of ejection ofthe empty case; x

v withinsaid ease, a relatively slow burningff :charge contained within saidv bullet, a more Y The charges 2 and tare preferably y v Injtestimonywhereof,we'rhave signedoui namesto-this specification.A Y* Y" of varying degrees of ini'iammability in which ca'se'the dummy bullet can be filled with the same Charge insteadof a special powder#v It 'should be remarked that the various'- forms,oftheinventionall tend towards the` same aim',1namely,` to obtain a delay in the eX- '55 f plosion of a'partfof the VCharge of'the-car- It Win be'ppfefateclzthatj fthe dummy bullet willfbefmade in'know'n manner froml Vmaterial which isreduced to adustl on legw-; ing the barrel, said bullet, neverthele'ssjbeing Y of Vs iliicient"strength tomaintain a denitefshape and toensure acompletion of the iirfi Y' ing operation without involving the deformal tion thereof. Y

Blank ACartridges constructed -in a'ccord-y Y ance with thepresent Inventionoiierthe adwary conditions of antY danger. i

lhatwe'olaimiszf@iV M Vl. A blank. cartridge for rearms compris-* Y ing acartridge case, adummy bulletsecured. vinthefront of said'case, affeharge disposed within said caseoi:l two'orlmore'explosiveso different degreesfof inlammability wherebyV firing Without kthe jresultl an interval is obtained between thetime ofif L" A explosion of the portions ofthe charge which 'results infa re-coil which effects theautomatic f 2L vAfbla'.' cartridge forfirearms*comp`ris-3 ing agjcartridge'oase, adummy bullet. seoure'd'VA interposed between the two charges. i l i VSQA blank cartridge'for firearms comprisk active charge contained insaid case'and awad' theV endf off said case, a char'ge of relatively r quick-burning powder eo'ntainedwithin said oase,j al charge" o" relatlv'ely slower'- burning powderfeontained withinsaid bullet, a wad- 'Y separating theftwo. eharges,` and 'al percussion "i 'f cap secured within` the end of said'` cas Y MAURICEDE

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U.S. Classification102/530
International ClassificationF42B8/02, F42B8/04, F42B8/00
Cooperative ClassificationF42B8/04, F42B8/02
European ClassificationF42B8/04, F42B8/02